Engineered tissue grafts for temporomandibular joint regeneration

Scientists have engineered tissue grafts that, in pigs, regenerated each bone and cartilage within the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), part of the jaw that may trigger debilitating ache and incapacity when broken.

The outcomes characterize a stride towards a safer and more practical intervention for sufferers with TMJ problems, which have an effect on roughly 10 million folks within the U.S. alone. The TMJ routinely experiences excessive hundreds as a result of its complexity and involvement in varied jaw actions, and might develop harm from congenital defects, traumatic accidents, and arthritis.

TMJ problems could be a large burden on high quality of life – inflicting signs corresponding to jaw ache and problem chewing – and within the worst instances can solely be repaired with surgical procedures. Nevertheless, surgical interventions are imprecise and contain a number of operations; different remedies, together with medical implants and steroid injections, could cause uncomfortable side effects corresponding to allergy symptoms or can’t present everlasting reduction. David Chen and colleagues took a unique method the place they engineered tissue grafts that, in contrast to earlier bone-focused designs, can restore each cartilage and bone throughout the ramus-condyle unit of the TMJ.

The researchers grew their cartilage-bone grafts utilizing a number of bioreactor designs over 5 weeks after which implanted the grafts into the TMJs of pigs. The grafts remained intact 6 months after transplantation, and boosted the regeneration of TMJ tissue extra successfully than different graft designs that would solely restore bone. “Total, this research resulted in a promising method to large-scale joint reconstruction utilizing viable tissues and opens a number of avenues of investigation,” Chen et al. write.


Journal reference:

Chen, D., (2020) Tissue engineered autologous cartilage-bone grafts for temporomandibular joint regeneration. Science Translational Medication.

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