DMSO – Is This a Remedy For Herpes?

Many web sites tout DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) because the ‘be-all and end-all’ herpes treatment.

This can be partially true, however is it protected?

Most pathogens, together with the herpes virus are anaerobic. Which means that they can’t reproduce in an oxygen wealthy mobile atmosphere.

Scientist have established three related factors.

When utilized on to the contaminated space:

  1. It has the power to penetrate pores and skin boundaries, traverse the physique and permeate the human cell.
  2. It’s an oxygen bearing substance.
  3. If accurately utilized, it would suppress the herpes virus throughout an outbreak.

What’s Dimethyl Sulfoxide?

Dimethyl Sulfoxide is an industrial energy solvent and paint stripper derived from wooden pulp. To place it mildly, this chemical has stirred up a hornet’s nest of controversy.


As a result of there are some very actual risks related to its incorrect utilization, that is why!

Though Dimethyl Sulfoxide has not acquired FDA approval, it does have sure medical makes use of.

Due to its small molecular construction, along with its superb solvent properties and its means to penetrate the pores and skin, docs are combining it with different medical substances and utilizing it as a service.

Aside from destroying pathogens in vivo, it has proved to be an efficient remedy for painful strained muscle tissues and ligaments in sports activities drugs.

It’s also utilized in a veterinary software, as a horse liniment.

Why is it Harmful?

The hazard exists if DMSO is contaminated with poisonous international substances or family chemical substances.

Minute traces of detergents, pesticides or carbolic options might cling to the palms, and even the floor of rubber gloves.

Dimethyl Sulfoxide will quickly take in just about any chemical it touches; subsequently it would carry international substances straight into the mobile construction.

If these substances occur to be poisonous, they may trigger severe problems and even dying.

That is price repeating: DMSO has not acquired FDA approval… Use it at you personal peril!

Cardio Oxygen

If you happen to do a Google search, you’re going to get over 670,000 hits for ‘Cardio Oxygen’.

Many of those web sites tout ingesting water oxygenated drops as a way of accelerating mobile oxygen. In truth, most of them declare that their product will make the whole physique’s inside terrain hostile territory for pathogens.

If solely this had been true…

Whereas circulating, arterial blood offers up about 25% of its oxygen when passing by way of bodily tissue and solely a tiny proportion penetrates all the way down to the mobile degree.

When venous blood leaves bodily tissue, it’s oxygen poor.

Further oxygen infused by different means equivalent to high-pressure hyperbaric remedy or through oral dietary supplements, bypasses bodily tissue and is absorbed straight into the hemoglobin of venous blood.

Which means that when venous blood arrives again on the lungs, it carries extra oxygen than it often does.

As soon as the oxygen degree within the crimson cell hemoglobin reaches 98% throughout lung perform, the surplus oxygen is solely exhaled again into the ambiance.

This makes it not possible for further infusion to extend the quantity of oxygen carried to the tissues at mobile degree.

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