5 Yoga Mudra for Hair Progress: Effectiveness and Science

yoga mudras for hair growth
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To have wholesome hair at a younger age is pure, however to steer such a cycle with upkeep within the center or as much as declining years, it’s difficult in itself!

Yoga mudras possess the ability to halt the degeneration of hair, by establishing the misplaced vitality of hair, if practiced usually.

Mudras are usually not mere hand gestures that in some way remedy sickness however these are the refined power buttons with the potential to reconfigure the physique’s mechanism of performing the actual activity in a most outstanding means.

Effectiveness of Mudras for Hair development

Being the composition of 5 parts, our physique typically loses monitor of those parts. Which ends up in an imbalanced state of functioning. Numerous hair anomalies are the outcomes of disturbance in these parts.

In line with Ayurveda, our fingers possess the seat of those 5 parts, which on being pressed generates refined waves that transmit the power movement to the involved area.

Within the case of hair issues, mudras work strengthening hair roots by balancing doshas and 5 physique parts. It additionally takes care of hair fall, hair thickness, greying or whitening of hair, dry scalp, extra of oil within the scalp, and many others.

  • Hair thinning is widespread among the many center, outdated aged, and even typically within the youthful era. Uneven blood provide to the scalp limits the required vitamin to the hair follicles, which steadily turns into finer. Mudras (reminiscent of Vayu Mudra) enhances blood movement that triggers nutrient and O2 provide, which ensures hair thickness.
  • Mudras (Prana Mudra) helps within the restoration of prana, which in flip maximizes vitality in tissues. As we age, the cells chargeable for hair shade start to die, which causes their discoloration (whitening, Graying). Common observe of mudras flows prana into the cells. Therefore, preserve pure hair shade.
  • Because of the lack of moisture, breaking hair can be one of many issues relating to hair loss. If stays untreated spherical, gentle and itchy patches start to kind within the space of fallen hairs. Hand mudras (Prithvi Mudra) helps in restoring the earth parts, which additional preserve power within the hair tissues.
  • The fashionable life-style has disturbed the pure rhythm of our physique. This constitutes dangerous consuming habits, using chemically loaded merchandise for delicate physique elements. It has a combining impact on hair that makes them much less shiny. Mudras (Prasanna Mudra) practices induce nerve in regards to the scalp area, which additional provides to the lustrous look of the hair.

Follow following 5 mudras to make sure higher hair development and forestall any hair issues;

gyan mudra for weight loss
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Gyan Mudra can be known as a ‘seal of reminiscence’ because it enhances psychological capability.

Meditation on this mudra calms the thoughts, which releases anxiousness, stress, and stress. The presence of those situations causes to achieve hair follicles into the resting part, which resists new hair development. Practising Gyan mudra collapse the essential framework of hair loss by inducing the calming impact.

  • Sit in a Padmasana and place your hand in your knees.
  • Now, make a circle by becoming a member of the tip of the index and thumb finger on one another.
  • Keep the posture whereas inhaling and exhaling.
prithivi mudra for hair growth
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In line with Ayurveda, Prithvi symbolizes ‘earth’, which is among the parts that resides in our physique. Prithvi mudra promotes the ‘earth factor’ within the physique.

By practising Prithvi mudra, earth factor strengthens numerous tissues within the physique together with hair. It offers steady help and corporations the hair from its root. Due to this fact, prevents breakage of hair and restores its longevity.

  • Come right into a meditative posture like Padmasana or Sukhasana.
  • Be a part of the tip of the ring and thumb finger and apply strain gently on every.
  • Follow it for some time, with respiratory and stay nonetheless within the posture.

3. Prasanna Mudra

Also referred to as Balayam yoga, Prasanna Mudra is probably the most practiced hand gesture for hair development. It’s a quite simple nail rubbing observe. Performing this mudra offers sturdy and glossy hair whereas additionally stopping graying of hair.

In Prasanna Mudra, rubbing of nails on one another improves blood circulation to the scalp. This improves the vitamin provide to the hair follicles. In the end, improves pure hair development.

  • Sit in any snug posture.
  • Now, deliver hand to the chest and start to rub your fingernails to one another.
  • Follow this mudra for couple of minutes each day for stunning hair.
fingers of vayu mudra
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Vayu Mudra is the seal of ‘Air factor’ within the physique. It removes extra of air from the physique regarding discomfort. Hair turns into stronger and longer if practiced usually.

By working upon its regarding parts, this mudra offers a tranquil impact to the thoughts. It additional rectifies the psychological negativity inflicting psychological sickening, which finally causes hair to fall.

  • Firstly, sit in a Padmasana or Sukhasana.
  • Now, Fold your index finger to the touch the bottom of the thumb, after which apply strain by means of the higher thumb on it.
  • Keep the posture whereas light respiratory.
prana mudra for headache
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Prana mudra is among the highly effective hand gestures that straight simulates the prana movement. It additionally impacts the earth factor within the physique, which ensures the power and sturdiness of hair.

Performing this mudra impacts the refined power channels of the physique, which in flip empowers the ‘prana movement’. Improved prana movement nourishes the hair follicles, which in flip refine hair general development.

  • Sit in any snug posture reminiscent of Padmasana, Sukhasana.
  • Now, connect the tip of the thumb, ring, and little finger to one another whereas preserving the remaining fingers outstretched.
  • Keep the posture so long as potential and maintain respiratory.


Hair fall could possibly be occur attributable to numerous causes of bodily, psychological and emotional state. Nevertheless, Yoga Mudras are environment friendly software in tackling these issues with ease, if one practices the above acknowledged mudras with correct steerage and curiosity.

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