Mayurasana (Peacock Pose): The way to Do, Newbies Ideas, Advantages

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Sanskrit Pronunciation Mayurasana
(mah my-yur-AHS-anna)
That means Mayur = Peacock / asana = pose
Pose Kind Arm Balancing and Ahead Bending
Pose Degree Superior pose
Stretches Stomach Muscle mass, hips, thighs, neck, wrist, palms, forearms, and shoulder, glutes, buttocks
Different Names Peacock Pose, Mayurasana
Mayurasana Data

Mayurasana, the yoga pose named on peacock, is a complicated degree arm balancing pose. Among the many 15 asanas of Hatha Yoga, mayurasana is likely one of the non-seated poses. It’s carried out by lifting the physique on elbows urgent in opposition to the stomach within the inclined place.

Practising Mayurasana is greatest thought of to profit the stomach muscle tissue, shoulder, and again muscle tissue. It additionally acts as a detoxifier and vitality booster for the physique. On the psychological degree, Mayurasana harness consideration, and willpower when holding for an extended interval.

The upright place in Mayurasana calms the whole nervous system. This additional provides to the coordination from varied physique elements in the course of the observe and impacts the entire physique bodily and psychologically.

Mayurasana That means & Significance

In Mayurasana, ‘Mayur‘ means ‘Peacock‘ and ‘Asana‘ means ‘Pose‘. The practitioner’s palms within the remaining place of this asana appear to be the toes of a standing peacock and lifted legs looks like feathers of the Peacock. The entire physique is available in a dancing peacock-like place on this pose, so it’s known as “Peacock Pose”.

In Hinduism, Peacock is related to Indra, or the ‘God of Thunder and Rain’, who causes rain and nourishes the earth. On this regard, Peacocks are stated to be Harbinger ( one who offers an anticipatory signal of what’s to come back) of rain – by performing a dance to have fun the arrival of the ‘Rain’.

Significance of Mayurasana

Based on B.Ok.S Iyenger the common observe of Mayurasana “tones up the stomach organs splendidly”, and that the elbow strain on the stomach aorta (the artery that carries blood) made blood flow into “correctly within the stomach organs”.

He claimed additional that the pose improved digestion, cured abdomen and spleen sicknesses, and prevented “toxins” from accumulating. He said additionally that mayurasana could be of profit to diabetes.

The Mayurasana is first described within the 10th century Vimanarcanakalpa. Within the 1.76-7 verse of Vasistha Samhita, Maayurasana is claimed to be the destroyer of all of the sins. Additionally it is talked about in one of many historical books known as ‘Hatha Yoga Pradipika‘.

Observe Information For Mayurasana

That is a straightforward step-by-step clarification for the protected observe of Mayurasana.


Previous to the observe of Mayurasana warning ought to be taken below the circumstances like Hernia, Hypertension, Menstruation, and Being pregnant. Practitioners also needs to keep away from observe in stomach surgical procedure and accidents of the wrist, shoulder, and again.

Preparatory Pose

The way to Do Mayurasana (Steps)

  • Start by coming into Vajrasana after which unfold your knees aside to arrange a spot in between them.
  • Now, lean your shoulder in a forwarding route to put your palms on the ground simply in entrance of you at a long way. Your fingers pointing your knees.
  • After that, agency your palms on the ground together with bending the elbows to relaxation your torso on the again a part of the higher hand. Additionally, hold your elbows across the navel area.
  • As you relaxation your torso on the higher hand, straight up your legs extending again and stability your physique on palms and toes, as much as right here.
  • From right here, have interaction your core to stiff your elbows in opposition to it after which lean a bit in a forwarding route to raise your legs. Flex your neck and gaze proper in entrance of the pose.
  • That is the ultimate place of the Mayurasana. Steadiness right here so long as it’s comfy and attempt to increase your legs up by participating core muscle tissue.
  • Now, launch the pose by dropping legs after which knees to the ground. Then, return to the vajrasana by bringing the torso up.

Comply with Up Poses


As a way to keep away from some frequent errors, these precautions ought to be consider whereas performing mayurasana;

  • Practitioners ought to carry out a brief stretch earlier than bending the elbows to activate the torso muscle tissue. This can forestall the probabilities of muscular damage as one leans into the posture.
  • One ought to keep away from lifting legs with a jerk whereas going into the ultimate place of Mayurasana. It’d end in falling by face on the ground, so, retains gradual and regular whereas leaning into the ultimate pose.
  • Elbows must be collectively or ought to be shut to one another with the intention to get grip on the engaged core muscle tissue. In any other case, swaying elbows disbalance the torso from its place.

Mayurasana Newbies Ideas

  • Holding your physique in Mayurasana engages places triceps brachii muscle tissue in eccentric contraction. It wants immense energy within the forearms and shoulder. So, learners with no historical past of asana observe ought to work on strengthening the tricep earlier than going into the peacock pose.
  • A practitioner with stomach fats and weak stomach muscle tissue would possibly face problem in participating core muscle tissue for mayurasana. Due to this fact, one ought to scale back stomach fats or strengthen core muscle to start the Mayurasana observe.
  • This asana is a difficult one and the expertise of ache whereas the observe is frequent if you’re not sufficient expert. So, learners ought to return instantly to the Vajrasana in such a scenario.

Props and Modifications

To ease the mayurasana for learners, one can all the time use the modified model of the pose by way of props. Listed below are some methods to make use of props to change mayurasana;

  • To keep away from swaying of the elbows within the remaining place of Mayurasana practitioners can wrap a strap round their elbows. This additional invigorates the inspiration of the pose.
  • In case of problem to maintain legs lifted in the course of the remaining pose, practitioners can use chair assist below their toes. They’ll additionally take assist from one other particular person to discover a stability within the pose.
  • Practitioners can place blocks below their palms. This offers a slight increase to the pose, which retains it in stability for an extended interval.


The Padma Mayurasana and Pungu Mayurasana Padmasana are superior variations of Mayurasana. The practitioners who need to increase the extent of problem of their observe can undergo these variations beneath;

1. Padma Mayurasana (Lotus in peacock pose)

padma mayurasana (lotus in peacock pose)
Picture: Canva

In Mayurasana, the legs stay straight and are flexed together with toes pointing within the again route. Whereas in Padma Mayurasana, the legs are folded in Padmasana and are supported by the core muscle tissue together with glutes and thighs engagement.

In Padma Mayurasana, the legs are folded to type a Padmasana. All the physique weight is supported over the palms, whereas the core muscle tissue and squeezed thighs are supporting the folded legs in Padmasana.

2. Pungu Mayurasana (Wounded Peacock Pose)

pungu padma mayurasana
Picture: [email protected]

Right here, the physique is supported by both hand whose elbow is tucked beside the navel area. The toes stay straight and balanced by core muscle tissue and one other hand stays within the air. Whereas, In Mayurasana, toes stay straight and elbows positioned across the navel in opposition to the core muscle tissue.

The Pungu Mayurasana is one other variation for the Mayurasana. Right here, the physique is relaxation upon a single hand the place the elbow relaxation beside the naval space. The toes stay straight and one other hand stays within the air within the forwarding route.

Mayurasana Advantages

The strain created by elbows in Mayurasana could stimulate the vagus nerve. Completely different advantages of Mayurasana together with the calming impact on the mind, cleansing, and enhanced digestion comes from its potential to stimulate the vagus nerve.

Therapeutic Advantages

  • In a examine paper Anatomical Clarification of “Mayurasana” , it’s defined, elbows on the stomach massages digestive organs. This ensures firming digestive organs and in addition improves functioning. Therefore, mayurasana overcome digestive illnesses like indigestion, constipation, and bloating.
  • The Mayurasana stimulates the Pancrease gland to secrete insulin hormone, which regulates blood glucose ranges within the blood. This in flip act as a therapeutic support to Diabetes and hyperglycemia in middle-aged sufferers .

1. Enhance Agility and Flexibility

Practising Mayurasana impacts the mind’s area just like the cerebellum and Frontal lobe. These areas are chargeable for fantastic motor motion, stability, and the mind’s potential to find out limb place. Based on one research , common observe of Mayurasana confirmed considerably
enchancment in agility and suppleness degree.

2. Strengthens Reproductive System

To maintain the mayurasana posture balanced, muscular contraction takes place on this pose. This contraction massages and tones up the reproductive system. This nourishes the organs and vitalizes them to operate on an optimum degree in women and men.

3. Helps in Detoxing

Based on one of many Analysis Mayurasana is an intensive yogic pose that enhances the physique’s metabolism in a while whereas being within the pose. This flushes out extra CO2 from the lungs and cleanses the pores and skin as we sweat within the asana. It additionally raises blood circulate selling higher circulation to pump white blood cells by means of the physique and assist organs cleanse themselves successfully.

4. Strengthens Musculoskeletal System

The superior degree of this asana makes it difficult sufficient that with common observe it could completely remodel the practitioner physique. The stress bear by the muscle tissue and bones whereas training Mayurasana makes them stronger and more durable. Therefore, strengthens the general musculoskeletal construction.

5. Useful in Annavaha Srotas (Gastro Intestinal Tract)

Manipur Chakra has management over a number of features of the digestive system which is even affected by psychosomatic problems .  It’s related to the facility of fireside and digestion which turn into stimulated on the common observe of Mayurasana. Therefore, useful in Annavaha Srotas or Gastro-Intestinal Tract.

Mayurasana observe is useful in regulating the features of Manipura Chakra which not directly influences Annavaha Srotas .

6. Soothes Nervous System

The common observe of Mayurasana prompts the Sympathetic Nervous system. Activation of which has a number of knock-on results, one in all which impacts the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve serves an vital operate as a result of it has a direct influence on our parasympathetic nervous system, which helps us really feel calm. Therefore, soothes the whole nervous system.


Mayurasana is a difficult however efficient asana that tones up stomach organs, stimulates the digestive system, and strengthens the reproductive system. Therefore, it’s an general well being and wellness present within the type of the yogic pose in at this time’s world.

By common observe, one can obtain mastery on this pose and may get varied advantages related to it.

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