How one can Know When You Are Allergic to Your Girlfriend

Generally a person can really feel further delicate to his associate. In uncommon circumstances, that is truly true and it may be stated that he’s allergic to his associate. After intercourse males can escape into rashes, hives and itching which might be localized both on the penis pores and skin or on numerous different components of the physique. For some males this can be a minor irritation and in others it is a main well being subject. Penis-specific nutritional vitamins and minerals, pores and skin crèmes, and allergy testing can go an extended method to restoring sexual concord. In some circumstances a person could must keep away from contact together with his associate for prolonged intervals of time or throughout sure occasions of the month. If signs persists then go to your healthcare practitioner at once.


The signs skilled could fluctuate, however ought to often start throughout or immediately after private contact with a associate. Signs could embody:

  • itching
  • irritation
  • swelling
  • ache
  • hives

If the irritation or itching is power, it might not be an allergic response in any respect however a situation referred to as balanitis; a type of contact dermatitis that impacts the penis. If there’s discharge coming from the penis then an infection from micro organism, viruses or yeast can be a risk. If signs turn out to be worse or progress to the purpose the place respiration turns into tough and/or the irritation spreads then search medical consideration instantly.


In 2005 the Each day Mail revealed a information report regarding a person who was recognized as being allergic to his girlfriend. After ruling out numerous pores and skin merchandise docs decided that his physique was producing antibodies to specific hormones in his girlfriend’s pores and skin and bodily fluids, throughout specific occasions of the month when her hormones had been altering. Nevertheless this kind of allergy is extraordinarily uncommon and within the majority of circumstances the response could also be attributable to one thing else totally. Lubricants, spermicidal gel, latex, skincare merchandise, soaps, deodorants, perfumes, shampoos and laundry detergents are all attainable allergens.

The issue can also be a meals allergy. Medical doctors from St Helier Hospital in England revealed a case research in 2007 of a lady who was allergic to Brazil nuts and would expertise pores and skin reactions after having intercourse along with her associate. Curiously, it was not solely the seminal fluid she reacted to but in addition the sweat and hair of her associate. Though this was a case of a lady with an allergy to her male associate, it’s after all attainable for a person to expertise an allergy to meals proteins in a feminine associate’s bodily fluids and tissues.


Treating a person who’s allergic to his girlfriend is just not simple. If the issue is hormonally associated and interacts negatively together with his girlfriend’s cycle the signs of allergic reactions might be virtually fully averted by lowering bodily contact through the days of the month when hormones are fluctuating. Utilizing polyurethane condoms, and switching to low-allergenic skincare merchandise meant for delicate pores and skin, can also assist significantly.

Nevertheless if the response stems from foodstuffs the girlfriend is consuming it will not make any distinction which merchandise are eradicated or what days of the month you spend collectively. Allergy exams akin to hair evaluation, pores and skin pricks and EAV electro-acupuncture testing might be very efficient in diagnosing meals allergic reactions, sensitivities and intolerances.

Well being Crème

Well being crèmes are pure merchandise that may assist to deal with irritation, itching, hives and allergic reactions on the penis pores and skin. Containing pure nutritional vitamins, antioxidants and oils that profit tissue integrity and immune well being, well being crèmes might be utilized to hurry the restoration of pores and skin cells and will calm hypersensitive tissues. Specialist formulation (most professionals advocate Man1Man Oil) include vitamin C as a pure anti-histamine and immune help, vitamin E as an anti-inflammatory, alpha lipoic acid for penis nerve well being and shea butter for anti-inflammatory and wound therapeutic properties.

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