Signs and Course of Dysentery

Dysentery is a contagious illness brought on by micro organism of Shigella group. The supply of an infection is diseased individual and micro organism provider. An infection happens by way of contaminated meals, water, objects. Dysenteric microbes are settled in giant bowel inflicting its irritation, superficial erosion and sores.

Signs and course
Incubation interval lasts from 1 to 7 days (usually 2 -Three days). The illness begins acutely with temperature improve, chills, fever, weak point, lack of urge for food. Then do seem pains in stomach – firstly they’re uninteresting and are unfold all through the stomach, additional they change into extra acute.

Pains might happen in decrease a part of the stomach, usually on the left facet, not often on the best facet of the physique. Pains normally do improve earlier than an infection. Do seem drawing pains in rectum space throughout dejection and in 5 – 15 after it. Throughout stomach palpation are observed spasms and soreness of the colon, largely frank in sigmoid colon space which is palpated within the type of thick binder.

Bowel motion happens extra usually, dejections initially have fecal character, then they’ve combination of mucus and blood., then is effused just a little quantity of mucus with threads of blood. Period of the illness is from 1 to 9 days.

For the popularity is used information of epidemiological anamnesis. scientific manifestations reminiscent of frequent intoxication, frequent dejection with mucus or blood, cramp-like pains in stomach in left facet. Essential position performs rectosigmoidoscopy which helps to detect indicators of mucus irritation in distal areas of rectum. Launch of dysenteric microbes throughout bacteriological examination of excrement proves the analysis.

Dysenteric sufferers could also be handled in a contagious hospital and at dwelling as nicely. It’s essential to take antibiotics reminiscent of tetracycline ((0,2-0,3g 4 occasions each day), laevomycetin (0,5g 4 occasions each day throughout 6 days).

Nevertheless, microbes resistance to antibiotics was elevated enormously and their effectiveness has diminished. Are also used furasolidone, nitrofurantoin 0.1g 4 occasions a day throughout 5 – 7 days. Nutritional vitamins are beneficial. In extreme circumstances is made cleansing remedy.

Preventive Measures
– early detection and remedy
– water-supply supply management
– struggle with flies
– private hygiene

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