The Reality About Fibromyalgia and Power Fatigue Syndrome

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The Reality About Fibromyalgia and Power Fatigue Syndrome


Fibromyalgia is a syndrome that’s composed of many alternative signs. The first symptom is ache and tenderness in a number of areas of the physique. That is usually linked to fatigue, sleep problems, digestive issues, and melancholy. Fibromyalgia and Power Fatigue Syndrome are thought-about to be overlapping problems which many contemplate to really be the identical sickness.

Many individuals contemplate these situations to be psychosomatic in origin as a result of folks affected by these situations can look wholesome and regular from the surface, and but complain of so many alternative signs. These signs can embody psychological signs equivalent to mind fog, forgetfulness, spaciness, melancholy, moodswings, anger, and extremes inhabits. Sadly, consequently many individuals with this illness are considered with skepticism by medical practitioners and lay folks alike and are sometimes branded as hypochondriacs.

One other view of CFS and fibromyalgia is that the situations are auto-immune illnesses that are triggered by an infection. Most medical doctors take the view that the Epstein-Barr virus, which is the virus that causes mononucleosis, is the first offender. That is reasonably uncertain, for my part, since many of the inhabitants is uncovered to this virus early on in life without this virus triggering any critical long-term problems.

Then there’s a new concept rising amongst medical doctors who’ve used long-term antibiotic remedy to deal with these situations that fibromyalgia and CFS will not be merely auto-immune illnesses which can be triggered by infections, however, that the signs are indicators of a continual ongoing infectious illness course of within the physique. These medical doctors declare to have had glorious leads to the therapy of those syndromes utilizing long-term antibiotics, usually in very excessive dosages. They’ve additionally had excellent outcomes with treating different so-known as “auto-immune illnesses” with long-run antibiotic remedies. Typically, sufferers affected by fibromyalgia, CFS, and different illnesses equivalent to irritable bowel syndrome, lupus, a number of scleroses, and rheumatoid arthritis expertise full remissions after a protracted course of antibiotics.


The constructive outcomes that these sufferers are experiencing implies that many auto-immune illnesses may very well be continual undiagnosed bacterial infections. There are a selection of pathogens that aren’t simply detected within the physique via commonplace diagnostic procedures and that aren’t simply killed off via a brief course of therapy. These pathogens could also be concerned in fibromyalgia and continual fatigue syndrome. There’s a new concept that continual fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia could also be associated to continual mycobacterial infections.

It is usually potential that many of those folks truly undergo from Lyme Illness which has by no means been identified as a result of lack of correct testing. Lyme Illness is the quickest rising infectious illness on this nation subsequent to AIDS. Instances have been present in all the decrease forty-eight states. Lyme Illness is trigger by a spirochetal micro organism known as borellia burgdorferi. Borellia burgdorferi is a really resilient and adaptable organism. Medical doctors with medical expertise within the therapy of this illness have famous that sure antibiotics work for sure kinds that the micro organism can take, however not for others. The spirochete can take a cyst type the place most antibiotics can not attain it. It additionally hides within the joints of the physique, in areas of poor circulation, and it could cover throughout the cells of the immune system.

The Heart for Illness Management estimates that just one in ten Lyme Illness sufferers are ever correctly identified. The CDC additionally estimates that it takes a median of 13 medical doctors and a median of two years for these folks to be correctly identified. By the point the analysis is made, the illness could be fairly entrenched within the physique. There are additionally usually many co-infections in Lyme Illness sufferers which will trigger a bunch of different problems. However, because the illness and its related co-infections are attributable to bacterial organisms, and these organisms could be killed, there’s hope for restoration.

Lyme Illness may cause all the many signs that folks with fibromyalgia and CFS undergo from. It might trigger achy muscular tissues and joints, melancholy, fatigue, migraine complications, tingling nerve sensations, insomnia, sleepiness, digestive issues, poor circulation, blurry imaginative and prescient, listening to irregularities, psychological issues, weak limbs, ache within the rib cage, liver enzyme irregularities, hypothyroidism, an elevated tendency for purple blood cells to clump collectively, swollen lymph nodes, and way more. The irregularities in liver perform could also be accountable for the chemical sensitivities that many individuals with fibromyalgia and CFS expertise. As a result of the organism that causes the illness is usually not within the bloodstream, it’s tough to diagnose the illness via testing. Medical doctors who’re acquainted with the illness are likely to base their analysis primarily on the medical signs the affected person presents and the danger components that the affected person has had publicity to, utilizing testing as solely a secondary measure for making an analysis.

In line with the medical doctors who use it, the long-term antibiotic remedy might assist individuals who undergo from fibromyalgia, CFS, Lyme Illness, and plenty of different “auto-immune illnesses”. However, there could be critical negative effects from this sort of remedy. Antibiotics used for a protracted-time period may cause kidney and liver injury. They’ll trigger gallbladder issues. Many individuals additionally can not tolerate oral antibiotics effectively due to the pressure on their digestive system.

There are numerous different well-being choices that may complement therapy with antibiotics and which can cut back negative effects, and there are numerous pure cures that have antibiotic and immune-enhancing properties of their very own, for individuals who want to take a purely pure route.

Acupuncture might assist to enhance blood circulation and oxygenation to numerous areas of the physique, enhancing the immune system’s means to combat off infections. The rise in oxygenation also can create an inhospitable scenario for micro organisms that want a low oxygen surrounding. It can also stimulate the physique to launch pure ache relieving opiates into the physique. The development in blood circulation can also assist to extend physique temperature in arms and ft and different areas of the physique that are likely to get chilly simply. These are sometimes areas of the physique the place micro organism, equivalent to borellia burgdorferi, which want a low physique temperature, might are likely to congregate. Acupuncture can be utilized at the side of antibiotic remedy. It might assist to enhance the efficacy of antibiotic remedy by enhancing circulation.

In line with Chinese language analysis, there are numerous Chinese language herbs which have immune enhancing and antibacterial properties. There are additionally many Chinese language herbs that may assist the assorted symptomatic points of fibromyalgia and CFS. Some herbs equivalent to astragalus and schizandra can enhance the physique’s means to deal with stress and might enhance immunity. Different herbs equivalent to coptis and Scutellaria have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The Chinese language herb, pseudoginseng, or san qi, can assist promote blood circulation and is an especially useful herb for folks with these situations. It additionally improves the penetration, absorption, and efficacy of different cures that can be used.


Zyzyphus seed might assist with sleep issues and anxiousness. Bupleurum root might assist relieve the mood swings and emotional points of fibromyalgia. The varied varieties of ginseng can assist to enhance one’s power degree. Pseudoginseng, frankincense, and myrrh can assist stimulate blood circulation and will assist with signs of muscle weak spot and joint ache as a result of poor circulation. Walnuts, gingko Biloba, frankincense, gotu kola, and fo-ti might all assist with the mind fog and cognitive difficulties that many individuals with fibromyalgia and CFS expertise. Codonopsis, atractylodes, mint, and citrus peel might all assist with digestive issues. Chinese language herbs are used collectively in natural formulation which can be individualized to handle the sample of disharmony that the individual presents. They’re usually not used individually on a symptom by symptom foundation.

For Lyme Illness, just a few totally different Chinese language herbs stand out for his or her potential usefulness. Smilax (tu fu ling), coptis (huang lian), garlic (da suan), houttuynia (yu xing cao), and teasel root (xu duan) are all herbs that seem to assist to deal with Lyme illness in numerous methods. A few of them have antibacterial properties, some strengthen the physique usually, and a few enhance circulation. Prunella vulgaris, scrophularia, and kelp can assist to scale back the incidence of enlarged lymph nodes, cysts, and pseudo-tumors which can be generally present in folks with Lyme. Chinese language natural formulation equivalent to Huang Lian Jie Du Tang, Ge Xia Zhu Yu Tang, and Xiao Fu Zhu Yu Tang could be useful. Formulation designed to clear warmth, transfer qi and blood, tonify yang qi, and rework dampness can all be useful for various sufferers relying on the sample of disharmony they current. After a protracted interval of sickness or for sufferers with emaciation and insomnia it could be essential to nourish yin as effectively. Folks with a babesial co-infection, an an infection with signs much like malaria, usually want warmth to be cleared from the shaoyang channel and wish nourishing of yin. Artemisia is usually a helpful herb for babesia. It has been proven to have anti-malarial properties in China and Vietnam. For folks with Lyme Illness who’ve nerve issues, it could even be essential to clear liver wind.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Remedy has been used to deal with folks with Lyme Illness. Many have skilled good outcomes and there’s ongoing scientific analysis in the meanwhile regarding its efficacy. The micro organism that causes Lyme Illness prefers an oxygen disadvantaged surroundings. Its presence within the physique seems to extend coagulation of blood and reduce circulation. It might thereby create the oxygen disadvantaged surroundings that it prefers. That is nice for the micro organism however could be the supply of a lot of the problem that an individual with this illness experiences. Most of the signs that folks with Lyme illness, CFS, or fibromyalgia complain of are much like signs that folks expertise from altitude illness, which is attributable to oxygen deprivation at excessive altitudes. The fatigue, the psychological difficulties, the sleepiness, the sensation of getting a ton of bricks connected to at least one’s limbs are all much like signs that folks with altitude illness expertise. It is smart to me that creating an oxygen-rich surroundings may probably be very useful. It will be significant for testing for co-infections earlier than starting this course of, as a result of there are different micro organism that may very well be current that want a excessive oxygen surroundings, complicating the image. There are potential negative effects as effectively equivalent to nearsightedness.

Colloidal silver is complement which will have broad-spectrum antibiotic properties. Its proponents declare that it could actually support all types of situations from bronchial asthma to rheumatoid arthritis. It did seem to assist my fatigue fairly a bit on the early phases of my Lyme illness. There’s the likelihood that extreme use may cause a situation known as argyria, which is a everlasting bluish discoloration of the pores and skin, though many individuals have big portions of colloidal silver with no issues in any respect. It is usually useful to take an acidophilus complement whereas utilizing this complement to be able to change the great micro organism in your intestines and forestall issues with candida. Massive quantities could also be required to have an effect on Lyme Illness. It’s potential to purchase a colloidal silver generator and make your individual colloidal silver at residence. That is less expensive than shopping for it regularly on the well being meals retailer, however care should be taken to make it correctly.

Aromatherapy is among the most promising holistic therapies for situations equivalent to fibromyalgia, CFS, and Lyme Illness, for my part. The important oils are concentrated variations of the risky parts present in herbs. It might take many kilos of plant matter to make an oz. of important oil. For essentially the most valuable oil, produced from the Bulgarian rose, it could actually take a ton of rose petals to make a pound of oil. Many of the oils have antiseptic and antibacterial properties. A lot of them stimulate the immune system and set off elevated manufacturing of white blood cells. The oils additionally enhance oxygenation of the physique’s tissues and promote detoxing. They might have a chelating impact, which implies that they could help in carrying toxins equivalent to heavy metals out of the physique. Some oils equivalent to lavender could be sedative and support with sleep and cut back anxiousness. Oil of oregano, which is a well-liked complement present in well being meals shops is important oil of oregano diluted in vegetable oil. It’s nearly all the time essential to dilute the oils earlier than utilizing them as a result of they’re so concentrated. Apparently, many individuals with CFS, Lyme Illness, and fibromyalgia are more likely to discover that a few of their signs worsen when inhaling the perfume of the oils. That is usually a detoxing response. Folks with Lyme Illness usually appear to derive biggest advantages from stronger dilutions of important oil than most aromatherapists usually use. It is very important use care when the oils are utilized on this method. One ought to cut back the quantity used if there’s nausea or discontinue use if there’s any allergic response. Folks with these illnesses might uncover that a lot of their fatigue, muscle weak spot, psychological fogginess, and ache could be considerably decreased with common software of the oils. The oils can be utilized diluted in vegetable oil for therapeutic massage of affected areas of the physique, and so they can be utilized by the drop in a single’s tub water. They may also be absorbed into the bloodstream through the lungs just by inhaling their perfume. The oils additionally penetrate the blood-brain barrier and could also be useful for neurological points as a result of infections or different causes. Oil of oregano taken internally as directed may also be useful within the therapy of Lyme Illness.

Therapeutic massage can enhance oxygenation of physique tissues and enhance blood circulation in addition to cut back ache. If an individual has fibromyalgia or CFS as a result of an infectious illness course of, or an individual has Lyme Illness, therapeutic massage ought to solely be utilized in mixture with a remedy that’s antibacterial in nature. In any other case, it’s more likely to fire up dormant micro organism and fire up signs as an alternative of offering symptom reduction. When therapeutic massage is utilized in mixture with a remedy that’s antibiotic in nature, it could enhance the efficacy of that remedy by bringing micro organism out of hiding to be able to be killed. Deep tissue therapeutic massage might enhance the efficacy of therapy with antibiotics, with herbs, with aromatherapy, or with warmth. Used by itself, although, it could fire up latent issues in folks with these situations.

Warmth could be useful for treating Lyme Illness as a result of the micro organism seems to want a low physique temperature and is susceptible to excessive warmth. There are numerous totally different sources of warmth that can be utilized to deal with this situation. Warmth may also be useful for folks with fibromyalgia and CFS who may very well have undiagnosed instances of Lyme Illness. Folks often really feel a worsening of signs earlier than they really feel an enchancment with the usage of warmth. My private concept is that it’s because the warmth stirs up the micro organism earlier than it kills it off or triggers the immune system to kill the micro organism off. That is speculative on my half. The usage of saunas could be very helpful. A far infrared warmth lamp can be utilized on downside areas. Sizzling baths taken for forty minutes at 102-104 levels Fahrenheit have been proven to reinforce immune system response in folks with infectious illnesses and auto-immune problems in a analysis research completed at Bastyr College. A Chinese language remedy known as moxibustion may also be helpful in warming downside areas. I don’t advocate the usage of chilly packs or ice for ache in folks with Lyme Illness, fibromyalgia, or CFS as these therapies cut back circulation to areas the place circulation is more likely to already be compromised. Additionally, the micro organism that causes Lyme Illness seems to want a cool surroundings, so chilly remedy might trigger actual issues in folks with this situation.

Regardless of the fatigue that folks with fibromyalgia, CFS, and Lyme Illness might really feel, a certain quantity of train could be very helpful if they’re as much as the problem. It will be significant to not overexert oneself, however a brisk stroll or different train that will get one’s coronary heart pumping could be useful. Once more, train could be useful as a result of it could actually enhance circulation within the physique, and enhance oxygenation of the physique’s tissues. Workout routines equivalent to stretching and yoga that assist to enhance flexibility and loosen muscular tissues may also be useful. Sizzling yoga, the place yoga is completed in a room the place the warmth is cranked up could be significantly useful as a result of it combines train with warmth remedy. It will be significant to not push too arduous when doing train. The purpose is to enhance your well being, and to not wipe your self out extra.

Magnesium seems to be a helpful complement for folks with these situations. Many individuals report an enchancment of their muscle ache when taking a magnesium complement regularly. It is very important cut back consumption of sugar, dairy merchandise and bread whereas growing consumption of inexperienced greens. Spirulina is usually a helpful addition to your well being routine as it’s each nourishing and detoxifying. It might even be useful to scale back consumption of tomatoes as they appear to encourage acidity within the physique. Flax seed oil has an anti-inflammatory impact that may be very useful. Alpha-lipoic acid is a useful anti-oxidant. It might assist nerve perform and enhance liver perform.

As you possibly can see, fibromyalgia, CFS, and Lyme Illness are advanced illnesses, however there are numerous promising therapies that folks with these situations are more likely to discover useful.

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