PATHETIC ABC Performs Footsie with Biden, Treats Him to Night of Gentle Questions

Thursday’s dueling city halls between Joe Biden and President Trump couldn’t have yielded a higher distinction with Biden receiving a rhetorical heat blanket for 90 minutes from ABC. Seeing as how they refused to deliver up latest bombshell reporting on Hunter Biden, it was an abject failure. Making issues worse, ABC greased the skids with eight viewers questions from the left, one impartial, and two from the appropriate for a complete of 11.

In the meantime, the President confronted what our pal Steve Cortes referred to as “a political knife struggle” on NBC. My colleague Nick Fondacaro has a full wrap-up on that right here.

Unsurprisingly, ABC didn’t take the recommendation Wealthy Noyes and I laid out Thursday morning as to how they need to have carried out themselves. We famous that “a lot of the questions ought to problem Biden from the appropriate” seeing as how Trump’s September 15 ABC occasion consisted of eight viewers questions on the left, 5 impartial, and one to the appropriate.

As for chief anchor and former Clinton flack George Stephanopoulos’s interactions with Biden, he interjected 19 instances with 5 feedback, questions, or statements from the left, ten impartial, and 4 on the appropriate. This was in stark distinction to the 50 instances he engaged Trump with 38 on the left, 12 impartial, and none to make a right-leaning level.

To ABC’s credit score, they went nearly straight to viewers questions throughout the first two minutes (as they did with Trump). However like they did with the President, Biden’s first query was on the left:

Mr. Vice President, daily, my spouse and I are in disbelief on the lack of coordinated federal motion on COVID-19. We all know that your administration would comply with the science. My query for you is 2 components. First, trying backwards to when this nation first grew to become conscious of COVID-19, what would following the science have meant by way of precise coverage? After which, trying ahead, what would your administration do by way of following the science with actual concrete insurance policies that have not been achieved by the present administration? 

Probably the most absurd viewers query was the penultimate one with a first-timer voter and mom of an eight-year-old transgender baby questioning what Biden would do to “reverse” the Trump administration’s “harmful and discriminatory agenda and make sure that the lives and rights of LGBTQ individuals are protected below U.S. regulation.”



In a detailed second, a Democrat bemoaned how Supreme Courtroom nominations have change into “polarized” (because of Republicans) and pressured Biden on “concepts from folks like Pete Buttigieg and others to place in place safeguards” inside our federal judiciary (learn: court-packing).

To learn that query and others from the left, click on “broaden”:

CEDRIC HUMPHREY: Many individuals consider that the true swing demographic on this election shall be black voters below the age of 30. Not as a result of they’re going to be voting for Trump, however as a result of they will not vote in any respect. I personally have had this very same battle. So, my query for you then is, apart from “you ain’t black,” what do it’s important to say to younger black voters who see voting for you as additional participation in a system that continues to not defend them?


ANGELICA POLITARHOS: What’s your view on the crime invoice that you simply wrote in 1994, which confirmed prejudice in opposition to minorities? The place do you stand at the moment on that? 


NATHAN OSBURN: Our nation’s first Supreme Courtroom gave its first ruling simply two blocks right here from 1791 to 1800 and it’s change into extra polarized since then. Merrick Garland did not get a listening to of all 2016 and Amy Coney Barrett is being pushed by means of on the final minute, although hundreds of thousands have already voted. So, what do you consider concepts from folks like Pete Buttigieg and others to place in place safeguards that can assist guarantee extra long-term stability and stability and what do you say to LGBTQ and others who’re very frightened proper now about erosions of their rights and our democracy as an entire?


ANDREW LEWIS: Mr. Vice President, my father Drew Lewis served as secretary of transportation below Ronald Reagan in his first time period. And a few of his closest allies and pals have been Democrats, together with Home Speaker Tip O’Neill and Senator Ted Kennedy. Sadly, at the moment, we’ve got extremely partisan and dysfunctional governance and I consider President Trump is primarily answerable for creating this poisonous surroundings. As president, how will you keep away from the temptation to precise revenge and as a substitute take the excessive highway and try to revive bipartisanship, civility, and honor to our democracy? 


MICHELE P. ELLISON [“Republican who’s voted for Democrats but you’re not sure” in 2020] In a 2012 report of the College of Pittsburgh’s Institute of Politics, fracking was mentioned and its potential implications for the waterways from the commonwealth to the Gulf. Fracking has made folks sick and killed wildlife in southwestern Pennsylvania. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and small enterprise growth facilities have already begun to transition folks away from fossil fuels. What industries that aren’t dangerous to human well being and the surroundings are you planning for southwest Pennsylvania and the nation?


KEENAN WILSON: You say that you simply dedicated to getting into this race after the occasions of Charlottesville in 2017. I assume that that feeling that prompted you to run is not going to go away as soon as the outcomes are decided. So, hypothetically, when you lose, how will you employ your platform to induce President Donald Trump and people rallying behind him in the direction of the beliefs of a extra excellent union?

ABC gave us two adversarial inquiries to Biden with one coming because of Trump 2016 voter Anthony J. Argirakis on Biden’s promise to repeal the Trump tax cuts. And within the second, Trump 2016 voter Mark Hoffman requested Biden to present Trump’s “international coverage…some credit score” seeing as how “peace is breaking out all around the world.”

Pivoting to Stephanopoulos, he was nearly non-existent with Biden in comparison with his incessant interruptions of Trump. His first add-on got here from the appropriate to notice that, whereas Biden expressed concern in regards to the coronavirus in January, there’s “no report…calling for social distancing, restricted social gatherings, [and] necessary masks.”

It was downhill from there as he went onto press Biden from the left on court-packing, having a Biden Justice Division examine Trump, policing, and what a Biden loss would say about America. Right here have been these (together with a few of his notable interjections we rated as not leaning by hook or by crook) (click on “broaden”):

Let me ask one other follow-up on the Crime Invoice. It additionally funded 100,000 police again in 1994. You’ve usually mentioned that extra cops clearly imply much less crime. Do you continue to consider that? 


Proper now, we’ve got a systemic drawback. How do you get the sort of policing, forestall the sort of policing that —


And the way about that query of increasing the court docket. Here’s what you mentioned precisely one yr in the past tonight at a Democratic debate. You mentioned: “I’d not get into court-packing, I’d not pack the court docket.” That is not what you are saying now. Is the nomination of Choose Barrett motive sufficient to rethink your place? 


However how in regards to the query of political accountability? Is there some rigidity between that and bringing folks collectively? You recognize, Robert Mueller laid out plenty of the proof of potential obstruction of justice by President Trump. What would a Biden Justice Division do with that proof?


Mr. Vice President, when you lose, what is going to that say to you about the place America is at the moment?


Mr. Vice President, as you recognize, President Trump had a city corridor assembly tonight, as effectively. Throughout that city corridor assembly, he was requested a number of instances whether or not he took a COVID take a look at the day of your final debate. You’re alleged to have one other debate every week from tonight. Simply two fast questions. Do you anticipate that debate to occur? Will you demand that President Trump take a take a look at that day and that or not it’s unfavorable earlier than you debate?

Regarding viewers breakdown, Biden confronted 11 viewers members in comparison with Trump’s 12. Nonetheless, Trump fielded 14 questions as one voter (Carl Day) requested three questions whereas Biden’s group solely requested their single query.

ABC chosen for Biden 4 Democrats, 4 Trump 2016 voters, one “disaffected Republican,” one whose voted for each events, and one voting in a presidential election for the primary time. 

This was just like Trump’s viewers composition of 4 Trump 2016 voters, three Hillary voters, one Jill Stein voter, one who’s by no means voted, one who didn’t help anybody in 2016, one who not too long ago grew to become a citizen, and one who was by no means recognized.

ABC’s rhetorical hand-holding with Biden was sponsored by advertisers comparable to (however not restricted to) Apple/Verizon, Nature’s Bounty, Prudential, T-Cell. Observe the hyperlinks to the MRC’s Conservatives Combat Again web page.

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