eight Finest Hand Mudras for Meditation and How To Use Them

8 yoga mudras for meditation

Meditation and mudras are two interconnected practices of yoga. Saying meditation can’t be performed with no mudra wouldn’t be a flawed assertion. Nonetheless, in case your fingers aren’t in mudra at the start of meditation, it is going to robotically are available greater states of meditation.

Consider hand mudra as a information that navigates the trail. The best way hand molds in mudra in the identical method emotional elements of the individual in meditation.

Certainly, training meditation together with hand mudras cultivates or intensify the outcomes. It dramatically harnesses the psychological and emotional well being to coordinate with bodily.

What’s Hand Mudra?

Mudras are the symbolic hand gestures, which on particular configuration depicts a sure story, signal, provoke a course of, and so on. Mudras have been contemplating for hundreds of years of human civilization.

Yogic hand mudras are one of many historical practices that are nonetheless within the use and we’re incorporating these place in our meditation and pranayama practices. It helps in acquiring fruitful outcomes concerning private well being.

Hand Mudras Meditation

Meditation isn’t about sitting with eyes closed and hold sitting like this for an extended time period, however one thing subtler in elements.

A meditating monk with a selected hand mudra occurs to be in most focus. Have you ever ever suppose, how? Making a hand mudra in meditation brings such a optimistic psychological and bodily outcomes. effectively, lets see!

Aside from performing day-to-day work, your hand did an excellent job by possessing energic factors, which on the appliance of sure stress governs the prana in one of the simplest ways.

Mudra represents the dissolving of duality, which brings the devotee and deity collectively. Once we follow mudra in meditation we worship our deity (The supreme) to grant us the imaginative and prescient of bliss and ecstasy. To do that, the deity (we) has to supply a deep sense of give up by stimulating prana circulate by means of mudra, whereas meditation.

Due to this fact, mudra is a bridge, require to find the extra significant elements of meditation.

Follow under talked about eight hand mudras to go deeper in meditation;

bhairava mudra for meditation

Bhairava symbolizes the menacing avatar of Lord Shiva. This mudra is the gateway to search out the deep that means in the direction of oneself, because it destroyed the layer of egoism, that stops you to understand the gorgeous world.

Because of its impact on negativity, you possibly can follow this together with your each day meditation follow. Furthermore, This mudra is likely one of the widespread mudra follow for pranayama as effectively.

How one can Do Bhairava Mudra Meditation

  • Sit in a snug sitting posture like Padmasana (Lotus Pose), Sukhasana (Simple Pose).
  • Deliver your hand on to your lap. From right here, place proper hand over your left hand in method that the again of your proper 4 fingers relaxation on the left palm and vice versa.
  • Now, preserve the posture and stay there for few breaths.

After closing the eyes, think about the divine magnificence on the Ajna chakra to maintain your self intact within the follow. This can leap your follow to the following degree of spirituality.

By inserting your left hand on the correct hand, would impacts consciousness and consciousness. This additional yield greater meditative experiences and improves the psychological elements of the practitioner.


  • Balances energies.
  • Tranquilizes the thoughts and introduces peace.
  • Balances doshas
  • Stimulates pranas.
dhyan Mudra

‘Dhyana’ represents ‘focus or focus’, this mudra sharpens and improves the main target and the period to stays within the meditation. It’s the most generally follow hand gesture to maintain oneself lifted within the realms of stillness and concord.

Start with Dhyana, with meditation, and finish in Samadhi, in ecstasy and you’ll know what god is. It isn’t a speculation, it’s an expertise. You need to LIVE it – that’s the solely method realize it.

– Osho

How one can Do Dhyana Mudra Meditation

  • Initially, go for any comfy posture, Sukhasana (straightforward pose), Padmasana (Lotus Pose).
  • Deliver your each hand in your lap and place your proper hand over the left.
  • Now, connect each thumbs to one another giving the form of a triangle within the palm.
  • Maintain into the posture by specializing in the breath. This can increase your meditation follow.

Aside from Meditation, Dhyana Mudra can be follow together with the pranayama. It promotes deep respiration as if practiced frequently like, Kapalabhati Pranayama, Bhastrika Pranayama, and so on.

By erecting again (spine) whereas training meditation on this mudra, drives prana circulate. It additional stimulates and balances the sacral chakra and grants a practitioner with regarding well being advantages.


  • Improve focus energy.
  • Reduces pointless thought and promotes calmness of the thoughts.
  • Inclined ones in the direction of the spiritualistic progress.
  • Promotes proper respiration.
Apana Mudra for meditation

In Sanskrit, ‘Apana’ is worried with the ‘downward pressure’, that’s chargeable for the elimination of wastes from the physique.

Meditation, not solely requires a sitting posture with open surrounding however a physique free from issues as effectively. Due to this fact, Apana mudra helps in removing of poisons from the physique that makes it uncomfortable to meditate.

Furthermore, it improves these psychological and emotional elements as effectively that deepens your meditation follow.

How one can Do Apana Mudra Meditation

  • Sit in any comfy posture, Padmasana (Lotus Pose), Sukhasana (straightforward Pose).
  • Now, contact the tip of the ring and center finger to the thumb. The index and little finger stay prolonged together with your palm dealing with up.
  • After this, stay as you might be and follow it for few breaths.

Deep respiration whereas training Apana mudra ends in purification of Prana by means of exhalation. Nonetheless, it strengthens lungs as effectively.

It additionally balances the Apana Vayu that balances the organs between the naval and the perineum area. This makes them to operate in a much better method then earlier than.


  • Useful in menstrual cramps.
  • Strengthens Pelvic organs.
  • Useful in indigestion.
  • Increase up the Immune system.

4. Shuni Mudra

Shuni Mudra

Shuni represents ‘openness and vacancy’. This mudra balances the impacts of extra of area aspect within the physique. Meditation unites, because the an excessive amount of of area parts causes detachment from the current scenario.

Working towards Shuni mudra whereas meditation attracts a person from his/her disturbed state of consciousness to the targeted one. Due to this fact, this mudra makes extra of a meditative, if practiced altogether.

How one can Do Shuni Mudra Meditation

  • Go for a sitting posture like, Padmasana (Lotus Pose), Sukhasana (Simple Pose).
  • Now, bend the center finger and convey it to the bottom of the thumb and Apply mild stress over it by the thumb.
  • Preserve posture and breathe right here to deepen your meditation follow.

One may follow this mudra in inclined, standing and strolling scenario so long as the physique is symmetrical. As a result of mudra might be follow in every single place, regardless of the place and place.

Meditation with this mudra helps within the stimulation of the guts chakra. This unlocks the gems of advantages regarding to that particular place of chakra.


  • Useful in Coronary heart illness.
  • Promotes higher listening to and reduces ear ache as effectively.
  • Strengthens bones.
  • Present aid in numbness within the physique.
Varada mudra

Varada mudra is the gesture of ‘granting regardless of the practitioner seeks’. Working towards this mudra in cooperation with meditation cultivates a state of deep compassion.

The gesture of hand touching the earth symbolizes the supreme entity. This makes the practitioner to turn into supreme giver by attaining sage like persona. Nonetheless, one can deliver the peace and prosperity by training meditation in Varada Mudra.

How one can Do Varada Mudra Meditation

  • Sit in a Padmasana (Lotus Pose) and straighten up you backbone.
  • Now, place your hand in your knees. Open up your left hand to the ahead, whereas the palm dealing with entrance and fingers pointing downward.
  • Stay there for so long as it’s comfy. Usually, after jiffy you possibly can calm down.

This mudra has optimistic impact over the psychological well being of the practitioners that promotes rightfulness.

In case of proper hand domination, one can follow Abhaya mudra and Varada mudra with the left hand. You can even follow each the mudras concurrently to expertise a change in your meditation.

To realize highest peace of thoughts is the final word purpose of the mixture of this mudra. This may be solely completed by the common and correct follow with meditation.


  • Promotes empathy in practitioners.
  • Enhance persistence towards an irritating scenario.
  • Thrashes detrimental elements of somebody’s life.
  • Develops generosity and morals.
Ganesha Mudra for meditation

Ganesha mudra is one among meditation hand gesture which works on strengthening chest area muscle tissues. On this mudra, fingers are interlocked entrance of the guts which is claimed to open to new alternatives to the seeker and take away obstacles in life. For this reason it’s referred to as impediment remover mudra.

For meditation, Ganesha mudra is taken into account a good selection because it brings your focus fully to the middle of the physique i.e. coronary heart. On this method, it opens the guts chakra, and with open coronary heart chakra; love and compassion develop within the practitioner’s coronary heart.

How one can Do Ganesha Mudra Meditation

  • Are available seated meditation pose, lengthen your backbone, roll again shoulder and open the chest. Really feel the broadening of the chest space.
  • Now maintain your left hand at chest degree palm dealing with outward and in an analogous method, maintain your right-hand palm in entrance of the left hand.
  • Clasp the fingers of each fingers.
  • Pull each fingers in the other way; really feel a slight stress at shoulder degree.
  • After some time, cease pulling fingers and relaxation regular clasped finger place.

Whereas holding fingers within the clasped fingers, meditate on the guts chakra. One may chant the Ganesha Mantra (Om Gan Ganapataye Namah) for higher focus on this mudra.

affirmation to ganesha mudra meditation is;

I’m the inside consciousness, I establish with the common life-force inside, and it’s all that issues.


  • Improve metabolism & digestion
  • Ganesha mudra meditation boosts self-confidence by opening the guts chakra.
  • Reliefs from neck and shoulder ache
  • Will increase the lung capability
gyan mudra for meditation

Gyan mudra is most practiced meditation hand mudra. When fingers are occurred to be in Gyan mudra, the meditation turns into simpler. As its title is, Gyana known as to the supreme information one may attain by meditation. It expands the horizon of absorbing information within the state of deep meditation.

The explanation for being Gyan mudras’ most used for meditation may be very easy; it balances the air aspect in our physique. The air aspect performs an essential function in stabilizing the thoughts (air is in comparison with the thoughts’s thought). When air aspect occurred in its balanced state, the thoughts turns into simpler to manage; therefore it’s most used for meditation.

How one can Do Gyan Mudra Meditation

  • Sit in a cross-legged posture and align again of head with the backbone. If not comfy sitting cross-legged, sit with straight again on a chair.
  • Roll your shoulders again and convey your fingers on the knees; palms dealing with up.
  • Be part of index finger of each fingers with respective thumb tip, making uniform circle with thumb and index finger.
  • Maintain the opposite three fingers prolonged straight or loosen in a relaxed method.

For meditation functions, fingers in Gyan mudra, deliver your consciousness on the base of the backbone to root chakra. Respiration must be mild. Holding fingers on this mudra, when you may be in a deep meditative state, you’ll observe lightness within the physique.


  • Gyan mudra meditation improves reminiscence and enhances the standard of inventive pondering
  • It’s helpful in insomnia, diabetes, Alzheimer, and situation like hypopituitarism
  • Gyan mudra meditation regulates endocrine glands secretion so additionally controls hypertension.
karana mudra
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One of many widespread hand gestures of Buddha, Karana mudra is a well-liked Buddhist meditation mudra. Gautam Buddha statue is mostly seen meditating on this mudra. The fingers in Karana mudra reveals the expelling of negativity from one’s coronary heart.

Utilizing karna mudra in meditation practices is extensively used tibetan buddhism. Buddhist contemplate by placing fingers on this mudra, they will harness inside peace inside and attain the very best stage of life as buddha.

How one can Do Karana Mudra Meditation

  • Deliver your proper hand to the chest degree.
  • Place it both vertically or horizontally opening the palm ahead.
  • Flex your center and ring finger in the direction of the middle of the palm.
  • Bend thumb inwards to carry down the flexed fingers.
  • Straighten the index and little finger then prolong them upward.
  • Place the left hand on the left knee with palm dealing with up.

For meditation, it’s finest suggested to follow Karana mudra with balancing respiration like Sama Vritti pranayama. Utilizing affirmation can improve the meditation effectivity whereas holding fingers on this mudra;

  • With inhalation – Might obstacles be eliminated.
  • With exhalation – Might detrimental vitality be thwarted.


  • Karana mudra meditation clears the detrimental chatter from the thoughts
  • Working towards this mudra retains negativity away from you
  • It brings fearlessness to the thoughts


Meditation is the follow to search out your peaceable area on the earth of stress, anxiousness and workload. By involvement of hand mudras together with the meditation follow, you possibly can take your peaceable area to the following degree.

Mudras on being practiced proper and for period, allow you to domesticate nice experiences loaded with mindfulness, serenity. This additional develops psychological stamina, which immunizes towards the havoc of right this moment’s busy life-style.

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