Despair and Human Intelligence

The inexplicable despair one feels, after all, might be defined; nevertheless, the human being can’t perceive it but. I advised you in my earlier articles that despair is especially provoked as a result of the particular person had not developed all their psychological features, and their psyche suffers because of this. Nevertheless, that is solely the start of the reply.

The human being could be very clever; he’s in reality a genius, however the greatest a part of his conscience stays wild and violent. If this wild content material involves the floor of the human conscience, which is the aspect of our conscience that we all know, we begin having a number of issues and our ideas and emotions appear distorted and unusual. This content material could be very harmful, particularly as a result of it provokes craziness to the human conscience. Nevertheless, we can’t eradicate this aspect of our conscience. As a substitute, we’ve got to develop that wild aspect and transport it to our human conscience. That is the best way that we purchase extra conscience of actuality.

What means to have a conscience? It means we’ve got a notion of our existence and we perceive the that means of our actions. We give that means to the whole lot and criticize the whole lot. We characterize our actions as being good or unhealthy, we choose our behaviour and people of others. Furthermore, we make plans as a way to remodel the fact we’re in, in keeping with what we consider that will be higher for us. That is to have conscience, or in different phrases, to have a notion of our existence.

We predict that this a part of our conscience which we all know is the one one which exists inside us, however we’re fallacious, as a result of there’s one other aspect of our conscience which stays nonetheless primitive. Nevertheless, this crudeness isn’t how we might think about it to be, as a result of this different a part of our conscience is totally unbiased and really intelligent. It’s in reality a really robust enemy, as a result of this half needs to regulate our behaviour and it’s all the time attempting to invade our human conscience. The wild aspect of the human conscience could be very good and lays many traps. It’s a crude and primitive conscience as a result of its intention is unhealthy and it lives to incite struggling, however then again, it’s sneaky and is aware of many methods.

I needed to relate a number of scientific discoveries made after Jung’s demise moreover a number of of his and his college students’ works, which revealed to us the very same details, in order that I might have the ability to show to the world the reality Jung found regarding dream interpretation. This was, nevertheless, solely the start… The continuance was too sophisticated… I felt that if the pc did not seem in my life I would not have been in a position to unite all of the elements of this guide!

Our wild conscience can be a genius, however as a result of it’s evil, it’s in reality very crude. Nevertheless, if this half passes by means of the method of consciousness, it actually might be refined to grow to be a genius. That is why the human being can attain God’s intelligence. That is his potential.

If we take into consideration how a lot our psyche suffers as a result of we’re so clever however by no means develop all our capacities and stay in struggling due to our many ridiculous errors based mostly on the minimal share of our conscience developed in keeping with human traits, we are able to perceive how our psyche feels. It is a waste of intelligence… Moreover that, this violent aspect we inherit in our historical conscience ruins our life.

Would not or not it’s higher if we might all learn to develop our capacities by means of dream interpretation and stop craziness that comes from the wild content material of our psychic sphere to destroy our human conscience?

Supply by Christina Sponias

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