Thanksgiving Craft: DIY Leaf Serviette Rings

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Thanksgiving Craft: DIY Leaf Serviette Rings:


These elegant wanting autumn-impressed serviette rings will add the proper contact to any Thanksgiving feast. As an added bonus they’re very simple to make and value subsequent to nothing.

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DIY Thanksgiving:

What You Will Want

1. Salt

2. Flour

3. Water

4. Rolling pin

5. Slicing board

6. Cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil

7. Golden yellow paint or another autumn shade.

8. Nice tipped paintbrush

9. Ribbon in a darkish autumn shade equivalent to maroon.

10. Leaf button or small leaf stamp

11. Sharp kitchen knife

12. Faux autumn leaves (these can usually be discovered within the craft part of most shops)

13. Sizzling glue gun


1. First you have to make the salt dough.

2. In a medium bowl combine 1 cup salt, 1 cup flour, and ½ Cup water.

3. Knead the dough till it reaches a clay-like consistency. Whether it is too sticky add extra flour. Whether it is too dry add extra water.

4. Put a small quantity of flour on the world the place you can be rolling out the dough and unfold it evenly in order that the dough is not going to stick.

5. Roll out the dough with the rolling pin till it’s a few ¼ of an inch thick.

6. Use the button or stamp to make an impression within the dough.

7. Use the knife to chop a rectangle or sq. across the impression.

Thanksgiving day
Thanksgiving day

8. Place the items on the cookie sheet. Ensure you place them on the sheet with the indent dealing with up.

9. When you’ve made as many as you want. Flip the oven to heat and put the pan within the oven.

10. The period of time it’ll take to dry the items is dependent upon the oven. So examine them continually. It is going to almost definitely take about 2-Three hours for them to dry utterly. When they’re finished they are going to be arduous, mild, and make a hole sound when tapped on.

11. When they’re finished, paint the indent along with your chosen shade.

12. Enable the paint to dry.

13. Plug within the sizzling glue gun.

14. Minimize the ribbon into 4-inch lengthy items.

15. Select leaves for the serviette rings and take away stems if essential.

16. With the recent glue gun, put glue on the again of a salt dough piece and fasten it to the entrance of a leaf, in order that the piece is barely slanted.

17. When the glue has dried flip the leaf over and put a small line of glue in direction of the bottom of the leaf.


18. Connect the ribbon in order that it types a hoop.

19. Use as you’ll every other serviette ring.

Supply by Lata Tokhi

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