Benefits and Disadvantages of Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening is without doubt one of the items of recent well being care. It got here as a revolutionary therapy that might convert darkish embarrassing smiles in to nice lovely ones. Wanting again to the arrival of tooth whitening, it may be seen as a serious milestone for beauty dentistry. However wait! We aren’t right here to debate the historical past of tooth whitening. You’ve got, I estimate, landed on this text to take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of tooth whitening as a way to decide whether or not it’s protected so that you can go for tooth whitening.

Earlier than I pour you with benefits and drawbacks of various tooth whitening techniques, it is likely to be worthwhile to grasp how the idea of tooth whitening works. So what is the magic chemical that’s within the numerous tooth whitening brokers that make the tooth whiter. Most tooth whitening brokers that present good outcomes have a bleaching agent generally hydrogen peroxide or typically carbamide peroxide. This bleaching agent (oxidizing agent) merely bleaches the tooth which makes them look whiter. So what’s bleached really? Technically talking, the bleaching agent penetrates the tooth in to enamel and dentin and bleaches (oxidizes) the stain deposits thus making the tooth look whiter.

Now shifting on to the benefits and drawbacks of tooth whitening, I’ll define the professionals and cons of various sorts of tooth whitening techniques. It’s because, every whitening system has its personal share of benefits and drawbacks and it is not possible to checklist them typically as a complete.

Tooth whitening chewing gums


-Not a difficulty in case you are a daily gum chewer

-No unwanted effects or hazards related to it.

-Chewing gums are very easy on the pocket. -Gums enhance saliva stream in mouth which additionally maintains good oral hygiene.


-Should you plan to whiten your tooth by beginning to chew gums, you is likely to be in for a troublesome job because it takes lengthy and is a tedious course of.

-Lengthy length of therapy required (First indicators of enchancment seem round 6 weeks)

-It isn’t a lot efficient and a distinction of round one shade is mostly seen.

Tooth Whitening tooth paste


-Not required to do something fancy. Simply brush away with the given tooth paste.

-No sensitivity, ache or irritation related to whitening pastes.

-They’re priced barely above your regular toothpaste and therefore bear no burden in your pocket.


-Although promising a lot, most tooth whitening pastes fail to ship. The outcomes are disappointing for most individuals.

-Many consultants have claimed regular toothpastes are simply as efficient as these so known as tooth whitening pastes.

In home tooth whitening kits

Tooth Whitening Gels


-Are moderately efficient (Shade distinction of 2-3 is usually seen)

-Obtainable over-the-counter and therefore no problem in getting them.

-No main unwanted effects or issues related to it besides non permanent discomfort and sensitivity.

-Fairly priced when in comparison with the costly In-office therapies by a Dental skilled.


-The one dimension suits all trays don’t match each one comfortably and therefore lowering its effectiveness.

-If the gel coming in touch with gums, it could trigger irritation and ache.

-Outcomes differ drastically relying on model and people.

In workplace tooth whitening techniques


-These are touted to be the simplest with a shade distinction of 8-10 being achieved.

-Carried out by a dental skilled in order that you do not have fear about being in protected arms .

-The process is painless with no difficult course of it’s important to undergo.

-The outcomes achieved are lengthy lasting and could be moderately maintained by taking excellent care of your tooth.


-Blisters, Cankers and swelling on lips have been reported by some individuals.

-Tooth sensitivity is a typical facet impact nevertheless it lasts for a number of days.

-Extreme and repeated therapies wears your tooth.

-These skilled whitening therapies prices loads.

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