Egg Laying – Why A Rooster Will not Lay Eggs

It’s at all times regarding when our hens instantly cease laying. The primary signal of an issue on your ladies is after they cease laying eggs. When chickens are missing one thing they require egg manufacturing is the very first thing their our bodies shut down so as to make up for what it’s missing. More often than not it is a simple repair, is the coop clear? Are you feeding the right meals? Generally it might extra difficult, are my infants sick or are the molting? Let’s check out the widespread points and see what it takes to get the ladies pleased once more.


Chickens have a lifespan of seven years are of their prime for the primary yr or two of them laying eggs, after that manufacturing quickly declines till the 4th or fifth yr after they often cease laying altogether. It often greatest to exchange the laying hen with a brand new one after their third yr of laying eggs.


Chickens are creatures of behavior, typically the slightest change can throw them off. Transferring your hens from one location to a different, including new options or house can stress out your ladies. They won’t begin laying once more till they really feel relaxed and are snug once more. Even a grimy pen or coop might throw them off, unsanitary situations are one of the simplest ways to for the birds to contract undesirable illnesses, particularly if the house is just too small.

Meals / Water:

A dehydrated rooster can not produce eggs ensure that there may be at all times water out there on your hens. Utilizing the nipple drinkers assist preserve water and hold the coop clear. To supply an egg your ladies want a particular weight loss program of calcium and proteins. Such a feed is known as “layer feed” and is available in many alternative varieties from completely different feed or pet shops. Chickens will overeat so monitor the feed based mostly on the variety of chickens.

Well being:

Did the rooster go broody? A broody hen is not going to lay till she is finished hatching her eggs. The women will not lay after they molt both. Molting is when the chickens are shedding their feather as a consequence of modifications within the climate. It is the identical as when a canine shed its fur, besides the rooster sheds its feathers. Mites put a variety of pressure on a hen’s physique, she is depressing and will not lay for you. An excellent signal your rooster is unwell or not feeling properly is her stance. If she is hunched over as an alternative of standing up and perky she is just not feeling properly and has issues she most likely wants assist with.


If a rooster is confused she will not lay, she must really feel snug. Too many roosters can simply trigger stress in your ladies. Is there a predator round, is she fearful? Hold your ladies pleased protected and fed, and he or she offers you with many eggs to come back. Some birds are higher layers than others, just like the Orpington Rooster that was bread for max laying capability.

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