Fibromyalgia,Endometriosis, Hysterectomy – What is the Connection?

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Fibromyalgia; Endometriosis; Hysterectomy – What is the Connection?


Having Fibromyalgia & Endometriosis & Hysterectomy feels like a painful mixture and it’s. Latest research has discovered that girls who are suffering from Endometriosis are additionally extra more likely to get identified with Fibromyalgia properly.

Fibromyalgia causes widespread ache within the tendons, ligaments, and muscle mass, together with excessive fatigue. Sadly, the trigger is unknown and subsequently, solely the signs may be handled. It’s not a progressive or deadly situation and there are self-care steps you could take to enhance how you’re feeling.

Endometriosis however is a situation the place the liner of the uterus grows outdoors of it onto different organs. These can embrace the ligaments that maintain the womb in place, ovaries and fallopian tubes, again of the uterus, between the vagina and rectum, bladder in addition to different elements of the pelvic cavity. One of the many ways in which Endometriosis is handled is by having a hysterectomy. This then turns into the hyperlink between having Fibromyalgia & Endometriosis & getting a Hysterectomy.

The query most girls identified with each of those circumstances ask is ‘what’s the connection between the 2?’ In 2002 an examination was performed by the Endometriosis Affiliation and George Washington College during which 3,680 ladies have been studied. All these ladies had been surgically identified with Endometriosis. The examination sought to seek out out if Endometriosis was in any means related to different problems affecting the immune system.

The invention was that girls affected by Endometriosis have been over 100 instances extra more likely to endure persistent fatigue syndrome and twice more likely to have Fibromyalgia than ladies who didn’t have the situation. Of the ladies examined, 20% had two or extra different circumstances and of these, 31% both have Power fatigue syndrome or Fibromyalgia.


Medical doctors are nonetheless unable to grasp the connection between Fibromyalgia & Endometriosis & Hysterectomy. Nonetheless, they’re inspired to search for Endometriosis within the sufferers they’ve who are suffering from Fibromyalgia or persistent fatigue syndrome.

Ladies struggling with these circumstances have persistent pelvic ache which may be identified by taking the affected person’s historical past and finishing up a bodily examination. This could embrace an examination of the stomach, hips, decrease again and an inner examination of the pelvis. Lab assessments to test the white blood cell depend must also be included. A laparoscopy might also be useful to find out the reason for the ache particularly with Endometriosis and different persistent pelvic inflammatory circumstances.

One of many methods to deal with Endometriosis and even persistent pelvic ache attributable to Fibromyalgia is by having a hysterectomy. This could ideally be a radical hysterectomy with the ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes and the ligaments supporting these being eliminated.

Due to the good ache related to each Fibromyalgia and Endometriosis, psychological counseling could also be wanted to assist address the ache. This entails one on one conferences with a counselor, group remedy, native or on-line help, and the usage of rest strategies to ease ache and calm down your muscle mass. In this fashion, the trauma of residing with Fibromyalgia and Endometriosis and having a Hysterectomy may be overcome.


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