Causes Why Salix Alba Bark Extract Is Getting Extra Common Within the Previous Decade

The salix alba bark extract is created from the willow bark tree which has substance often known as salicin which has related properties to aspirin which our physique makes use of to provide salicylic acid that may be a forerunner to aspirin. An extract of this bark has been utilized in different medication as a method of relieving ache, fever and irritation.

This explicit bark has been used for a very long time and the furthest we are able to date it again can be the 4th century in Greece the place folks would take a bark of this tree and chew it as a result of it supplied them with ache aid. It has analgesic and antipyretic properties which implies that it gives aid from ache and reduces fever if it is current.

In recent times this bark has been gaining recognition as a result of it is believed that it is an excellent different to lots of the greatest over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicine together with Aleve, Advil and Aspirin. It is also top-of-the-line pure ache relievers for complications and plenty of practitioners of different medication are utilizing it to deal with their sufferers. It additionally helps loads in case you have ache within the decrease again, knees, and some different circumstances like osteoarthritis and . Many individuals think about it as a great weight reduction help too.

Listed below are a number of the well being advantages, unintended effects, interactions with different medication, and the right dosage related to utilizing this extract.

Salix Alba Bark Extract Well being Advantages

Low Again Ache

People who’re affected by acute decrease again ache would possibly discover this pure ache reliever to resolve their issues. The analysis on it found substantial proof that it could actually assist people who find themselves affected by such a ache.

Researchers did an evaluation and evaluated 14 research the place sufferers had been handled with completely different herbs for decrease again ache and so they found that people who had been handled with the salix alba repeatedly reported again that they felt a aid of their signs when contrasted to the placebo management group. In addition they realized that larger doses of the extract had been higher and more practical and that the outcomes of ache aid aren’t on the spot and would possibly take every week for any noticeable ache aid to kick in.

Although this helps the well being profit this bark extract has on people who find themselves affected by decrease again ache, extra analysis is required to have the ability to decide the effectiveness of the salix alba bark concerning decrease again ache aid.


The salix alba bark extract can doubtlessly assist people who find themselves affected by arthritis however to make sure about this much more analysis is required as a result of the analysis that’s out there proper now yielded combined outcomes.

One examine that concerned the salix alba bark extract that had 240mg of salicin was given to sufferers who has osteoarthritis on daily basis and so they confirmed 14% ache aid after two weeks of taking the therapy in comparison with the placebo group that had solely 2% discount in ache. One other examine, nevertheless, involving 127 folks with knee osteoarthritis who got 240mg of salicin had an 18% discount in ache whereas the group who took Voltaren which is a drugs for such a arthritis, had 47% discount in ache ranges. After they in contrast the outcomes with the placebo group they concluded that the 18% ache discount for individuals who took the bark extract was the identical because the placebo group that took no medication in any respect.

Weight Loss

The analysis on whether or not or not this bark extract can enhance weight reduction is not conclusive though it means that if it is taken with a mixture of different medicine together with Ephedra and cola nut, it’d help weight reduction in people who find themselves overweight or obese. That being mentioned, Ephedra is controversial drug as a result of it is deemed to be unsafe and has been banned within the US due to the damaging unintended effects it might need particularly when it is taken together with different medicine or healthcare merchandise.


Due to the salicin content material within the bark extract it is utilized in many skincare merchandise because the salicin has some properties which might be capable of regulate the genes in our pores and skin. It is also related to regulating gene clusters that are linked to the pores and skin ageing course of. The salicin that’s current on this extract has a component within the creation of collagen which is sustaining the elasticity of our pores and skin and prevents it from wrinkling.

A analysis that was carried out on 30 people who had been between 40 and 70 years previous and utilized and extract that had 0.5% salicin had constructive outcomes after doing it on daily basis for 12 weeks.


It is believed that salix alba extract has the most effective anti-inflammatory properties due to the quantity of salicin it incorporates. Individuals discover it useful once they have facial zits, sunburns and herpetic irritation.

Analysis that helps this was carried out on 30 people that had been 16-35 years previous the place 15 of them had oily pores and skin and 15 had reasonable zits skins. They utilized cosmetics containing salicin to their pores and skin for 14 days and confirmed nice outcomes on the finish of the examine.

Salix Alba Extract Attainable Facet Results

Whereas utilizing this extract for a short while hasn’t proven any unintended effects and it is completely protected, analysis into long-term utilization of it is not very conclusive and it is nonetheless unclear whether or not it is protected or not. Because it has related properties to aspirin it is fairly attainable to have the identical unintended effects particularly if you happen to’re utilizing it loads. A few of these disagreeable unintended effects could also be vomiting, dizziness, gastrointestinal bleeding, kidney impairment, upset abdomen, and liver toxicity.

It isn’t really useful for youngsters and youthful youngsters as a result of they could develop a situation often known as Reye’s syndrome which may be very uncommon however it may be deadly. One other group that ought to avoid utilizing this extract are new moms who’re nonetheless breastfeeding as a result of they could unintentionally hurt their new child child. As for pregnant girls, there are not any research carried out but it surely’s not really useful and significantly better to maintain a ways simply to be on the protected facet.

One other risk is perhaps an allergic response to this bark extract. Because it has related properties as aspirin, people who find themselves allergic to it must also preserve their distance from salix alba bark extract as properly. It isn’t sure that individuals allergic to aspirin could have an allergic response to the extract too however avoiding it’s the sensible approach to go as a result of it will possibly result in a severe situation often known as anaphylaxis which, if untreated could trigger coma, cardiac arrest, respiratory failure, asphyxiation and even dying.

Interactions With Different Remedy

The extract of the salix alba bark would possibly trigger sluggish blood clotting which is able to make bleeding time longer so it should not be taken along with medication which might be anticoagulants and antiplatelet medication resembling Coumadin and Plavix as a result of it could intervene with the aim of the drug.

For those who’re utilizing salix alba bark extract and you’ve got a scheduled surgical procedure developing, you must cease not less than 2 weeks earlier than as a result of it could trigger your physique hurt making it bleed excessively throughout the surgical procedure. Individuals who have bleeding issues must also keep away from this extract.

The compounds on this extract are similar to these current in ache killers together with Discalcid and Trilisate so mixing this extract with them would possibly trigger some unintended effects like nausea, diarrhear, constipation or upset abdomen.

Salix Alba Bark Extract Dosage

Principally, it is protected to take this extract as much as 400mg per day when used for a short while interval if you happen to’re in search of a aid of joint ache or muscle ache. Normally dietary supplements with this extract are simply discovered in the marketplace as capsules with already ready dosages however they can be discovered as powders and liquids the place you want to pay attention to the dose you take so staying on 400mg per day or much less is greatest in your security and well-being.


Salix alba bark has been used for a really very long time as a medication that supplied aid from ache, irritation and signs of fever in lots of native cultures due to the salicin that it incorporates which our physique turns in salicylic acid, a forerunner to aspirin.

This bark extract is believed to be top-of-the-line pure ache relievers and has plenty of well being advantages rivaling even the most effective over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicine out there in the present day. Though, extra analysis must be carried out on this extract there’s some out there that means it will possibly assist people who find themselves affected by arthritis and low again ache.

Some analysis means that combining salix alba extract with Ephedra and cola nut would possibly assist obese and overweight folks drop extra pounds but it surely’s not really useful due to the attainable Ephedra unintended effects which may he extreme and really dangerous.

It is also utilized in cosmetics to make anti-aging lotions and gels due to the salicin it incorporates which helps preserve the elasticity of our pores and skin and regulate gene clusters. Moreover, folks could discover it helpful if they’ve facial zits, sunburns and herpetic irritation as a result of it analysis suggests it has the most effective anti-inflammatory properties which might be capable of scale back the signs considerably in simply 14 days.

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