Agnisar Kriya: Which means, Steps, Anatomy, 8 Advantages

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Agnisar Kriya: Which means, Steps, Anatomy, Advantages

agnisar kriya
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Agnisara Kriya is a quintessential yogic observe involving pranayama and asana. It targets regulating and purifying the Manipura chakra by eradicating the toxins out of the physique.

In hatha yoga, Agnisara is carried out by retaining the breath out (Bhaya kumbhaka) after which quickly transferring the stomach wall out and in. In addition to stimulating the digestive fireplace, it ignites the hidden fireplace inside you and cleanses the fireplace chakra.

This observation enhances all the foremost programs of the physique and permits the practitioner to harness the inside power totally.

Agnisar Kriya Which means

The time period “Agni” refers to “fireplace” and “Sara” means “essence”. This “Agni” denotes the inner elemental fireplace which regulates digestion, elimination, and transformation. “Sara”, nevertheless, exhibits the numerous performances that the fireplace regulates.

Agnisar Kriya strengthens primarily the core muscle tissue which ultimately elevates the digestive organs.

In Hatha Yoga Pradipika, it’s talked about by the identify Vahnisara Dhauti, the place “Vahni” additionally refers to “fireplace” and “Dhauti” means “cleaning”. Therefore, Agnisar Kriya not solely creates warmth within the physique but in addition purified the fireplace chakra, photo voltaic plexus. Nonetheless, agnisar purifies the digestive system, however, nonetheless, it’s not a shatkarma slightly it’s carried out as a preliminary observe to organize the physique for Nauli Kriya (one among 6 shatkarma).

In addition to this, the respiratory sequence concerned in it eliminates toxins and prevents a number of illnesses. Thus, it additionally improves the functioning of the immune system.

Agnisar Kriya Steps

  • Stand with legs barely aside, take a deep breath in via the nostril.
  • Exhale it out totally via the nostril. Exhalation ought to be deep sufficient so your stomach wall goes inside as a lot as potential.
  • After this step, the air shouldn’t be entered into your physique through the respiratory. Putting each the fingers on the thighs, micro bend the knees and lean barely ahead.
  • Loosen up the stomach muscle tissue after which draw the navel in and upward in the direction of the backbone.
  • Convey your chin to your chest performing the Jalandhara bandha.
  • Start snapping the stomach muscle tissue backward and forwards 10-15 instances holding the breath out.
  • Then, inhale releasing the stomach again to the heart, and breathe usually.
  • That is the completion of 1 cycle of Agnisar Kriya.

Observe: Some sources additionally point out that this observe will be carried out in a cushty seated pose. Putting fingers straight on the knees exerting slight strain contracting the stomach.

Length of Agrisar Kriya

All through Agnisar Kriya, Gheranda Samhita mentions, “Press within the navel knot or gut in the direction of the backbone for 100 instances.” Nonetheless, for a newbie, practicing it for most of 50 instances is greater than sufficient.

Observe the given directions for simply yielding advantages from this observe as per the period and variety of repetitions.

  • It’s prompt to snap the stomach no less than 10 instances in a single cycle of Agnisar kriya enhance it as much as 30.
  • Throughout winters observe 25 cycles of the kriya and in summers, Agnisar Kriya should be adopted by 10 rounds of Sitali Pranayama.
  • Newcomers can provoke by practicing 5 cycles and progressively enhance it as much as 15.
  • As soon as accomplished with the observation, relaxation for some time then carry out Shavasana.

Anatomy of Agnisar Kriya

Agnisar kriya improves the physiology of the practitioner by enhancing digestion, metabolism, eliminating toxins, and energizing the physique. Its anatomy will be understood beneath the next sub-heads:

1. Removes waste out of the physique

Within the Agnisar Kriya, the main focus is stored on holding the breath out and snapping the stomach muscle tissue and organs. The vigorous contraction an enlargement of the abdomen stimulates the bowel motion and removes the stagnant meals and stool from the gastrointestinal tract

2. Nourishing the whole physique

The elimination of stool (toxins) from the physique initiates the method of assimilation. It causes higher digestion of meals materials within the gut and the vitamins get absorbed by the physique. It nourishes each cell of the physique and promotes the formation of latest cells.

3. Stimulates digestive fireplace

The contraction and rest of the stomach throughout Agnisar Kriya places strain on inner organs. It strengthens the stomach muscle tissue and organs thereby facilitating their correct functioning.

This additional helps in inducing the secretion of digestive juices which provokes the digestive fireplace. It additional causes the assimilation of vitamins from the meals.

4. Promotes higher metabolism charge

Many of the catabolic and anabolic course of throughout the physique happens and will get affected throughout the means of digestion. Because the digestion is enhancing as described above the metabolism charge can also be improved by practising the Agnisar Kriya.

This gives immense advantages to the physique on the physiological and energetic ranges.

Contraindications and Precautions

  1. Folks with hypertension, hernia, intestinal points, and different illnesses should keep away from it.
  2. Don’t observe Agnisar Kriya whereas recovering from a stomach surgical procedure.
  3. Keep away from it when you have ear, nostril, and eye issues.
  4. Ladies throughout menstruation and being pregnant should not observe Agnisar Kriya.
  5. Practitioners should have solely a lightweight food regimen and keep away from non-veg, fried, or oily meals.
  6. Abstain alcohol and smoking in case you are practising Agnisar Kriya.
  7. Hold the again and head erect all through the observe.
  8. Don’t sink the chest or curve the again whereas exhaling the breath out earlier than snapping the stomach.
  9. By no means pull in from under the sternum to contract the stomach muscle tissue.
  10. Whereas contracting the stomach, be cautious about holding the breath and keep away from inhaling in any respect.

Agnisar Kriya Advantages

1. Strengthens the core muscle tissue

Agnisara kriya works on the stomach area and is executed by churning the stomach. The stomach organs contract and chill out which strengthens the core internally and externally.

2. Cures digestive points

Performing Agnisara Kriya leaves massaging and soothing results on the stomach organs. Thus, this observation is greatest to get aid from constipation, acidity, and different gastric points.

An examination in 2013 discovered Agnisar Kriya with different pranayamas like Kapalbhati considerably relives gastroesophageal reflux illness. The examine claims agnisar kriya induces diaphragmatic tone to extend LES tone (decrease esophageal sphincter) which permits venting of fuel from the abdomen in acidity.

3. Cures dysmenorrhea (Menstrual dysfunction)

Together with the stomach area, agnisar additionally stimulates pelvic ground muscle tissue and reproductive glands. So, it alleviates menstrual discomfort by relieving stomach cramps, heavy bleeding, and accompanying again ache.

4. Energetic and psychological advantages

Whereas drawing the navel in it additionally stimulates the photo voltaic plexus (Manipura chakra). This boosts self-confidence, builds enthusiasm, and helps in eliminating nervousness.

5. Relieves respiratory problems

Agnisar Kriya is a type of pranayama, therefore serves as a mild train for the lungs and full respiratory tract. The vigorous inhalation and exhalation concerned whereas flapping the abdomen out and take away any accrued cough from the lungs. Due to this fact, it cures bronchial asthma, tuberculosis, and different lung illnesses.

6. Agnisar kriya burns stomach fats

Agnisar is a really highly effective observation that stretches the stomach muscle tissue and burns the additional fats layer deposited across the stomach and navel area. It tones the stomach organs and muscle tissue. So it may be practiced to do away with weight problems.

The analysis confirmed optimistic outcomes in the direction of weight reduction incorporating three rounds of Agnisar Kriya every day with a different pranayama method. Yogis usually take 2 to three minutes to carry out 100 strokes of agnisar every day and it’s stated, doing this for only one month on this method can scale back 2 to three centimeters of waste fats.

7. Therapeutic for diabetic sufferers

Agnisar Kriya squeezes and tones the inner organs together with the liver and pancreas. It regulates the right secretion of insulin and different enzymes by the liver. It additionally improves the metabolism charge of the physique, therefore gives soothing situations that may remedy diabetes.

8. Delays growing old

Because it generates warmth throughout the physique it fuels the physique offering and harnessing most vitality. It rejuvenates the whole physique from cells to organs, brings enthusiasm, and builds immunity towards illnesses. Therefore, Agnisar Kriya delays the indicators of growing old and retains youthfulness.


Agnisar Kriya is a newbie stage observe that anybody can carry out to realize advantages from. It not solely improves physique functioning but in addition, prepares it for superior yogic practices like Bhastrika and Kapalbhati pranayama.

It doesn’t require a lot of time however gives tonnes of well-being advantages. Spare a couple of minutes out of your hectic schedule for Agnisar Kriya to reside life to its fullest and to realize productiveness.

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