How a Skilled Juggler Cured His Rotator Cuff Damage

Let’s begin this off with an understatement: Tearing a rotator cuff is a drag!

It’s such a typical explanation for ache and incapacity within the grownup inhabitants that it was solely a matter of time till it was my flip.

However as an expert juggler, I wasn’t able to put my balls away fairly but.

The rotator cuff is made up of 4 muscle groups and their tendons. These mix to type a “cuff” over the higher finish of the arm. The rotator cuff helps to raise and rotate the arm and to stabilize the ball of the shoulder inside the joint. Which implies for those who use your arms loads to, oh, I do not know – juggle – beware. Overhead actions, repetitive movement, traumatic motion – all take their toll on this mild piece of anatomy.

Danger Components/Prevention

A rotator cuff tear is commonest in lively adults who’re over 40. It might happen in youthful sufferers following acute trauma or repetitive overhead work or sports activities exercise. Widespread exceptions to the over-40 rule embody:

* Staff who do overhead actions equivalent to portray, stocking cabinets or development

* Athletes equivalent to swimmers, pitchers and tennis gamers

A cuff tear can also occur with one other damage to the shoulder, equivalent to a fracture or dislocation, however that is much less frequent.


Acute ache normally follows trauma equivalent to a lifting damage or a fall on the affected arm. Extra generally, the onset is gradual and could also be attributable to put on and degeneration of the tendon. It’s possible you’ll really feel ache within the entrance of your shoulder that radiates down the aspect of your arm.

At first the ache could also be delicate and solely current with overhead actions equivalent to reaching or lifting. It might be relieved by over-the-counter remedy equivalent to aspirin or ibuprofen. Over time the ache might grow to be noticeable at relaxation or with no exercise in any respect.

I had extreme signs when mendacity on my proper aspect at evening.

Different signs might embody stiffness and lack of movement. You could have issue utilizing your arm to achieve overhead to comb your hair (you are fortunate for those who nonetheless have hair to comb – wasn’t an issue for me) or issue putting your arm behind your again to string your belt. When the tear happens with an damage, there could also be sudden acute ache, a snapping sensation and a right away weak point of the arm.

Earlier than the Knife

Do your studying! There are some wonderful sources accessible that may assist many individuals with rotator cuff ache. On my web site I’ve hyperlinks to articles and books which stored me off the working desk – and I’m feeling higher than new.

Supply by Barry Friedman

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