Sjogren’s Syndrome: The Medical World is Playing with Your Life

Sjogren’s (pronounced “Present-grins”) Syndrome: Had you ever heard of it earlier than?

Sjogren’s Syndrome is a continual, autoimmune illness that’s fairly debilitating. Sjogren’s Syndrome begins with quite a few signs that seem like merely irritating. The temptation with Sjogren’s Syndrome is to deal with the signs as one thing odd and momentary. Do not. You’ve got bought treasured little time whereas your physique’s immune system is wrecking havoc along with your exocrine glands.

Fairly actually, your physique is attacking the moisture producing glands. This autoimmune illness (Sjogren’s) normally first assaults the moisture producing glands of the mouth (salivary glands) and eyes (tear glands – “lacrimal glands”). Later, usually, different exocrine glands are concerned, such because the vagina, pores and skin, respiratory and gastrointestinal methods.

I stated you had treasured little time. I meant that. Usually, medical doctors might be fairly encouraging that there are “months and years” earlier than Sjogren’s signs actually trigger critical well being issues. That’s deceptive.

As a (retired) surgeon, I’ve seen sufferers first waste months – even years – in sheer wonderment. Nonetheless, the signs improve their impact in Sjogren’s Syndrome continuously. Nuisances develop steadily worse in Sjogren’s, little doubt.

The subsequent step is the actually damaging “time-waster” in Sjogren’s. That is when a Sjogren’s Syndrome sufferer sees the physician. Prognosis is important in all circumstances of continual illness (together with autoimmune illnesses like Sjogren’s).

In Sjogren’s Syndrome sufferers, there are a number of printed standards for the prognosis of Sjogren’s. The European Group Standards could be very sensible. It requires four of 6 standards for the prognosis of Sjogren’s:

Sjogren’s Syndrome creates issues within the moisture of the eyes.

Sjogren’s Syndrome additionally creates oral signs (mouth moisture issues).

Sjogren’s Syndrome usually can present keratoconjunctivitis sicca (insufficient tear movie safety of the cornea leading to excessively quick evaporation or untimely destruction of the tear movie).

Sjogren’s Syndrome usually exhibits irritation and swelling of salivary glands.

Sjogren’s Syndrome deteriorates into additional salivary gland involvement.

Sjogren’s Syndrome builds autoantibodies in affected person serum.

The actual “time-waster” is what occurs subsequent. To grasp this, you will need to perceive one thing about medical doctors earlier than you deal with Sjogren’s Syndrome or autoimmune illness basically.

Docs are actually surrounded by drug firm representatives from the primary day of medical faculty till retirement. You see, medical doctors are the life blood of the drug firm (prescription) enterprise. With out medical doctors, drug firm enterprise would “dry up”.

This is the “kicker”. Docs are formally the third main reason for demise in america, simply behind coronary heart illness and most cancers.

I noticed many sufferers whom I believed died of many sorts of continual and autoimmune illnesses, as a result of I suspected their medical doctors had prescribed their drug routine incorrectly. I used to be mistaken. Docs are formally the third main reason for demise as a result of they prescribe drug regimens appropriately, simply because the drug firms instruct them to do. And individuals are dying..

The issue is an easy one. The medicine, at greatest, waste the dear months and years till the autoimmune capabilities of Sjogren’s have achieved large injury. At worse, they make issues a lot worse. The actual downside is that autoimmune illnesses like Sjogren’s Syndrome are attributable to a deficiency of glyconutrition.

The drug firms know all about glyconutrition and its affect upon Sjogren’s and different autoimmune illnesses. However, they cannot make any cash on glyconutrition. And it threatens to wipe out an entire business stuffed with autoimmune drug therapies (together with Sjogren’s, lupus, and lots of extra), totaling actually billions of {dollars}. For the reason that drug firms are those endowing the medical colleges, medicine – not glyconutrition or dietary supplements – are taught to the medical doctors.

Most medical doctors know little or no about dietary supplements, not to mention glyconutrition. Even though 4 Nobel Prizes have been gained in glyconutrition…mobile communication… (that’s unprecedented in Medication), most medical doctors have no actual information of glyconutrition as a result of they do not have the time to study it (or many different well being topics). They rely upon the analysis of the drug firms to maintain them abreast. They belief the drug firms simply as Sjogren’s sufferers belief the medical doctors.

Glyconutrition is the necessity for eight particular saccharides, very important to immune system capabilities. It doesn’t matter what different dietary supplements you take, with out glyconutrition, people will die of continual illness. Glyconutrition is just not a vitamin or mineral complement. So, if you’re taking dietary supplements, that truth won’t enable you to with Sjogren’s Syndrome essentially.

Consider it this fashion. Should you took the “world complement tremendous tablet” of some type nevertheless it lacked Vitamin C, you’d die of scurvy.

The identical is true of glyconutrition. With out it, your immune system won’t operate. The truth is, as in autoimmune illnesses equivalent to Sjogren’s, the immune system can’t regulate itself correctly, so it can’t distinguish between good tissue and unhealthy. Sjogren’s Syndrome is the particular autoimmune complication missing correct quantities and use of the glyconutrients galactose and n-acetylglucosamine.

Should you or somebody you like has Sjogren’s, get the glyconutrition. Scientific trials and testimonies of Sjogren’s sufferers have been actually wonderful. Usually, the outcomes are fast. Mere days to weeks for enchancment. I’m speaking actual enchancment right here too.

Do not wait to ask your physician about it. They’re as unaware of glyconutrition as Sjogren’s sufferers are (normally). I do know. I take care of them on a regular basis. None of my pals (medical doctors) knew something about glyconutrition.

Cease losing time. Oh sure. You may not wish to belief your “instincts” right here.


Nicely, Sjogren’s Syndrome usually causes “fuzzy considering” too. That is why Sjogren’s sufferers are fearful, indecisive, and can’t decide their physician – or household – does not agree with.

Make the choice. Get the glyconutrition. Now.

You are operating out of time.

Supply by Dr Robert Gamble

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