Success Story With Rose’s Knocked Knees

Rose was in a 4-wheeler accident at their 4th of July outing. She went head over heels as she rolled her 4-wheeler. She had a number of accidents that affected her left shoulder, again, hips and legs. 4 and a half months later she was knock-kneed.

Rose acquired two massages with a neighborhood therapeutic massage therapist who helped unlock her shoulder. The therapeutic massage therapist didn’t deal with her decrease physique. Once I got here to city Rose requested me if I might give her a therapeutic massage. She didn’t ask me to work a particular a part of her physique.

I had Rose placed on a pair of shorts and stroll the corridor for me. I noticed:

1. Her ft everted inward. Her decrease legs didn’t sit straight within the joint between her ankles however drooped inward. She was sporting down the within of her home slippers.

2. She was knock-kneed. Her thighs and knees rubbed collectively.The decrease half of her legs spanned out in an unnatural tripod form.

3. I examined her pelvis to see if it have been in its correct place. It wasn’t. She had an anterior pelvic tilt.

4. She labored to stroll as her hips have been very tight. She appeared to tug her legs back and forth as she took every step.

She later knowledgeable me that her knocked-knees interfered along with her exercising routines, strolling, operating and typically when she slept.

To treatment her issues I used a number of totally different methods:

1. I solely labored on her legs. I used gentle effleurage strokes to empty the lymph fluid in her legs starting with the higher leg then the decrease leg. Lymph dumping websites are within the higher and decrease torso so you will need to transfer lymph in the direction of the dumping website. All the time transfer lymph closest to the dumping website first to make room for added lymph move. On this case, I moved lymph from her thigh first so the lymph from her decrease leg had a spot to go when it was emptied.

2. I then did medium to deep tissue manipulation on her Quadriceps, the entrance of her thigh, whereas she was mendacity on her again. I then had her roll over on her aspect and I labored the within of her thigh and calf of the identical leg with the identical lengthy deep strokes. I had her flex and prolong her ankle whereas I loosened and lengthened out the tight tissues on the within of her leg. I used tapotment which is a light-weight tapping with my finger ideas and cupped palms to additional loosen up the leg muscle mass.

3. I then had her lay on her abdomen and I labored the again of her leg starting with lymph drainage in the identical vogue as described above. I then went right into a medium to deep tissue stroke and manipulation of those muscle mass as I did with the remainder of the leg.

4. I repeated this complete course of on the opposite leg. I spent 45 minutes on every leg.

5. I then had her stand up and stroll to look at our work. She was so a lot better.

6. I then had her lie on her again once more. I then used a Cranial Sacral Remedy method to regulate her pelvis. I cradled her sacrum in my hand with my finger recommendations on the highest of her pelvis. I tractioned her pelvis in the direction of her ft whereas with the opposite arm tractioned all sides of her pelvis inward in the direction of the center of her torso. She and I each felt her pelvis slowly slip again into place. The smile on her face advised me that she might really feel the aid. This took lower than 5 minutes.

I had her slowly stand up and stroll once more. She was giddy and giggly as she strutted round with the identical mobility that she loved not so way back. She then started leaping up and down with pleasure clapping her palms and hugging me. She was amazed at how shortly we have been capable of relieve the ache in her knee and restore her vary of movement and mobility.

Harm therapeutic massage is my favourite. My best satisfaction comes from restoring high quality of life and helping the physique in its therapeutic course of.

Supply by Vicki Mangum

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