three Highly effective Hand Mudras For Weight Acquire Simply

powerful yoga hand mudras for weight gain
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Improper meals habits, lack of vitamins, and the lack of the physique to soak up meals properly may very well be the explanation for being underweight. Hand mudras are the best yoga practices that may open up the physique to soak up vitamins from meals and improve metabolism.

BMI (physique mass index) is one thing tells about your skinny or fatty physique sort. Within the BMI index, the determine beneath 18.5 makes particular person underweight and it ought to be thought of a critical risk to your wellbeing.

How Do Mudras Assist to Acquire Weight?

Hand mudras, that are practiced utilizing a mixture of fingers in a distinct association, can do wonders with inside physique methods.

Our fingers are the seat for the 5 parts of the physique, which together with our different fingers balances the involved component.

Mudras assist in acquire weight by;

  • Regulating the earth component. The earth component promotes weight acquire by the formation and strengthening of the varied tissues of the physique.
  • Equally, the fireplace component regulates the metabolism, which ensures absorption and assimilation of meals within the physique.

Follow these three Mudras for weight acquire;

  • Prithvi Mudra
  • Aditi Mudra
  • Prana Mudra
Prithvi Mudra
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Prithvi represents ‘mom earth’. So, this mudra holds the standing of the mom. The way in which the mom nourishes her little one, this mudra additionally nourishes the practitioner in the identical method.

Earth being the final word supplier of livelihood, this mudra grants us life with ample advantages to steer a wholesome life.

In line with Ayurveda, the ring finger is the seat for the earth component within the physique. Moreover, the Earth component is worried with the physique tissues. This mudra enhances the earth component if practiced commonly. Finally, provides weight to the physique.

How To Do Prithvi Mudra

  • To start with, sit in a snug posture Padmasana (Lotus Pose), Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose).
  • Now, erect your again and set your self secure within the pose and discover your stability within the surrounding.
  • From right here, deliver your each hand on thighs and curl your ring finger towards the thumb, to the touch the tip of the thumb along with your ring finger.
  • Keep into the pose for some deep breaths and chill out after a while, say 20 minutes.

Whereas in between the observe of Prithvi mudra, expertise the sunshine in your brow. Your eyes stay closed and immobile to make sure the profoundness within the posture.

If we have a look at it from a meditation standpoint, this mudra as an associative observe could be termed as Prithvi mudra meditation. This tremendously improves the advantages connected to this mudra.

Proper observe of Prithvi mudra results in the stimulation of Mooladhara chakra, which comes up with numerous well being advantages.


  • Other than weight acquire, it’s useful in hair progress. Furthermore, enhances the shiny look in it as properly.
  • Practising this mudra helps in overcoming the immunity points. Additionally strengthens it in the long term.
  • It repairs the broken pores and skin cells by enhancing the moisturization by earth and water component.
  • Because the title itself, working towards this mudra retains one rooted and promote interior progress. Additional, contributes to the calmness of the practitioner.

2. Aditi Mudra

Aditi Mudra

In line with some historic Vedic hymns, Aditi is the title given to the ‘earth’. Nevertheless, this mudra is worried with the ring finger, which can be believed to be the seat for the ‘earth component’.

Earth parts on being gently pressed by the thumb turn into balanced and contribute to the adjoining qualities. Subsequently, working towards Aditi mudra fulfills the demand of earth component within the practitioners. One can yield quantity of weight on the course of this mudra.

The earth is not only our surroundings. We’re the earth and the earth is us. We have now all the time been one with the earth.

– Thich Nhat Hanh

How To Do Aditi Mudra

  • Firstly, end up an ideal place for observe after which sit in any comfy posture Padmasana (Lotus Pose), Sukhasana (Simple Pose).
  • After putting your hand your lap, take your each hand concurrently on the chest peak.
  • Now, press the bottom of the ring finger by your thumb finger. Right here, the ring finger and thumb finger symbolize the earth and hearth component. Prolong the remainder of the fingers.
  • From right here, preserve the posture for so long as comfy. You’ll be able to start it with 20 minutes as a beginning observe.

On working towards this mudra together with meditation regulates the prana circulation, which additional balances the chakra alignment within the physique. Nevertheless, it’s also involved with the development of bodily stamina as properly.


  • It has been seen that sneezing and yawning generally disturb the meditation observe. So, this may be overcome by the observe of this mudra.
  • Common observe makes one physique free from the wastes and toxins from the physique.
  • Because it improves the fireplace component together with the earth, this enhances the digestive hearth within the physique and regulates metabolism. Finally, makes one match.
  • This mudra helps in lifting one greater when it comes to non secular alignment. It’s believed that one can expertise a better mind-set on working towards this mudra for a set time period.
Prana Mudra

Prana Mudra is the gesture ‘very important life drive’ or ‘Prana’. It is among the generally identified and practiced hand mudra to channelize the prana circulation all through the physique.

This mudra prompts the power that’s within the ‘nonetheless’ state on the base of the human physique. It balances the earth component together with water and hearth parts to vitalize the prana. Generally, weak pranic power can be liable for much less physique weight.

Subsequently, by working towards this mudra regularly one can rework his/her prana right into a extra lively type. Initially, it brings adjustments at a refined degree, which on the course of the time could be simply seen upon the physique.

How To Do Prana Mudra

  • Start by coming into any of the sitting posture Sukhasana (Simple Pose), Padmasana (Lotus Pose).
  • Your again ought to be straight as it would help within the prana circulation.
  • Now, deliver your hand to your knees or lap and elevate your hand to the chest degree. From right here, contact the index finger, ring finger, and thumb finger to one another.
  • Maintain right here and preserve the posture for no less than 15 minutes whereas deep respiration after which depart the pose, chill out.

Prana mudra if practiced rightly ends in the stimulation of the prana Vayu, which additional promotes deep inhalation and exhalation.

The mix of Pranayama and Prana mudra vitalizes the breath that additional waters the ‘life or prana’ throughout the physique.

This mudra, if practiced beneath the suitable steering and with the precise approach prompts the Mooldhara Chakra (Root Chakra).


  • Other than weight acquire, this mudra strengthens the immunity of the practitioner that makes them resistant to numerous dangerous illnesses.
  • It provides a glow to the physique by enhancing the circulation of prana. This makes one seems to be youthful. It additionally overcomes numerous musculoskeletal problems .
  • By redirecting the prana circulation, it helps in attaining a state of calmness and tranquility.
  • Other than regulating totally different parts within the physique, it additionally balances the doshas to provide another barrier for sickness and illnesses.


Equally distributed weight makes a person enticing socially and wholesome personally. We can not management our physique when it comes to its response towards a selected state of affairs, which in some way transforms our weight.

However we are able to change the pathway for a similar course of to succeed in the specified vacation spot certainly. Hand mudras are a great tool to realize weight with out doing any unhealthy consuming habits or stressing the physique within the health club.

By merely choosing a selected hand place one can brighten up the dim bulb of weight of their life and may reside fortunately.

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