Headstand (Sirsasana): Easy methods to Do, Variations, Advantages

headstand (sirshasana)
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Isn’t it nice in the event you can flip your getting caught scenario upside-down to have a revolved perspective? Related are the consequences of the headstand which is a complicated yoga inversion pose.

The restorative advantages of the headstand to the nervous system makes it probably the most invaluable follow in yoga. Yogis usually discuss with it because the King of all asanas as a result of it boosts the mind’s capability, i.e. as efficient to a physique as a king to its empire.

Headstand is a difficult hatha yoga asana the place the physique is inverted and balanced on the pinnacle and forearms. Right here, the pinnacle lies beneath the center, i.e. reverse of the same old physique posture or any standing asana like tadasana.

In addition to steadiness, energy, and alignment, pleasure is an indispensable component to carry out Headstand offering soothing results. Go on additional to seek out out its advantages, variations, and follow suggestions.

Which means

In Sanskrit, Headstand is called Sirsasana composed of the next root phrases:

  • “Sirsa” means “head”
  • “Asana” refers to “posture”

It’s assumed by standing on the crown of the pinnacle whereas legs are lifted in opposition to the gravity, therefore the identify.

The inversion of the physique to carry sirsasana inverts and modifies the move and strain of the blood. In response to a change within the blood circulation, the physique reacts by bringing steadiness in several physique programs.

Headstand is all about bringing leisure, gentleness, and playfulness. Thus, the headstand pose gives grounding results and improves the physiology of the practitioner.

Headstand Observe Information

headstand practice guide
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  • Keep away from trying Headstand pose in case of again or neck harm.
  • Don’t follow it if you’re affected by blood strain.
  • Ladies should keep away from this pose throughout being pregnant and menstruation.
  • Cardiac sufferers should keep away from this pose.
  • Individuals with osteoporosis should keep away from this pose.
  • Sufferers with glaucoma or different eye considerations ought to skip this follow.

Preparatory Poses

Easy methods to Do Headstand

  1. Start with sitting in Vajrasana and overlap your arms by inserting the arms on the alternate higher arms.
  2. Lean ahead to take your elbows to the bottom in the identical place.
  3. Launch your arms from the higher arms and produce them nearer.
  4. Clasp the fingers in order that the forearms are positioned on the ground forming a triangle.
  5. Place the crown of your head on the cupped arms.
  6. Raise your hips, curl your toes, and straighten your knees.
  7. Stroll your toes in the direction of your head till the hips lie above the shoulders.
  8. Deliver your proper knee into your chest adopted by the left.
  9. Squeeze your knees along with the toes lifted off the ground.
  10. Maintain this pose for a number of seconds taking relaxed breaths.
  11. Inhale, increase your legs to the sky lengthening the tail bone.
  12. Focus your gaze on a hard and fast level at your eye stage and take deep-relaxed breaths.
  13. Keep within the inverted pose so long as comfy.
  14. Launch by bending the knees in the direction of the hips one by one urgent the navel to the backbone.
  15. Press the knees in opposition to the chest and maintain the pose for some time.
  16. Gently deliver your toes to the ground, take a breathe in, and stroll the toes out.
  17. Exhale decreasing the knees to the ground and launch onto the tops of your toes as in a toddler’s pose.
  18. Launch your arms and slowly straighten your backbone by lifting the tucked chin finally.

Comply with-up poses

Chill out your physique and provides it time to regain the conventional blood move. You possibly can lean barely backward opening the chest and bringing the palms on the again of the mat with fingers pointing ahead.

Then calm down in Youngster’s pose adopted by corpse pose (shavasana).


There are lots of well being dangers related to the headstand carried out incorrectly. Subsequently preserve the next factors in thoughts earlier than and whereas stepping into it:

  • Draw your shoulders away from the ears to keep away from compressing the pinnacle and neck.
  • To keep away from the autumn, make sure the hips don’t transfer behind your shoulders.
  • Preserve the core engaged all through the follow and don’t get out the pure curve of the backbone.
  • If you’re working towards it in opposition to a wall, don’t lean on it. Keep a distance of 2-Three inches between the wall and inserting the arms on the ground for the inspiration.
  • Take your time to seek out the correct spot on the pinnacle earlier than inserting it on the ground.
  • Don’t widen the elbows greater than the shoulders width.

Newbie’s Suggestions

  • Whereas clasping the arms on the ground preserve the information of the little fingers joined. It will type a steady base for the pinnacle.
  • Type a cushiony background round you utilizing folded blankets or cushions in order that in case you fall you gained’t get harm.
  • Curl your index, center, and ring fingers in the direction of the palm holding the thumb and little fingers prolonged in reverse instructions. Place the thumb between the eyebrows and lengthen your little finger to the pinnacle. The purpose the place it touches on the pinnacle is the proper touchdown spot.
  • At first, it’s regular to follow close to a wall to beat the concern of falling however regularly improve the gap between the wall and also you.


1. Supported headstand Pose (Salamba Sirsasana)

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On this variation the pinnacle just isn’t cupped on the within of the arms.

  • Start within the cat pose adopted by inserting the pinnacle between the arms.
  • Draw the arms again in the direction of the knees adopted by lifting the knees off the ground.
  • The arms are positioned on the ground to steadiness in inversion and the elbows are saved bent.
  • From right here, strolling the toes upward and additional steps stay the identical as the unique pose.

2. Unsupported headstand pose (Niralamba Sirshasana)

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On this variation, all the physique weight is balanced by the pinnacle with out the assist of the arms, therefore the identify.

  • For this, begin with marjariasana after which unfold the arms straight in the direction of the knees with palms going through up.
  • Raise the knees and stroll the toes in the direction of the chest adopted by lifting the legs urgent the wrists in opposition to the ground.

3. Sure arms headstand pose

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  • Right here, the arms are folded in entrance of the chest grabbing the higher arms with alternate arms.
  • Deliver the folded arms and elbows to a folded blanket on the bottom.
  • Place the crown of the pinnacle on the ground past the arms in order that brow lies simply behind the forearms.
  • Elevate the knees and straighten the legs and each time prepared urgent the forearms to the ground carry the legs to come back into inversion.

4. Aspect headstand pose

  • This pose may be assumed in continuation with the unique headstand as soon as the latter is efficiently achieved.
  • After attaining the headstand pose, turning the trunk and legs to both facet balancing sideways.
  • The pinnacle and hand place stays intact.

5. Revolved one-legged headstand pose

  • After stepping into the headstand, cut up your legs by shifting the correct leg ahead and the left leg backward.
  • Now, twist the trunk rotating the legs in order that it appears twisting in the direction of the left facet.
  • Repeat these steps switching the legs and facet of twisting.
  • The pinnacle, neck, and arms stay undisturbed.

6. Headstand pose lotus leg

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  • As soon as the steadiness has been established within the headstand.
  • Steadily, fold the legs into padmasana.
  • Maintain this last pose with folded legs balancing within the inversion.

7. One-legged headstand

  • Observe headstand with steadiness then regularly decrease the correct leg to the ground.
  • The toes of the correct leg contact the ground whereas the left leg stays lifted vertically.
  • That is adopted by switching the legs.

8. Sideways-one legged headstand

  • This can be a harder model as after the headstand one leg is lowered to the ground sideways.
  • The decrease leg is saved in step with the pinnacle on the ground, whereas, the opposite leg stays lifted.

9. Half headstand pose

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  • It’s assumed by coming to all-fours and inserting the crown on the ground between arms.
  • That is adopted by lifting the knees and hips.
  • Shift the load on the pinnacle and toes.
  • Steadily take the arms behind the again clasping the arms.
  • Lastly, increase the hips as excessive as attainable tipping the toes on the ground.

Therapeutic Advantages

  1. Headstand pose and its variations are helpful within the prevention of bronchial asthma.
  2. It’s therapeutic in curing diabetes .
  3. The pose may be practiced to alleviate complications and migraines.
  4. Any dysfunction of the reproductive system may be healed with the headstand follow.
  5. Headstand can be helpful to eradicate menopausal imbalances and signs.
  6. It relaxes the nervous system thus cures stress and nervousness.
  7. It additionally turns out to be useful in case of any glandular or hormonal points.

Headstand Advantages

1. Improves blood circulation

The inversion within the physique provides the blood in the direction of the pinnacle and adjustments the move and strain. It improves the center functioning with the pinnacle and eyes receiving sufficient blood provide.

2. Strengthen the backbone

Headstand pose improves the posture of the backbone and strengthens the again muscular tissues. It improves spinal flexibility and realigns the vertebral column.

3. Construct core energy

This yogic posture makes use of the core muscular tissues to uplift the legs in opposition to gravity and these muscular tissues stay engaged all through the follow. This helps in strengthening the core and enhancing endurance.

4. Stimulates endocrine gland

Whereas performing the headstand the pituitary gland (grasp gland) is activated. Therefore all the opposite glands are additionally stimulated sustaining the hormonal move inside the physique.

5. Enhances lungs effectivity

Because of the inverted place of the physique, the stomach organs pressurize the diaphragm. It will increase the exhalation price thus eradicating carbon dioxide and purifying the lungs. The elimination of poisons from the lungs makes them environment friendly.


Headstand is a difficult pose however life is all about overcoming your fears and going through them head-on.

Making an attempt this posture will function an ideal starting to beat the obstacles. In addition to this, it really works on bettering all 4 cardiovascular, lymphatic, nervous, and endocrine programs.

If you’re a newbie strive the essential headstand pose in the present day with correct security and sustaining enjoyable. Even the skilled practitioner can use the above follow information to strive the variations and get immense well being advantages.

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