108 Solar Salutations (Surya Namaskar): How To Do, 5 Advantages

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 108 Solar Salutations (Surya Namaskar): Which means, How To Do, Advantages

108 Surya Namaskar
108 Surya Namaskar
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In case you are into yoga, ‘108 solar salutations’ is one thing that you will need to have heard of or are excited by. 108 rounds of conventional Surya Namaskar is an intense exercise, it’d sound daunting for the primary time. Nonetheless, at a similar time, it’s an extremely satisfying and transformative expertise that you will need to attempt as soon as.

108 solar salutation may be seen as a cardio exercise in case you can sync the breath with the postures and comply with a quick tempo. Nonetheless, if you’re keen to add variations to your meditative session, attempting it at a sluggish tempo can be a superb choice.

The sequence of 9 primary poses concerned within the 108 solar salutations is just like the primary solar salutation sequence. In some poses, the length, modification, and variation may be opted to make it a straightforward and attention-grabbing circulate.

Surya Namaskar Advantages

The means of solar salutation may be very well-known and it’s a really efficient sequence in itself. So what’s the necessity of working towards it 108 occasions and why 108 occasions solely. Effectively, the that means of 108 Surya Namaskar has hidden many values in itself.

Why 108 Solar Salutations?

why 108 Surya Namaskar
108 Surya Namaskar
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Hindu faith and yogic traditions take into account 108 a sacred quantity in numerous contexts. Solar Salutation is itself practiced as a sacred yogic apply and when repeated 108 occasions in a row enhance its nonsecular in addition to bodily significance.

Yogis take advantage of out of 108 Solar Salutation as in yogic phrases, the quantity, 108 signifies nonsecular completion. Cosmic interpretation can be linked with this digit which connects the Earth to the Moon and Solar.

108 is the variety of Many Values

To grasp the importance of 108 in numerous cultures, religions, and traditions, let’s dive into its supply of origin.

In religions like Hinduism and Buddhism, the 108 is taken into account as a digit that defines wholeness. Different supporting information that makes 108 a sacred quantity as per yogic traditions are:

  • Based on Ayurveda, the human physique has 108 sacred factors aka marmas.
  • In numerology, 108 known as Harshad Quantity (Pleasure-giver quantity). The sum of digits of 108 equals 9 and 108 is divisible by 9. Symbolically, it represents common love, eternity, and awakening.
  • The full variety of scriptures like tantras and Upanishads are additionally 108 in quantity.
  • Astronomically, 108 is necessary as a consequence of the truth that the space between the Solar and Earth is roughly 108 occasions the Solar’s diameter.
  • Mala beads are additionally 108 in quantity which is counted whereas meditation by the practitioner makes it spiritually necessary.

In addition to this yogic information, 108 solar salutation is a devoted apply that has loads to supply internally and externally as:

  • It uplifts the energetic ranges of the physique
  • Develops the connectedness and grounding emotions throughout the practitioners
  • It aids within the cleansing course of
  • Facilitates the circulate of prana
  • Supplies psychological and non-secular advantages.
  • Pent-up feelings are launched whereas working towards 108 solar salutations.
  • It boosts bodily and psychological stamina and power.

When 108 Solar Salutations is practiced?

when to do 108 Surya Namaskar
Surya Namaskar
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108 is a big quantity to apply the solar salutation sequence all in a row which might ship chills down your backbone. Nonetheless, yogis and different practitioners carry out the 108 rounds of solar salutation on massive events or life occasions.

Historic practitioners used to carry out 108 rounds of solar salutations through time which marks the change of seasons. This consists of the Winter and Summer season Solstice, and the Spring and Fall Equinox.

1. Spring and Fall Equinox

Spring and fall are the seasons the place new beginnings and productiveness are welcomed. Additionally, equinox divides 24 each day hours into two units of 12 hours every day and evening.

This marks the right timing for working towards 108 solar salutations having 12 yogic postures every synchronized with energetic inhalation and exhalation. Thus, it’s identified for the purification of blood and enhances airflow within the lungs.

Therefore, it fulfills the aim of refreshing and regenerating results on the physique as is practiced at the moment which marks new beginnings.

2. Summer season and Winter Solstice

One other nice time to apply 108 Solar Salutations is on the onset of the Summer season and Winter Solstice.

The summer season marks the blooming season for the Earth because of the most inflow of daylight. It is usually an interval that signifies efficient therapeutic.

Winter solstice, then again, signifies the rebirth of the Solar after surviving the lengthy darkish hours. In lots of cultures, it’s the time of festivals and rituals.

Nonetheless, one can apply 108 solar salutations anyplace and at any time limit. Basically, it takes 50 minutes to 2 hours to finish 108 rounds of solar salutations, although it’s completely priced it. Morning time is very advisable to apply 108 solar salutations, nevertheless, working towards it within the night hours can be acceptable.

How To Do 108 Solar Salutations

Earlier than you leap into 108 solar salutations circulate, heat up your physique with easy stretching workout routines. For the warm-up, you are able to do neck rotation to the proper and left facet, rolling shoulder up and down with synchronized respiratory. Additionally, for backbone motion, you are able to do cat-cow stretch. Do Three rounds of every train after which stand over your mat.

108 Solar Salutations may be practiced by breaking down it into 5 rounds. In every spherical in the collection, 10 salutations can be added.

First Spherical – 10 Salutations

Do the primary 10 solar salutations at a slower tempo. As soon as the physique picks up the tempo and has construct stamina, you may velocity up the additional rounds.

surya namaskar poses

  • Stand in entrance of the mat with the ft hip-distance aside. Be a part of your palms in Anjali Mudra, take a deep breath in, and with exhalation chant OM. Do respiratory like this Three occasions.
  • (Start with inhale, palms up → Exhale, bend down → Inhale, proper leg again → maintain your breath, left leg again → Come into plank pose → Exhale, knees chest chin down → Inhale, elevate your head up in cobra → Exhale, down canine (maintain your breath for five counts) → Inhale, proper leg ahead → Exhale, left leg ahead → Inhale, palms up and Exhale, palms in Namaste) * 10 salutations

Second Spherical – 20 Salutations

On ending the primary 10 salutations, the purpose for the following 20 salutations within the second spherical. Right here, you may velocity up the sequence finishing every cycle in 34 seconds. Arrange a timer to depend for 34 seconds on this spherical.

To hurry up your tempo for finishing every cycle of 108 solar salutations, you should utilize the modified model of poses in additional rounds. For instance, inhaling within the cobra pose may be changed by the sphinx pose or child cobra, and arching again within the raised arms pose may be changed by stretching palms up pose.

This modified sequence would appear like this;

( Start with a deep breath in, stretch your palms up (don’t arch again) → Exhale, micro bend your knees and fold ahead → Inhale, proper leg again → maintain your breath, left leg again → Exhale, knees chest chin down → Inhale, elevate your head up in child cobra → Exhale, down canine → Inhale, step proper leg ahead → Exhale, left leg ahead → Inhale, stretch palms up and Exhale, palms in Namaste ) * 20 salutations

Equally on this method, velocity up your tempo somewhat extra consecutive rounds;

  • Within the third spherical purpose for 30 salutations. Right here arrange a timer to depend for 31 seconds and full one cycle of solar salutation on this time-frame.
  • Within the fourth spherical, purpose for 40 salutations, full one spherical in 26 seconds.
  • And eventually, within the fifth spherical, the final Eight salutations can be executed. Right here, take 24 seconds to finish every cycle.

On this method; 108 solar salutations get accomplished in simply 5 rounds – 10+20+30+40+8.

When it’s carried out with none breaks, It is going to take (10*40 + 20*34 + 30*31 + 40*26 + 8*24) 3242 seconds i.e. 54 minutes to finish 108 solar salutations.


  • Arrange a timer – To maintain depend on every spherical solar salutation, you may arrange a timer that counts individually for every spherical at a distinct tempo. For instance, arrange a timer that counts 40 seconds to finish 12 poses of solar salutation within the first spherical. And from the second spherical, it routinely hastens the tempo to finish one cycle in 31 seconds and so forth.
  • Inhale and exhale, depend loudly – To maintain your poses on observing, depend loudly – ‘inhale and exhale’ each time you leap from one pose to a different. If loudly depend isn’t attainable for you, preserve the counts mentally.
  • Take note of physique components – In every spherical, to verify higher focus in sequence, take note of the sure physique for these particular varieties of salutations. For instance, within the first spherical, it’s comparably straightforward to look at the actions of your physique. Really feel the growth and contraction motion with the breath out and in respectively.
  • Wait-and-watch, once you missed circulate – If you happen to do 108 solar salutations within the group and a few poses get missed in between, then stay within the missed place and watch for others to achieve into your missed place. Be a part of the circulating then.
  • Odd depend and even depend – To recollect which leg would first return within the 4th step and are available ahead within the ninth step (Ashwa Sanchalanasana); in odd counts of solar salutations (1,3,5,7…) it will proper leg and in even counts (2,4,6,8…), it will be the left leg.
  • Relaxation down when wanted – Every time you really feel dizziness or fatigue in between the circulate, you may exchange the downward canine pose step from the kid’s pose to relaxation for just a few breaths.

If 108 solar salutations nonetheless appear a frightening apply, then attempting it for the issue of 108 like 27, 36, and 54 rounds additionally sufficient. These elements are additionally thought of auspicious because it’s Harshad Quantity (Pleasure-giver quantity).

Moreover, for counting of 108 Surya namaskar cycles, one can comply with a video like this;

Supply: Yogalates With Rashmi

Enjoyable poses after 108 solar salutations sequence

  • Gomukhasana (Cow face pose) Within the solar salutation, the arms are lengthened, stretched, and bears the physique weight. Whereas Gomukhasana, the shoulders are opened and the vary of movement of shoulder joints is enhanced. Thus, it’s a enjoyable pose for the arms after 108 solar salutation.
  • Vajrasana (Thunderbolt pose) Vajrasana is practiced to chill out the legs by bringing the blood to circulate to the decrease physique. It relieves the knees, backbone, and neck. Therefore, Vajrasana additionally serves as a calming posture.
  • Natrajasana (Dancer pose)It stretches the hips, decrease again, stomach, and neck muscle tissues. These physique components are engaged all through the 108 solar salutations, therefore, Natrajasana is a superb pose to chill out after this application.
  • Pavanamuktasana (Wind-relieving pose) – It’s carried out mendacity on the supine place bringing the knees to the chest. It’s adopted by rolling the again on the ground and leaving a massaging impact on the again muscle tissues.
  • Yoga Nidra108 solar salutation raises the physique temperature and to chill out after the apply, you will need to carry the physique temperature again to regular. Yoga Nidra permits the time to concentrate on numerous physique components and cools down the physique

108 Solar Salutations Advantages

1. Enhances the power of the physique

Solar salutation is a sequence of 12 postures that entails intense stretches that lubricate a lot of the joints, backbone, and different muscle tissues. It improves the flexibleness of the muscle tissues and enhances the outer power of the physique.

2. Brings mindfulness

When 108 Solar Salutation is practiced in a row, it brings in repetition. As a result of the repeated sequence, it enhances the psychological well being and lets the practitioner be within the second. Therefore, it brings mindfulness.

3. Burns fats

It serves as an intense exercise that is beneficial to burn energy. Therefore, this application can be helpful for shedding additional fats and leaves a firming impact on the practitioner.

It’s confirmed that one spherical solar salutation burns roughly 13.9 energy. Therefore the common apply of 108 solar salutations is useful in dropping 1 pound every two days.

4. Brings self-acceptance

108 solar salutation is an intense exercise and the human physique requires time to adapt to such an in-depth variety of rounds. It helps you to acknowledge your limitations in addition to your potentials. Therefore it develops a way of self-acceptance throughout the practitioner.

5. Uplifts pondering course of

108 solar salutation is a difficult job and initiating it develops encouragement. It inculcates motivation and boosts confidence ranges. Taking steps in direction of this application lets the practitioner come out of the consolation degree. This improves the pondering course and shifts the angle of the practitioner.

108 Solar Salutations FAQs

It’s fairly apparent to have doubts earlier than getting into 108 Solar salutations beside all of the willpower and commitments. It is very private expertise for each practitioner nonetheless some queries are there which appears frequent amongst all.

Right here’s an inventory of ceaselessly requested questions for 108 solar salutations that may make it easier to higher and clarifying the essential doubts.

1. Is 108 solar salutations apply on a regular basis?

No, it’s not essential to apply 108 rounds of solar salutation every single day. You may apply it as per your want and comfort every time you really feel like or you can even comply with the sample of historical yogis to present it an attempt throughout particular events.

2. Find out how to preserve counts of 108 solar salutations to be on observe?

It’s higher to apply with a companion to depend on it loud or you may merely break it into units as talked about above. Divide it into 12 units every having 9 rounds or 9 units having 12 rounds.

3. Is it regular to take a break between the rounds or 108 solar salutes need to be executed in a row?

Like each yoga application, 108 solar salutations should even be carried out maintaining the physique limits in thoughts. It’s okay to really feel exhausted between the rounds and there’s at all times room for taking breaks each time your physique calls for so.

4. Find out how to resume the application after taking a break throughout 108 solar salutations?

To renew, attain the down-dog pose and take just a few moments over there after which proceed as per the additional sequence. In case you are working towards a gaggle of individuals, you may maintain a down canine pose till everybody else reaches this pose after which to proceed with them.

5. How lengthy does it take to complete the 108 solar salutations together with the breaks in between?

108 solar salutations might take as much as an hour to finish. Newbies may take this application as a time-consuming one particularly as in comparison with regular solar salutes. Nonetheless, this isn’t true, because the down canine shouldn’t be held for breaths and it typically follows a quick tempo. Therefore, one can simply full the 108 Solar Salutes together with the Eight relaxation breaks in about an hour.

6. Is it attainable for anybody to apply 108 Solar Salutation?

Sure, if a practitioner is ready to carry out common solar salutes simply, then 108 solar salutations can be a chunk of cake for them. Plus the passable results it leaves make it a worthy apply, regardless of how daunting it sounds to start with.


Obtain the full wellness and satisfaction range that you’ve been eager for for so long with this apply of 108 solar salutations.

Give 108 solar salutations an attempt to step out of your consolation zone as soon as and discover you’re all-time go-to apply to calm your self down in it. In addition to this, unleash your potential to uplift your general well being on energetic, psychological, and bodily ranges.

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