Natural Slug and Snail Management

I’m usually requested about injury to a plant the place the consumer has not seen any pest. Generally that is attributable to slugs and snails which are sometimes out at night time or early morning snacking on crops.

Slugs and snails injury could also be decreased by altering the way you water. Since they require damp floor slicing again on watering when doable can scale back their numbers. It is not uncommon for landscapes to be over watered. Most crops in most rising situations don’t must be watered each day and even each different day.
Another sorts of management:

Beer or a mixture of honey or molasses with bakers yeast positioned in container. I feel this works finest if positioned in a bottle that’s then positioned at an angle to scale back the prospect of rain or sprinklers diluting the combination. These will must be checked usually due to evaporation.

Iron phosphate slug baits work very nicely and are usually not dangerous to individuals, pets, birds, or wildlife. Sluggo and Escar-Go! are a pair manufacturers I’ve used.

Nutribiotic (Grapefruit seed extract) combined 5 drops per cup of heat water. Spray on slugs and snails. Nutribiotic might also assist if drizzled round crops for a barrier.

After consuming cantaloupe, watermelon, or grapefruit, place the rind the wrong way up exterior with the sting propped up. Exit later and it’s best to discover many slugs or snails inside.

Obstacles may scale back slug and snail injury. Small bits of hair (individuals or pet hair), crushed eggshells, sharp sand (not play sand) are all disagreeable for them and might shield your crops. Diatomaceous Earth (additionally known as DE) works as a barrier and a killer so long as it doesn’t get moist. You’ll want to purchase the backyard sort (not the sort for swimming swimming pools) and browse the label to make certain it’s pure DE.

Copper sheeting at the least 2″ extensive or copper wires positioned 2″ aside may present a barrier however is normally simpler to put in on pots, planters, or raised backyard beds. A Chore Boy is also taken aside for this use.

Mint, lavender, and sage are herbs that are purported to repel slugs and snails. I’ve not tried this however I discovered a snail in my pot of spearmint so I’m wondering about mint as a repellant. Mint will repel rodents and ants. You can place some leaves or a sprig of important oil in water of both or each collectively round your crops and see what occurs.

Floor cinnamon repels some pests and I’ve heard of success as a slug repellant.

Some individuals have had success with espresso grounds round crops. That will most likely be nice in my space the place the soil is alkaline but when your soil is acidic watch out about acidifying it much more – do not overdo the espresso grounds.

Tending your backyard organically permits the pure predators of slugs and snails that can assist you out. Some birds (together with geese and chickens), floor beetles, snakes, lizards, turtles, and frogs are a number of the pure predators of slugs and snails so assist them out by studying tips on how to appeal to them and solely utilizing natural fertilizers and pesticides. If in case you have chickens or geese you could wish to allow them to roam your backyard or panorama now and again to wash up for you.

Supply by Beuna M Tomalino

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