How To Do Hatha Yoga, 5 Advantages

How To Do Hatha Yoga, 5 AdvantagesHatha Yoga

Yoga, primarily, is the union of ideas, physique, spirit: the oneness. The utility that helps one to appreciate yoga is like quite a few paths that every one end in the similar trip spot. Sage Patanjali outlined the path to yoga as Raja Yoga: the penultimate learns the best way to; throughout the Yoga sutras, explaining the self-discipline of engaged on non-public and social pointers of conduct that end in asana apply, pranayama: to subtler practices that lastly end in moksha (salvation) and Kaivalya (solitude or detachment).

Hatha Yoga, And Benefits

In completely different phrases, one has to begin out with engaged on the ideas first. This, as everybody is aware of is simply not very easy. And it was merely the case with the ancestral yogis and the Hatha Yoga path was derived, a system of yoga which understood that it’d be so much less complicated to work on the physique and get it to take heed to you (or handle it) in its place of spending irritating time getting the ideas to succumb to 1’s human attempt at administration.
The Hatha method is to maneuver from gross to delicate options of the physique and inevitably, an earnest practitioner would discover that Yamas and Niyamas are important to the Raja yoga path, regardless that they aren’t enforced as a preparatory step of Hatha, are all intertwined at every step. One key differentiator of Hatha Yoga is the preparatory part of working with the physique (the foremost gross side) – and that options not merely asana however moreover Shatkarmas -cleansing practices that put collectively the physique, the temple, as the muse for deeper work.
Lastly, the entire limbs of Ratanjah’s ashtanga yoga mix themselves in Hath yoga too; and the practitioner is on his method within the course of Raja Yoga.
In Bhagwat Gita: “Samatvam Yogamuchyate’. The balanced mind-set is named Yoga.
Tarn Vidyaat Dukha Sam yoga viyogaha yoga sanjitam. Detachment from the entire strings of causes of dukkha is named Yoga.
The completely completely different colleges of yoga are

Bhakti yoga

Gnana yoga

Karma yoga

Naada yoga

Mantra yoga

Laya yoga

Hatha yoga

Raja yoga

Out of all these, for gaining administration or for attaining a balanced state of physique and ideas, Hatha Yoga and Raja yoga are thought-about supreme.
Hatha Yoga vis-a-vis Raja Yoga- resolving the dichotomy ‘Ha’ means the photo voltaic and ‘Tha’ means the moon. Yoga means to combine. This pair can even be described as a result of the shakti, or female, the cool current which travels by way of the Ida Nadi, and the ideas, or male, scorching current which travels by way of the Pingala Nadi. When their union takes place throughout the central channel (sushumna nadi); it is the union of physique and ideas, and that’s the awakening of higher consciousness. The information Hatayoga Pradipika written by the Nath Yogi Swatmarama in 1350 gives adequate information regarding quite a few tantric and yogic practices.
Raja Yoga is the school propounded by Patanjali. That’s moreover known as Ashtanga Yoga as a result of it primarily consists of the entire yama aadi, eight Angas, or parts inside it. These are the gathering of 196 yoga sutras.Hatha Yoga
Hatha yoga primarily concentrates on the administration or siddhi of the physique whereas Raja yoga advocates the administration of every the physique and the ideas. Patanjali Maharshi was of the opinion that if the Yama and Niyama fail throughout the preliminary stage, then the extra kriyas like asana, Dharana, dhyana, and samadhi are unattainable to achieve.
However, the dichotomy of Hatha Yoga and Raja yoga is resolved throughout the following quotation;

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