Magic Rabbit Craft Thought for a Magic Celebration

Loads of magicians have the traditional trick of pulling a rabbit out of a hat, however you’ll be able to create one at your magic occasion. This can be a nice craft for these magicians who’re simply beginning out of their profession discipline and do not but have a stay rabbit of their very own!

Magic Rabbit

For this Magic occasion craft merchandise you may want the next provides; any undesirable CD, white acrylic paint, black, white and pink felt, 1 massive white pompom. 6 tiny pink pompoms and 1 small pink pompom, googly eye buttons, whiskers or black embroidery floss, craft glue and a magnet.

Start your Magic bunny by tracing the CD onto the black felt. Subsequent you may paint the CD white and let it dry. Hint a spherical face, two paws, two toes and two ears onto the white felt. Keep in mind these items can be connected to the CD, so hold relative measurement in thoughts. Lower out.

Within the pink felt, lower out two pink items, smaller than the white ear shapes, and glue in place because the interior ears. From right here you may glue the ears to the again of the spherical circle for the magic rabbit’s face. Then, glue the whiskers (black embroidery floss) to the edges of the face. Glue on the pink pompom for the nostril. Add the attention buttons to the face.

Lastly, glue the toes to the underside of the CD and place the big white pompom between for the tail. Connect three of the tiny pink pompoms to the information or the highest ends of every of the toes to function toes. Glue the paws to the higher outdoors edges of the CD. Voila!

You’ve got simply accomplished a Magic Rabbit to tug out of the magician’s hat at your occasion. You may as well get some black felt to chop into the form of a easy stovepipe hat for the magic rabbit. Make it sufficiently small to position on the rabbit’s head or have the rabbit holding in certainly one of his paws.

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