Bitilasana (Cow Pose): Steps, Advantages & Precautions

bitilasana (cow pose)
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Bitilasana, the cow pose, is a backbone warming up posture all the time practiced with its counterpose Marjariasana (cat pose). The mixed pose is named the cat-cow stretch.

It’s carried out in a kneeling place which provides the backbone a easy bending stretch. Contraction motion on this pose focuses on stretching the neck, backbone, and hip flexors.

Bitilasana is carried out by approaching a tabletop place, adopted by stretching the neck and backbone with deep respiration. The belly muscle groups are additionally concerned actively whereas holding the pose.

Bitilasana Which means

In Sanskrit, Bitila means cow, asana means pose. On combining each, Bitilasana means cow pose.

This pose is named “Bitilasana – the cow pose” as a result of within the ultimate step of this pose a practitioner’s physique is available in such a place that appears like a stretching cow’s limbs. Think about a cow standing on its 4 ft. The legs and arms make 4 ft of a cow and the arched stomach make the cow’s torso.

It needs to be famous right here; cow face pose (gomukhasana) is a hip opener sitting pose whereas the cow pose is a kneeling stretching pose. They each share the resemblance with the cow however their impact & process are utterly completely different.

Cow pose is a delicate warm-up yogic posture that improves flexibility, blood circulation, and way of thinking. The stretched backbone results in calming the thoughts soothing the nervous system.

Bitilasana Observe Information

Observe this information under to securely observe the cow pose.

bitilasana practice guide
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Precautions & Contraindications

  • Don’t observe it when you’ve got a neck damage.
  • In case of a weak neck keep away from straining the neck trying up, as a substitute maintain your gaze ahead.
  • Keep away from performing bitilasana you’ve gotten a foul knee.
  • Individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome or ganglion cyst should be cautious whereas performing this pose.

Preparatory Poses

Bitilasana is itself a delicate warm-up pose. It’s higher in case you observe Viparita Karani mudra or legs-up-the-wall pose earlier than stepping into it.

How you can Do Bitilasana (Steps)

bitilasana performing cues
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  1. From tadasana, come to your all fours in a tabletop pose.
  2. Convey your knees underneath your hips and wrists underneath shoulders.
  3. Let your head dangle neutrally preserving the gaze on the ground.
  4. Inhale, lifting your buttocks to the ceiling stretch your chest downward.
  5. Closing your eyes increase your head and let your stomach sink to the ground with an arched again.
  6. Maintain the pose for a couple of seconds.
  7. Exhale bringing the top to the middle and enjoyable the backbone come to tabletop pose.
  8. It’s adopted by one other posture within the circulate. With an exhalation, the chin is drawn to the chest arching your again upward. That is Marjariasana (Bidalasana).
  9. Proceed these two actions of stretching the backbone by lifting the top and arching the backbone drawing your chin to the chest 5-6 occasions.
  10. Then return to tabletop pose and chill out in little one pose.

Newbie’s suggestions

  • Maintain your shoulder blades large and away from ears whereas twisting the neck.
  • Don’t pressure the neck a lot whereas performing bitilasana.

Observe-up Poses

Balasana is carried out because the counterpose to this deep stretching pose.


Vyaghrasana variation - Uthana Vyaghrasana
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These variations you possibly can contain in your observe of bitilasana:

  1. Bitilasana with one leg up – After reaching the ultimate pose in bitilasana you possibly can raise one leg off the ground. Holding the knee bent level its toes up, now gently convey your various hand to seize the raised foot.
    This variant of Bitilasana is named Vyaghrasana (tiger pose).
  2. Bitilasana leaning ahead – After attaining the pose, stroll your palms ahead and produce your chest and chin to the ground. Maintain your buttocks raised to the ceiling.

Bitilasana Advantages

1. Supplies flexibility

Bitiliasana stretches the muscle groups of the backbone, neck stomach, and hips. The core muscle groups are additionally actively engaged on this pose that enhances power and stamina. The muscle groups of the arms and wrist are additionally stimulated. It makes these muscle groups versatile and powerful.

2. Strengthens the backbone

Bitilasana is majorly a spinal motion pose. Together with stretching the neck muscle groups the backbone can be elongated to the crown. It improves the blood circulate into the backbone and therefore makes it stronger.

Furthermore, its perform of relieving backbone extreme stress makes cow pose appropriate to observe in being pregnant. Pregnant ladies can observe it in all phases of being pregnant to get aid from again ache.

3. Improves metabolism

Bitilasana stimulated adrenal glands whereas stimulating the inner organs. It improves metabolism, maintains hormone secretion. This advantages the physique internally in a long term.

4. Higher digestion

The belly muscle groups are stimulated whereas holding the pose. They’re massaged gently and digestive organs are additionally activated with receiving enhanced blood circulate. This helps in enhancing digestion.

5. Influences vitality chakras

This fundamental posture has a lot to supply because the stretches concerned additionally prompts the three chakras. Because the stomach, navel, and the neck are deeply stretched, it prompts the Photo voltaic Plexus, Root Chakra, and Throat Chakra.

7. Remedial for sciatica

The backbone is stretched and strengthens by bitilasana. It additionally works on enhancing the pliability of the hips. Due to this fact any decrease again ache like sciatica is cured and prevented via this asana.

8. Relieves psychological disturbances

With strengthening the backbone the mind additionally receives an elevated quantity of oxygen. It clears the psychological blocks sand soothes the nervous system. It reduces stress, stress, and promotes sound sleep.

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