Eucalyptus Oil For Colds and Flu

Just lately I got here down with a chilly, flu, and a few heavy chest congestion. My 8-year daughter additionally turned sick.

One of many Pure Cures I used was Eucalyptus Oil, which helped to scale back the chest congestion and the signs of the flu.

Herbalists use this oil to deal with colds, coughs, and different respiratory illnesses. Eucalyptus helps to loosen phlegm and enhance lung operate.

The energetic ingredient in eucalyptus oil is cineol or euclyptol.

The oil is a nice decongestant and has sturdy germicidal and antibacterial results. Another makes use of for Eucalyptus are pores and skin issues, muscle, and nerve ache. It has been used as diuretic, and to decrease blood sugar.

This is how I take advantage of this oil to assist me when I’ve a chilly with cough and chest congestion. Simply earlier than bedtime, I rub the oil on my chest and throat. Then I wrap a fabric round my neck to maintain it heat and to assist the eucalyptus to penetrate the pores and skin.

When you have EMU oil, you possibly can add a drop or two of EMU to the eucalyptus oil to assist it penetrate your pores and skin sooner and deeper. EMU oil has the property of penetrating the pores and skin and transferring deep into your tissues and to hold every other substances which might be combine with it into the pores and skin.

I take advantage of loads of eucalyptus oil within the rub, however a few of you may react to it so simply rub just a little to see it you’ll be OK with it. In the event you use eucalyptus oil with different oils, it turns into much less irritating.

Eucalyptus oil may also be utilized in a steam inhalation to assist with colds or flu.You may also combine eucalyptus with tea tree oil and therapeutic massage your chest and again when you will have the flu.

You may also combine eucalyptus with thyme, rosemary and lemon and diffuse it into the room when you’re sick with the flu or chilly.

Solely use eucalyptus for the time have to clear you chilly. Lengthy-term use of this oil has an impact on the liver.

Don’t use eucalyptus oil on kids below 6 years.

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