10 Commandments Of Costco Etiquette

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The 10 Commandments Of Costco Etiquette


Please think about these because the Unwritten Socially

Accepted protocols for all Costco Customers:

1. No Parking Lot Racing to Get the Greatest Spot–It takes longer to seek out the right spot that’s done to easily park distant and stroll.

2. The Costco “Perspective”–Do not count on to get out and in 5 minutes… That is an outing and a course of not an In & Out Burger run… Breathe and loosen up.

3. Greet the Greeter–They’re of us similar to you who respect a smile and a Hey. Keep in mind the Golden Rule.

4. Costco Cart Visitors Violation #1. –Hold shifting. In the event, you MUST cease: park your cart on the proper facet. Not everybody needs to cease and peruse the offers as completely as you. Hold it shifting Chief.

5. Meals Pattern Violation#1. –Below NO circumstances are you to cease in the course of the aisle and wait 5 minutes for the burrito pattern to warmth. Is that this actually your final meal?

6. Meals Pattern Violation#2. –Hold your sampling to at least one ONLY. It is a pattern not an entrée. Take your pattern and transfer on Chief.

7. Costco Cart Visitors Visiting Violation #2.–Do not cease mid-aisle and go to with that pal you have not seen for therefore lengthy. In the event, you should cease (See Rule #4.) or go off to the Paper Items part and chat. You may catch up uninterrupted there.

8. Do not Over-think the Greatest Verify-out Line to go By way of– Decide one Captain! If Costco is busy they may all be about the identical time in getting you thru and out.

9. Do not Ask for the Runner to get the 5 Gadgets you Forgot–Get them whereas within the warehouse. Using a runner delay all behind you. BTW: they don’t truly run!

10. Have your Cost Prepared for the Checker Early–You may have the time, cash, and the conclusion of the Costco run is the trade of foreign money… Be ready to Pay up.

(Bonus) Greet the Greeter on the Manner Out–Load your stuff out of visitors and drive safely out of the Costco lot… individuals are actually clueless when in parking lots–both drivers and walkers. Thanks for procuring at Costco!


Make your procuring enjoyable for yourself and the people around you. Procuring is each a frame of mind and a sequence of fine social and societal behaviors. Hold some primary social order when procuring and hold the road shifting Chief. Obey the Procuring Protocols and the 10 Commandments!

Supply by Scott Hammond

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