three Circumstances Generally Misdiagnosed As Sciatica

Sciatica is a standard analysis of decrease again, hip and leg ache. The reason for sciatica is usually a herniated disc within the decrease again, however is also associated to different situations like SI joint dysfunction or piriformis syndrome. Since sciatica is a standard reason behind radiating ache, it’s straightforward for different situations that trigger such ache to be misdiagnosed as sciatica. Misdiagnosis means mistreatment.

As a affected person or a medical skilled, it is very important concentrate on all potential causes of ache to make sure correct analysis and therapy. The next situations might mimic facets of sciatica.

Hip Bursitis

Bursa is a fluid sac that enables two physique elements to maneuver easily over each other. A tendon passes over the skin of the higher thigh bone and a bursa rests between them to forestall friction. Infected hip bursa causes hip bursitis. The tendon strikes throughout the bursa and hip with each leg motion; if the bursa is infected, this movement will trigger ache. This ache can radiate all through the pelvis, affecting the decrease again, buttocks and groin.

Hip bursitis is just frequent in athletic individuals who do a number of operating and those that have had hip surgical procedure. It might additionally seem in individuals who have fallen exhausting on the hip. A lot of its signs are just like these of sciatica, and it might be misdiagnosed as such. Individuals with hip bursitis normally have seen irritation on the website of the bursa and really feel ache when this space is touched; this isn’t a symptom of sciatica and can be utilized to differentiate between the 2 situations.

Femoral Nerve Entrapment

The femoral nerve leaves the backbone on the second, third and fourth lumbar vertebrae and travels down the entrance of the thigh. This nerve provides sensory and motor operate to the groin and the entrance of the thigh.

On its journey from the decrease again to the leg, the femoral nerve passes by way of the psoas muscle. This muscle stretches from the highest of the thigh bone to the lumbar backbone and assists in actions that convey the decrease and higher physique nearer collectively. If the psoas muscle is tight and infected, it might compress the femoral nerve, which causes referred ache all through the groin and down the leg.

The femoral nerve can also be compressed on the groin fold as a result of static “frog leg place,” resembling when using a horse. It may be compressed by carrying tight belts or by influence. The radiating ache brought on by femoral nerve compression might be mistaken for a symptom of sciatica. Ache radiating from the femoral nerve will seemingly happen on the entrance of the thigh, whereas sciatica ache tends to be extra targeted on the again of the thigh. This may also help decipher the true trigger.

Set off Factors

Set off factors are knots that type within the connective tissue of muscle tissue. They’re composed of tissue in remoted spasm, and customarily happen by way of overuse of a muscle over time. Set off factors can refer ache to different elements of the physique. When these knots type within the muscle tissue of the decrease again or buttocks, they’ll refer ache alongside the identical path because the sciatic nerve. See the weblog by neuromuscular therapist Christina Abbott at for extra on this.

Hip bursitis, femoral nerve entrapment and set off factors in muscle tissue of the core may cause sciatica-like signs. Avoiding frequent analysis errors will assist be certain that you get correct therapy for the reason for your ache.

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