Egg yolk colour doesn’t imply what you assume it does

Incredible and edible, but what does it all mean?

Unimaginable and edible, however what does all of it imply? (Unsplash/)

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FACT: Egg yolk colour is means overblown

By Sara Chodosh

I believe it’s one in all life’s best truisms that journey broadens the thoughts, however to be trustworthy I by no means thought journey would educate me extra about eggs. A visit I took to Malawi final 12 months did simply that. 

I don’t need to spoil the episode for you, so for now I’ll simply say that this week’s factoid will give you a number of fodder for exhibiting up your most stuck-up, hipster mates who insist that their vividly yellow artisanal eggs are merely the very best. Whereas your mind may trick you into considering a very colourful yolk tastes divine, the colour itself doesn’t instantly correspond to egg high quality, rooster well being or happiness, dietary worth, or any of the opposite promoting factors you’ve probably assumed.

Farmers, it seems, along with being hard-working saints who do largely thankless work for more and more much less cash, are additionally enterprise individuals. They know precisely what makes their merchandise promote, and customers are usually glad to stay ignorant of the particular clarification for. Hearken to the podcast for a deep dive into the precise science behind rooster egg pigmentation.

Within the episode I additionally point out the truth that no cheese is of course orange—right here’s the article that I wrote two years in the past with tons extra element! Now go blow all your pals’ minds together with your new meals details.

FACT: Birds had been used for subterfuge on the Underground Railroad

By Purbita Saha

Compelled to spend lengthy hours laboring in fields, swamps, and forests, enslaved individuals within the US grew to become masters of their native landscapes. Their data of edible vegetation, geographic options, and animal calls and tracks helped them survive as they fled slave catchers and bounty hunters. It’s a well known proven fact that some escapees used the North Star to navigate, however did you additionally know that birds additionally served as important signposts alongside the way in which?

Harriet Tubman, for one, was well-acquainted with the avian voices round her Chesapeake Bay birthplace. Historical past holds that she discovered to imitate sure sounds, just like the barred owl’s and Japanese whip-poor-will’s, to secretly talk with the scores of individuals she helped rescue till the top of the Civil Conflict in 1865.

Birds additionally supplied a handy cowl for Canadian abolitionist Alexander Milton Ross. The physician and naturalist would pull as much as plantations in Georgia and Alabama and inform the homeowners that he wished to conduct ornithological surveys on their properties—and it’s doable he did do a little bit of birding whereas he was there. However as soon as he had entry, he would sneak into the slave quarters and share envoy occasions and places for the Underground Railroad. Sadly, Ross isn’t an uncomplicated determine: his radicalism took a tough flip when he returned to his house nation, the place he began an anti-vaxxer marketing campaign in the course of the late-1800s smallpox outbreak. Discover out extra on this week’s episode of Weirdest Factor!

FACT: Angler fish went to stunning lengths to turn out to be the worst live-in boyfriends within the animal kingdom

By Rachel Feltman

When anglerfish had been first found, scientists couldn’t work out why they saved completely trawling up females—and why so lots of their specimens got here to the floor lined in unusual parasites. Spoiler alert: These parasites had been the lacking males. Along with being a few of the most foreboding-looking broads within the deep sea, feminine anglerfish have the distinctive privilege of carrying their mates together with them for all times (no less than in some circumstances). In sure species, a male anglerfish will latch onto his chosen feminine with an attractive chunk, then launch digestive enzymes to soften their flesh collectively. Some females will tackle a number of live-in boyfriends, along with her physique offering them vitamins as they shrivel into lazy sacks of sperm to fertilize her eggs.

In accordance with current analysis, this freaky means of getting freaky comes at a excessive price: The lack of the adaptive immune system. Researchers discovered that anglerfish species that go for essentially the most everlasting, multi-partnered model of this mating routine have principally no means to mount an assault in opposition to a novel an infection. The deletion of genes associated to immune response has no-doubt been invaluable for anglerfish, because the feminine’s physique would in any other case probably reject the overseas tissue of her connected mates. However how do they survive with out these bodily defenses? Give this week’s episode a hearken to study extra.

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