French Phrases – What’s a Depanneur?

On this article, I’m going to be presenting some cultural data on French Canada, particularly region-specific vocabulary that I hope one can find attention-grabbing. There are lots of French phrases and phrases which can be Canadian in taste, so let’s begin studying!

In Quebec, there’s a phrase that folks love so dearly that the English in Quebec have adopted it.

It’s… DEPANNEUR I am critical! In Quebec, English individuals say they will the dep or the depanneur pronounced (dep-ugh-ner) in English.

A depanneur is a precise translation of the time period comfort retailer in English… You recognize, the place the place you seize a few of this and a little bit of that. Form of an emergency backup when you possibly can’t or really feel too lazy to drive to the grocery store Walmart to do all of your low cost buying!

In a depanneur, one can find a number of cochonneries – which implies junk meals in addition to that means silly stuff/playing around (betises in Customary French).

It comes from the phrase cochon or pig in English – fairly intelligent no?

Let me offer you a number of examples:

Arrete de faire des cochonneries!

Cease – of – to do – some-pigstuff! <– GLOSS means a flowery linguistic time period for a literal translation

“Cease horsing round!”

Manger des cochonneries nuit a la sante.

To eat – some – pigstuff – harms-to-the-health

“Consuming junk meals is unhealthy on your well being.”

What’s additionally attention-grabbing is once you look carefully on the verb depanner – that means to assist out/to get somebody out of hassle, you possibly can see that it appears to be like remarkably much like the phrase depanneur. It is because verb and nouns in French, identical to in English, are inclined to share a typical root – on this case – depanne. You possibly can most likely see now how the that means of those two phrases are associated and the place Quebeckers (Quebecois) get their phrase for comfort retailer from. That is proper, you go there when you find yourself in a pickle and have to get pulled out of hassle.

Fairly often, there shall be a extra worldwide number of a region-specific phrase, and that is what we typically name Customary French. The Customary French equivalents for depanneur are superette and chez l’arabe (actually that means the Arab’s place, which I suppose is a bit racist however probably not thought of so anymore. In France’s historical past, it was often the Arabs that acted as shopkeepers for les cochonneries, however as of late it is only a colloquial time period.

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