Eight Chinese language New Yr Meals Symbols for Happiness, Prosperity and Well being

“Fortunate” Chinese language New Yr symbols are an necessary a part of

celebrating the Spring Pageant.

Afterall, it’s the begin of spring — an ideal time to

have your New Yr needs come true!

And what higher strategy to usher in happiness, prosperity and

well being than to take pleasure in “auspicious meals” with household and


Listed below are the Prime Eight auspicious meals symbols for Chinese language New


Prime Eight Auspicious Meals Symbols for Chinese language New


1. Sizzling Pot

A steaming scorching pot (or chinese language fondue) with meat, seafood

and greens) is a should.

Huo3 in scorching pot huo3 guo3 火锅 is similar phrase as huo3 in

hong2 huo3 红火 “affluent and booming”.

2. Fish

One other must-have dish if you wish to expertise abundance

within the new 12 months.

Fish yu2 鱼 is the preferred dish served throughout Chinese language

New Yr.

In Chinese language fish has the identical sound as “surplus” and

“abundance” 余.

A complete fish is served on Chinese language New Yr’s eve for the

reunion dinner.

Normally the fish is steamed.

It’s a good omen to go away the bones and head and tail


This symbolizes surplus/abundance and a superb starting and

finish within the new 12 months.

Greatest served entire.

3. Shrimp

Shrimp xia1 虾 in Mandarin and ha in Cantonese sounds

like somebody laughing.

Eat shrimp for happiness and well-being.

4. Boiled dumplings

A Chinese language New Yr custom is consuming boiled dumplings.

These are formed like gold ingots.

Dumplings jiao3 zi 饺子 appears like jiao1 zi3 交子which

means the hour of transition into the New Yr.

Therefore, in northern China, dumplings stuffed with meat are

eaten on Chinese language New Yr’s eve to usher in good luck and

wealth within the New Yr.

Generally a coin is positioned in one of many dumplings. Whoever

bites on it can have loads of wealth within the new 12 months.

When dumplings and yellow noodles are cooked collectively they

imply “golden threads by way of gold ingots”.

Within the jap cities of China, like Shanghai, Hangzhou and

Suzhou, egg dumplings are eaten as they appear like gold


5. Oyster

Hao2 appears like hao3 shi4 好事 which implies “good


In southern China, it’s served with skinny rice


6. Inexperienced greens

For shut household ties, serve some greens.

Qing1 cai4 青菜 appears like qing1 亲 as in qin1 re 亲热 mea

ning “shut/intimate”

7. Sticky rice cake

Nian2 gao1 年糕.

Nian2 means 12 months and cake gao1 sounds the

identical as excessive gao1 高.

So consuming this steamed cake made from rice flour and topped

with pink dates has the which means of achieving better

prosperity and rank within the new 12 months.

8. Noodles

Generally known as chang2 shou4 mian4 长寿面 which means “longevity


A want for luck — Good Luck, Prosperity, Longevity,

Happiness and Abundance — is central to the Chinese language approach of


Much more so throughout Chinese language New Yr!

For extra auspicious Chinese language meals symbols and DIY Chinese language recipes, go to

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