Prenatal Yoga: Poses for Being pregnant, Advantages, Security Suggestions

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yoga for pregnancy
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Prenatal yoga is a mild type of train that focuses on stretching, mind-calming methods, and deep respiration particularly designed for pregnant ladies in our bodies. It improves the newborn’s well-being and prepares ladies for labor.

Being pregnant modifications a girl, each bodily and emotionally with a lot happening with the hormones resulting in leg cramps, backache, fatigue, temper swings, and what, not that too for full 9 months. Apart from these, it’s the most important time to take additional care of yourself for the sake of a brand new life rising inside you.

The absolute best strategy to keep wholesome and put together the physique for the journey of 9 months and even throughout supply is choosing prenatal yoga lessons.

When to start out yoga throughout being pregnant?

prenatal yoga
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Effectively! being pregnant yoga shouldn’t be a biggie for anybody who has been working towards yoga since without end as they will proceed it being a bit extra cautious as quickly as you realize that you simply’ve conceived.

Nonetheless, attempting the modifications and props are really helpful in Prenatal yoga. Additionally, avoiding the stomach compressing poses and working towards the standing poses to strengthen the legs and enhance circulation throughout the preliminary months could be helpful.

Nonetheless, in case you have determined to take a Prenatal yoga session throughout being pregnant for the primary time, then, it’s higher to start out it with meditation and pranayama throughout the first trimester.

From the second trimester of being pregnant, the physique is powerful and succesful sufficient to observe yoga for being pregnant. Subsequently, the second trimester is the right time to start out being pregnant yoga“, says Bettina Rae , a Prenatal yoga instructor.

Prenatal Yoga Advantages

They are saying how being pregnant is a magical but overwhelming time. It’s like taking a protracted experience on a curler coaster filled with feelings, bodily modifications, and a number of discomfort and issues.

Prenatal Yoga helps the would-be mom by offering general well being advantages. These are sufficient to counter the side-effects and discomfort that follows the being pregnant as talked about under:

  • Yoga poses for being pregnant contain mild stretches that strengthen the physique whereas selling flexibility and endurance in pregnant ladies.
  • Sure yoga poses goal the pelvic area which is useful for making ready the physique for regular supply and keep away from issues.
  • Yoga together with respiration practices helps relieve any bodily and emotional stress or anxiousness.
  • Yoga additionally alleviates backache or sciatica ache throughout being pregnant. Over 90% of prenatal well being care suppliers suggest yoga as a substitute remedy for ache aid .
  • It additionally improves the sleep cycle which normally will get disturbed throughout being pregnant.
  • It’s efficient in reducing nausea, morning illness , leg cramps, and swollen ankles.
  • Particular yoga for being pregnant might be practiced to alleviate digestive issues.
  • Yoga throughout being pregnant is really helpful because it helps secrete endorphins, aka completely satisfied hormones which assist in overcoming temper swings.
  • It additionally reduces the chance of preterm start of the newborn and helps the pregnant lady to recuperate quicker post-delivery.

Security ideas for working towards yoga throughout being pregnant

Though working towards yoga throughout being pregnant is very really helpful for staying match and wholesome, there are particular precautions to remember earlier than moving into the observe.

  • Taking consent from the physician holding your well being historical past in thoughts is a must-follow method for working towards yoga for being pregnant.
  • Discover a specialised class for working towards yoga for being pregnant and don’t depend on yoga movies or tutorials.
  • Keep away from yoga poses that contain inversion or exert stress on the physique.
  • Don’t overstretch the muscle groups that may trigger harm.
  • Yoga for a pregnant woman within the third trimester should not embody poses that put stress on the stomach.
  • Additionally, cut back the period of holding the poses as per your endurance.
  • Practising yoga have to be discontinued throughout the 10th to the 14th week of being pregnant.
  • You possibly can all the time use the modification within the poses at your comfort.
  • You probably have opted for IVF to get pregnant, then don’t observe yoga till about 20 weeks of being pregnant.

12 Yoga Poses for Being pregnant

Being pregnant can have an effect on every lady uniquely throughout all its phases and even post-delivery. Therefore, it’s inevitable to know and take heed to the calls for of your physique and its limits whereas working towards yoga for being pregnant.

Comply with this information of various yoga poses for being pregnant categorized as yoga practices for first, second, and third trimester.

5 Yoga Poses for Your First Trimester

Throughout the first trimester, the probabilities of miscarriage are fairly excessive because the fetus has simply begun to develop. Therefore it’s necessary to observe mild poses that go away enjoyable results and helps in connecting you with a budding life inside you.

For this, some standing balancing poses and delicate stretches are really helpful that can make being pregnant a wholesome and pleasant time for you.

1. Tree Pose (Vrikshasana)

tree pose pregnancy
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This can be a balancing posture practiced standing on foot whereas the opposite foot is pressed in opposition to the standing thigh. The arms are typically raised and joined over the top which stretches the backbone.

Nonetheless, throughout being pregnant, modification like working towards tree pose inserting one hand on the wall for help is really helpful. Tree pose strengthens the hip, pelvic, and leg muscle groups. It improves the stability of the physique and in addition alleviates again ache throughout being pregnant.


  • Stand erect inserting the toes collectively in mountain pose.
  • Shifting the load in the direction of the left leg, carry your proper leg bending on the knee.
  • Place the only real of the fitting foot pressed in opposition to the left thigh as near groin as doable with toes pointing to the ground.
  • Steadily elevate your arms and be part of them overhead.
  • Repair your gaze ahead and maintain it for 30-60 seconds respiration deeply.

2. Warrior Pose II (Virabhadrasana II)

warrior 2 pose pregnancy
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Warrior collection poses are standing postures really helpful throughout the first trimester of being pregnant to enhance endurance.

It tones and strengthens the shoulders, lungs, and opens-up the hips and groins. Thus, it’s also thought-about as yoga for a pregnant woman for regular supply.


  • Stand separating the toes greater than hip-width aside.
  • Unfold your arms on the shoulder-level holding the backbone erect.
  • Flip the left foot in the direction of the left at 90° angle adopted by turning the fitting foot to the left about 30°.
  • Slowly rotate the torso in the direction of the left foot and bend the left knee till it turns into stacked over the left ankle.
  • Maintain the stretch opening the chest and shoulders respiration slowly and deeply. Stability on this pose for about 6 breaths.

3. Cat-Cow stretch (Chakravakasana)

cat cow stretch pregnancy
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Cat-cow pose is a mix pose that stretches the arms, shoulders, backbone, and abdominals by switching between arching and the curling the again muscle groups.

This pose helps in being pregnant by stimulating the reproductive in addition to the digestive programs that usually get upset throughout gestation interval. Additionally, it makes the backbone supple, thus alleviates backache.


  • Start with assuming a table-top place stacking the knees underneath the hips and wrists underneath the shoulders.
  • Whereas inhaling elevate your head stretching the neck and arching the again to sink the stomach to the ground.
  • On an exhale, counter this stretch by rounding the backbone upward and drawing the chin to the chest.
  • On subsequent inhale repeat the above stretching and contracting poses for 5-10 instances with out straining the physique in any approach.

4. Butterfly Pose (Baddha Konasana)

butterfly pose pregnancy
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It’s practiced in a seated place becoming a member of the soles of the toes and drawing them in the direction of the groin. That is adopted by flapping the knees up an down.

Butterfly pose is useful in selling flexibility of the backbone and opens up the hips and thus serves as one of many yoga pose for being pregnant. It’s useful in easing the labour.


  • Sit extending your legs in entrance and holding the arms by the perimeters.
  • Bending your knees to the perimeters on the ground to affix the soles of the toes.
  • Lengthen your arms to seize the surface of the toes and draw them nearer to the groin.
  • Keep right here for some time enjoyable the internal thighs.
  • Then, gently bounce the knees up and down urgent the legs down.
  • Proceed holding the toes and bouncing for as much as 20-30 instances after which calm down.

5. Facet Angle Pose I and II (Konasana I and II)

Each of those yoga poses for being pregnant are standing postures practiced stretching the arms overhead and bending sideways.

Konasana is helpful in being pregnant to stretch the backbone and to launch any amassed rigidity within the again or neck muscle groups. Apart from this, it stretches the belly organs and relieves constipation which is usually a symptom of being pregnant.


  • To observe aspect angle I, stand tall holding the toes collectively.
  • Whereas inhaling, elevate your left arm overhead.
  • Bend your torso to the fitting on the waist whereas exhaling and lookup in the direction of the left palm.
  • Inhaling come again to standing place and respiration out decrease your left arm.
  • Repeat the identical to the opposite aspect.
  • Later, should you’re comfy, then, inhale to lift each your arms overhead becoming a member of the palms.
  • Exhale to bend the torso to the fitting and keep there for some time.
  • Inhale to return to the standing pose and exhale to decrease your arms by the perimeters.
  • Then, repeat to the left aspect as properly.

Four Yoga Poses for Your Second Trimester

By the second trimester of being pregnant, the physique regains a few of its power, and comeover main discomforts like extreme nausea fatigue, or morning illness are relieved.

Therefore, it’s the golden interval of your being pregnant to observe yoga and preserve your hormones in examine. Additionally, yoga throughout the second trimester stimulates the circulatory and digestive system and prepares the physique properly for the following coming six months safely.

1. Prolonged Pet Pose (Uttana Shishosana)

extended puppy pose
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Practising prolonged pet pose requires the practitioner to come back to all fours and from there the backbone is additional elongated extending the arms ahead and lengthening the sit bone upwards.

It releases the spinal rigidity, stretches, and strengthens the pelvic flooring muscle groups aiding in labor. This pose additionally reduces the neck, again, shoulder ache.

Stretching in prolonged pet pose is a light inversion that calms the stress and in addition stretches the abdominals, thereby, relieving digestive points.


  • Start with assuming the table-top pose and separate your knees barely wider than the hips.
  • Curling the toes underneath begin strolling your palms ahead so far as doable after which plant the fingertips to the ground.
  • Carry the brow to the ground and press your palms to the ground.
  • Increase your sit bones to the ceiling drawing the pelvic muscle groups ahead to extend the curve in your lumbar backbone.
  • Really feel the stretch in your again muscle groups for 30-60 seconds.

2. Thunderbolt Pose (Vajrasana)

thunderbolt pose pregnancy
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To return into thunderbolt pose, kneeling on the ground reducing the buttocks to the heels, and sitting upright is required. This can be a enjoyable pose to extend blood stream to the abdominals and pelvic flooring muscle groups.

Thunderbolt pose prevents one of many main complaints of pregnant ladies, i.e. acid reflux disorder, and strengthens the pelvic area. This assists pregnant ladies throughout labor.


  • Start with kneeling on the ground bringing the toes collectively and separating the heels.
  • Decrease your buttocks on to the soles of the toes.
  • Place your palms on the thighs with palms going through down and preserve the again erect.
  • Maintain the pose as such respiration slowly for 30 seconds.

3. Goddess Pose (Utkata Konasana)

goddess pose pregnancy
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This can be a standing pose which is practiced as squatting gently and slowly bending the knees barely.

Together with opening the hips and groins, it strengthens the uterus which aids in being pregnant. It’s relieving for leg cramps by bettering the power of the thighs, knees, and ankles.


  • Stand holding the legs greater than hip-width aside.
  • Place your palms on the stomach.
  • Exhale whereas bending the knee in the direction of the toes.
  • Inhale to carry up via the crown of the top.
  • Repeat this squat and rise movement for about 7-10 instances

4. Facet Reclining Leg Raise Pose (Anantasana)

Anantasana - side reclining leg lift pose
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This pose requires balancing the physique on one whereas reclining on the ground with head and one leg raised off the ground.

It turns out to be useful throughout being pregnant as a result of it has enjoyable results on the abdominals and it stretches the perimeters of the physique. It helps in making your womb a bit extra spacious place for the rising child.


  • Lie in your proper aspect stacking the left leg over the fitting.
  • Bending your proper arm place your proper elbow on the ground and relaxation your face over the fitting palm.
  • Preserve the left arm by the aspect with left hand reaching the left thigh.
  • Steadily, carry your left leg as excessive as doable and prolong the left arm to understand the left massive toe.
  • Stay within the pose for about 6 breaths then launch the leg and repeat it on the opposite aspect.

Three Yoga Poses for Your Third Trimester

Third trimester yoga poses are nice to get a way of full groundness and management these combined feelings. Utilizing yoga props could be very really helpful whereas working towards yoga poses throughout your third trimester.

1. Bridge Pose (Setu Bandhasana)

bridge pose pregnancy
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This posture is nice to observe throughout the third trimester whereas mendacity down in your again and holding the knees bent. From there, urgent the arms and toes on the ground the hips are raised off the ground by rolling via the backbone.

As you attain the third trimester, your pelvis and decrease again are underneath immense stress. Subsequently, elevating the hips in bridge pose together with opening the vertebrae helps relieve a few of the stress from the pelvic bowl.

Utilizing block as a prop underneath the buttocks makes the pose simpler for pregnant ladies because it helps the load of the hips.


  • Lie in your again bending the knees and inserting the toes on the ground.
  • Place the arms by the perimeters of the physique with palms going through down.
  • Urgent the arms and toes in opposition to the ground carry your hips and decrease again rolling via your backbone.
  • Preserve elevating the again till your physique is lifted in your shoulders.
  • Keep right here for 3 to 5 breaths then slowly decrease your hips to the ground.

2. Extensive-legged Baby’s Pose

This can be a yoga pose for being pregnant that lets you dive deep into enjoyable mode and helps in regaining the power within the physique. It’s practiced kneeling on the ground separating the knees wider than hips and reducing the brow to the ground.

To make it a bit simpler and extra enjoyable, a bolster might be positioned beneath and head is turned to the fitting resting the left cheek on it. It helps in straightforward balancing whereas stretching the neck and shoulders on this pose.


  • Start with coming to all fours holding the wrists underneath the shoulders and knees underneath the hips.
  • Carry your toes nearer and separate the knees wider than the hips.
  • Whereas exhaling decrease your hips in the direction of your heels and holding the arms prolonged in entrance decrease your brow to the bolster positioned horizontally underneath the torso.
  • Take six to eight lengthy breaths on this pose.

3. Facet-lying Corpse Pose (Shavasana)

Side-lying Corpse Pose
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Facet-lying corpse pose is practiced mendacity on the ground to 1 aspect of the physique extending the alternate arm underneath the top and bending the corresponding knee over the bolster beside you.

This is without doubt one of the yoga poses for being pregnant that helps you calm down in addition to leaves calming results when practiced between contractions throughout labor.


  • Lie down in your mat in your left aspect.
  • Place a bolster beside your legs horizontally.
  • Lengthen your left arm and relaxation your head over it.
  • Bend you proper knee at 90° to relaxation the knee, shin, and foot over the bolster.
  • Shut your eyes and calm down your physique for 5-10 minutes.

Yoga Poses to keep away from throughout being pregnant

Although yoga is a mild observe for a pregnant lady offering enjoyable, energetic, and different well being advantages, there are some intense poses that may trigger antagonistic results.

Keep away from the below-mentioned poses out of your yoga observe if you are pregnant.

  • Don’t observe twisting poses like Half Lord of the Fishes Pose, because it compresses the belly organs in addition to uterus that you should keep away from.
  • Keep away from deep again bends akin to Wheel Pose or Bow Pose. These poses stretches the stomach intensely and bends the again to the utmost vary, that doesn’t aids on easing the being pregnant.
  • Keep away from poses like Cobra and Locust that requires includes backbend whereas mendacity in your stomach.
  • It’s best to keep away from inversions like headstand or shoulder stand.
  • Poses like Boat and Plow pose additionally pressurizes the interior organs that your physique should not expertise if you are pregnant.
  • Scorching yoga poses that raises the temperature of the core have to be prohibited if you are pregnant.
  • It’s best to not have interaction in any such poses that includes sudden transitions or jumps to maintain the positioning of the fetus intact.


Make your being pregnant journey an pleasant time working towards yoga and serving to your would-be youngster to enter the world safely. Yoga for being pregnant helps each the mom and youngster to remain wholesome and powerful.

Take this text as your serving to information and be part of the pre-natal yoga lessons for staying match throughout and post-delivery together with offering your youngster one of the best well being that you simply probably can.

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