Acetylene and Oxygen Slicing Torch – OSHA Says Oxyfuel Security is A part of Welding Security


Two Oxyfuel Security Horror Tales – and one in every of them might have been a tragedy.

Story #1

A employee was coming back from a lunch break and getting ready to finish his activity of chopping a truck u joint with an oxygen acetylene torch.

He turned on the Acetylene valve after which proceeded to open the valve on the oxygen tank. The oxygen regulator exploded which then saturated his shirt with oxygen. His shirt ignited and burn him severely on his torso. The reason for the accident was decided to be Regulator Burnout or RBO attributable to the employee not bleeding down the pressures when he left for lunch.

Story #2

A employee was getting ready for July 4th festivities by filling latex gloves with an oxygen and acetylene combination. His plan was to be the hit of the neighborhood by lighting these latex glove bombs later that evening. As he was carrying an armload of the explosive latex balloons, a static spark from the latex rubbing collectively made all of them explode. A burned chest, some everlasting listening to loss, and dislodged kidney stones that he wasn’t even conscious of have been the worth for stupidity that day. Had they ignited within the trunk of his Camaro, which is the place he deliberate to place them, he would most likely not have survived.

Oxyfuel tools is harmful.

Story #1 is comprehensible however totally preventable through the use of identified oxyfuel security rules

Story #2 is pure choice at work. There is no such thing as a excuse . And but I typically see YouTube movies of individuals filling balloons with oxygen and acetylene and I feel to myself “Holy Crap, they’re all going to Die!”

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