Purna Matsyendrasana (Full Lord of The Fishes Pose): Advantages, How you can Do

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Purna Matsyendrasana (Full Lord of The Fishes Pose): Advantages, How you can Do

Purna Matsyendrasana
Purna Matsyendrasana
Picture Supply: Canva
Sanskrit Pronunciation Purna Matsyendrasana
(Poor-Na MAT-see-en-DRAH-suh-nuh)
That means Matsya = Fish / Endra = Lord / asana = pose
Pose Sort Sitting and twisting pose
Pose Stage advance
Anatomy Erector backbone, gluteus maximus, rectus abdominis
Different Names Lord of the fishes poses, Purna Matsyendrasana, Full spinal twist
Purna Matsyendrasana data

Purna Matsyendrasana is a full spinal twisting posture and the deeper model of Ardha Matsyendrasana. It’s carried out in a sitting posture. The challenges, stability, stretch, and energy that the pose requires are sufficient to categorize it as a complicated pose.

To carry out the pose, fold your legs in order that the appropriate foot lies close to the left thigh’s root. The left foot is positioned throughout the appropriate thigh outdoors the left knee. Now the backbone is laterally twisted with the left hand wrapped across the again to carry the appropriate ankle. The precise shoulder is introduced above the left knee urgent it out to carry the left foot with the appropriate hand.

The advantages of the posture are as manifold because the steps concerned. It stretches and strengthens the arms, legs, hips, stomach, and backbone.

Apart from all of the bodily well being advantages, it’s a nice posture to discover a approach in the direction of enlightenment.

That means and Etymology

In Sanskrit, “Matsya” refers to “fish”, “Indra” means “lord or king”, and “asana” means “pose”. Subsequently in English, it’s known as the lord of the fishes pose.

It’s named after the saint of Nath cult and founding father of hatha yoga, Yogi Matsyendranath.

Mythological story related to this pose

Lord Shiva as soon as went to an island with Parvati and was revealing the mysteries of yoga to her. Together with Parvati, a fish by the shore additionally grasped all of the yogic information by Shiva.

Quickly Shiva realized concerning the fish and gave it a divine type of Matsyendranath. It was believed that saint Matsyendranath was a hybrid having the higher physique of a human and the decrease half as fish. He went to Earth to unfold the information of Yoga and helped folks to discover a non secular path.

This posture is all about bringing consciousness to the backbone and respiratory. It advantages the physique by selling holistic well being. The respiratory is used to raise the gastric exercise and thereby enhancing the foundation of the heath, i.e. improved digestion, elevated urge for food, and eliminating damaging forces.

Purna Matsyendrasana Apply information

Purna matsyendrasana practice guide
Purna Matsyendrasana
Picture Supply: Canva


  • Keep away from the pose when you’ve got again ache, spinal illnesses, or hernia.
  • Individuals with peptic ulcers should keep away from it.
  • Don’t carry out this asana in case of an harm within the backbone, stomach, shoulders, knees, or ankles.
  • Pregnant and menstruating girls should chorus from this pose.
  • Don’t do that pose with ache or stiffness within the neck.
  • It shouldn’t be practiced for those who endure from sciatica.
  • Sufferers of hyperthyroidism should not follow matsyendrasana.
  • It needs to be prevented for those who’ve had latest surgical procedure of the center, stomach, or mind.

Preparatory poses

How you can Do Purna Matsyendrasana

  1. Start with sitting in dandasana.
  2. Flex the appropriate knee to deliver the appropriate foot to the foundation of the left thigh.
  3. Then bend the left knee in order that it lies nearer to the chest.
  4. Exhale, twist the trunk to the left and wrap the left arm across the again.
  5. Maintain your proper ankle with the left hand coming from behind the again.
  6. Raise the left foot off the ground and place it outdoors the appropriate knee.
  7. Keep there for a couple of breaths.
  8. Exhale and additional twist the trunk to the left in order that the appropriate shoulder lies above the left knee.
  9. Push the left knee out utilizing the appropriate elbow and maintain the left foot with the appropriate hand.
  10. Twist the neck to the left shoulder and lift the chin up.
  11. Preserve your eyes towards the ceiling.
  12. Maintain the pose for 30 to 60 seconds.
  13. Launch the pose by lifting the left foot over the appropriate thigh and stretch the left leg to the ground.
  14. Then launch the grip of the left hand on the appropriate ankle
  15. Stretch each the legs on the ground and chill out in dandasana.
  16. Repeat these steps by switching the legs’ place.


  • Keep away from slouching of the again whereas holding the pose.
  • Be sure that the buttocks are grounded all through the asana.
  • While you deliver the foot to the alternate thigh root press the heel towards the navel. Don’t depart the foot on the thigh.
  • Slightly than straining the neck use the core muscular tissues to carry out the twist.
  • Don’t carry out it by collapsing on the chest. Preserve your shoulders sq. to open the chest and coronary heart.

Observe-up poses

Props and Modifications

  • Yoga strap – Tie a yoga strap across the decrease foot that’s pressed towards the navel. As you wrap the choice hand to the again to achieve the decrease foot. You’ll be able to maintain the strap that offers an elevated size to your hand.
  • Yoga block – Place a block underneath your hip with a raised knee. It helps to open the groins and eases the overlapping of the foot to the alternate thigh.


  1. Matsyendrasana arm variation – After bringing the appropriate foot to the left thigh and left foot throughout the appropriate knee. Urgent the appropriate elbow towards the outer left knee needle your proper hand underneath the left knee. Wrapping the left arm across the again clasp the appropriate hand or wrist.
  2. Ardha matsyendrasana Variation (Hand up) – It’s a neater variation. Sit bringing the left foot round the appropriate hip and proper foot outdoors the left knee. Then, twisting the higher torso go the left arm across the outer fringe of the appropriate knee. Bend the left elbow protecting it to the appropriate higher thigh increase the fingertip upwards. Look previous the appropriate shoulder.
  3. Ardha matsyendrasana III – Sit with legs and entrance arm place just like matsyendrasana. The hand of the arm that wraps across the again, rests on the waist of the alternate aspect.

Therapeutic Advantages

  1. Matsyendrasana stimulates the pancreas by squeezing and massaging it. This improves its functioning, therefore it helps treatment diabetes.
  2. As a result of stimulation of belly organs, it’s therapeutic to deal with constipation, indigestion, and so forth.
  3. It’s useful to deal with drooping shoulders and enhance posture.
  4. This pose is useful to eliminate neck stiffness and headache.
  5. Additionally it is an intense stretch for the hips and thighs. Therefore is useful to deal with sciatica.
  6. It additionally relieves the continual decrease again ache, lumbago.

Purna Matsyendrasana Advantages

1. Tones the backbone

The stretch of matsyendrasana expands the vertebrae and will increase the blood circulate to the spinal muscular tissues and nerves. It enhances the elasticity within the backbone and makes the again muscular tissues supple.

2. Stretches the leg muscular tissues

The leg muscular tissues are additionally intensely stretched whereas holding the pose. It brings a recent provide of blood to calves. hamstrings, knees, and ankles. This growth of leg muscular tissues and improved blood circulation makes them stronger.

3. Enhances arm energy

To finish the twist of the pose, arms play a significant position. Because the hand is used as a lever to extend the twist. It improves the flexibleness of the shoulders, elbows, and wrist. This strengthens the arms muscular tissues.

4. Facilitates digestion

Performing matsyendrasana produces a lateral twist within the backbone. It additionally entails the twisting and stretching of the belly muscular tissues. As a result of growth and compression of the stomach, the digestive organs are stimulated.

5. Opens the chest

The chest muscular tissues are additionally expanded whereas performing the pose. This will increase the lungs’ quantity and brings extra oxygen in. This helps improve respiratory capability.

7. Elevates cleansing course of

This pose is useful to stimulate kidneys. Because the kidneys are benefitted, it will definitely promotes blood purification and helps in eliminating toxins. Therefore, improves the cleansing course of.

8. Boosts immunity

The interior organs just like the liver, spleen, and adrenal gland, are rejuvenated doing this pose. It regulates metabolism and hormonal stability. Thus, it uplifts the general well being which in flip enhances immunity.

9. Non secular advantages

This full-twisting posture stimulates two energetic chakras. It entails the activation of sacral (Svadhisthana) and root (Muladhara) chakra. The lateral twisting of the backbone together with activating the power chakras awakens kundalini.

That is useful to eliminate all physique illnesses and illnesses. It will definitely turns the practitioner in the direction of enlightenment.


Purna matsyendrasana is a must-to-do yoga pose that has a number of advantages as it’s all one can do to realize holistic well being. It appears robust however the advantages, treatment, and aid that it presents make the follow price making an attempt.

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