Holi Colours: A Risk to Your Stunning Eyes

It is Holi not far away and one can already see loads of colours floating within the air. It is the time of festivities, pleasure, and togetherness however aside from including colours to the competition, Holi gulal additionally carries with it the chemical compounds that it possesses. These chemical compounds in gulal powder can really blur your entire flavour of the competition if the Holi colours enter our delicate eyes. Eyes being probably the most inclined components of our physique can severely get affected because of the chemical compounds current in synthetic gulal powder. As an example, the synthetic inexperienced gulal utilized in Holi is derived from copper sulphate. If this chemical makes entry into your stunning eyes, it may well trigger eye allergy, non permanent blindness and conjunctivitis (pink eye). Let’s focus on about these eye allergic reactions intimately.

Non permanent Blindness

Enjoying Holi with artificial inexperienced gulal powder may cause non permanent blindness if the color enters your eyes. Non permanent blindness or fleeting blindness is a sudden lack of imaginative and prescient or blurred imaginative and prescient for a while. A grey patch comes earlier than the retina thereby blocking the sight. Non permanent blindness on account of gulal powder can final for a couple of minutes, few hours or will be even extended to a lifetime. It’s a critical medical situation and shouldn’t be ignored or there needs to be no delay within the remedy as it may well result in everlasting lack of sight. Other than Holi gulal, sprays or mace may cause non permanent blindness. The short solution to do away with this situation is to clean off your eyes with chilly water. Washing it rapidly will defend you towards shedding sight.

Eye Allergy

There’s a typical type of eye allergy that one experiences after enjoying Holi. It is nothing however the after results of enjoying Holi with chemical based mostly colours. Eye allergy signs embody redness of the attention, itching, tearing, burning, stinging, and watery discharge. Eyelids expertise burning sensation and one may really feel blurred imaginative and prescient too. The impact of Holi gulal lingers even after you’re accomplished with enjoying Holi. The longer it stays within the eye, better would be the harm to the eyes. As soon as the colour enters your eyes, you possibly can rapidly wash it off with chilly water. It will get the chemical particles out of your eyes and your eyes will be saved.

Chemical substances in Holi Gulal

Sadly, a lot of the artificial Holi gulal include dangerous chemical compounds today. These chemical compounds embody heavy metals, acids, alkalis and powdered glass. Black Holi shade incorporates lead oxide, inexperienced gulal incorporates copper sulphate, whereas purple Holi shade incorporates mercury sulphite. All these chemical compounds are extremely poisonous for human well being and may trigger pores and skin allergic reactions, eye irritation, most cancers, non permanent blindness and far more. Many artificial Holi gulal are made with a base of asbestos talc, chalk powder or silica. Asbestos is a kind of human carcinogen which will get collected within the physique tissue and may trigger most cancers. The water colours utilized in Holi are made with an alkaline base that may trigger extreme accidents. If these Holi colours enter the eyes, it may well result in lack of imaginative and prescient. Many water colors have an alkaline base able to inflicting extreme accidents. If it enters the eyes, it may well pose a fantastic hazard to the imaginative and prescient.

A Pure Resolution

One of the best ways to keep away from these artificial Holi colours is to go for pure Holi gulal which can be made out of naturally extracted components like flowers, herbs, leaves, and so forth. These pure and natural colours don’t pose any menace to human well being and are eco-friendly too. These pure Holi colours won’t ever fade away the attraction of the competition and can hold you protected towards all kind of well being risks. You may simply discover pure Holi gulal at numerous on-line shops and if in case you have sufficient time, you possibly can even put together these colours at house and benefit from the competition with no worries in any respect.

So HAPPY HOLI to all and hold the protection on the precedence.

Supply by Nishtha Singh

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