Unhinged CNN: GOP Hates ‘Democracy,’ ‘Uncomfortable’ With Voters

CNN and the leftist-aligned media are demonizing the Republican occasion for concepts and actions they themselves advocated for prior to now. It has a really ‘guidelines for thee however not for me’ vibe that belies their partisanship. CNN Analyst John Avlon appeared on Monday morning’s New Day for his common “Actuality Verify”. Somewhat than report pretty, the leftist hack remarked: “Republicans are enabling an autocratic pressure in our politics that sees any election misplaced by their facet as illegitimate.”

In 2000, the media was vocal about ‘voting irregularities’ and that Al Gore was the precise winner of the election. Now when the occasion traces are flipped, CNN and the remainder of the networks are fully in opposition to Donald Trump questioning the outcomes and pursuing instances in court docket.

Now, John Avlon paints with a broad brush that tries to color all Republicans as in opposition to democracy: “however why the hell are we even having this dialog? The thought of overturning the favored vote must be repellant to anybody who claims to worth our democracy, however even democracy itself appears suspect to some Republicans.”

For one factor, Avlon ignores that America was meant to be a Republic, not a democracy. This didn’t cease the leftist analyst from complaining in regards to the system:

…However the truth is that Republicans have gotten very snug successful with out a majority of votes. Get this, Republicans have misplaced the favored vote in 5 of the final six elections, however gained the presidency in 12 of the final 20 years. Within the Senate, the present Republican majority represents 15 million fewer People than the democratic minority. And that margin is barely anticipated to develop.

This fully ignores how the Structure works in favor of pushing DNC speaking factors and partisan pursuits.



Somewhat than reporting the truth, Avlon as soon as once more resorts to insulting remarks: “let’s be clear. What we’re watching is way extra harmful than Republicans merely coddling President Trump’s ego till he accepts dropping the election. It reveals a discomfort with democracy itself.

Avlon finishes his hit job with a biased name to motion: “…Senator Lee and his allegedly constitutional conservative colleagues ought to inform Donald Trump to cease performing like an autocrat and settle for the outcomes of this free and honest election.”

CNN ought to settle for that as journalists, their job is to report the information and information of the nation, not their very own biased, DNC supplied speaking factors stuffed with hypothesis. As for deciding the whole lot by the favored vote? Provided that CNN is routinely crushed by Fox within the scores, perhaps the cable outlet doesn’t wish to go down that route.

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A transcript of the November 16th Protection is included under:

New Day
7:45 AM ET

JOHN BERMAN: Information flash. Joe Biden is the President-Elect and can change into President of the United States on January 20th. And people who at this level deny it or telling you in any other case are going from maybe simply mendacity to maybe one thing extra worrisome. John Avlon right here with a actuality examine. 

JOHN AVLON: That is proper. Look. Everyone knows that the primary of the 5 levels of grief is denial. However that is ridiculous. 

[UNIDENTIFIED OFFICIAL]: We’re shifting ahead right here at the White Home beneath the assumption that there might be a second Trump time period. 

Kayleigh McEnany [White House Press Secretary]: President Trump believes he have a second time period. [Spliced Clip] I believe the President will attend his personal inauguration. He must be there, in truth. 

MIKE POMPEO [U.S. Secretary of State] There might be a clean transition to a second Trump administration. 

LOU DOBBS [Fox Business Host]: What I wish to know is, what within the hell is the Republican Social gathering doing to defend and to — I imply, why not simply say, we’re not going to just accept the outcomes of this election? It is outrageous! 

AVLON: All proper, let’s be clear. What we’re watching is way extra harmful than Republicans merely coddling President Trump’s ego till he accepts dropping the election. It reveals a discomfort with democracy itself. As a result of after dropping eight lawsuits on Friday alone, Republicans are enabling an autocratic pressure in our politics that sees any election misplaced by their facet as illegitimate. The dictionary definition of democracy is a authorities by the individuals, particularly by the majority. And rule by the bulk is strictly the place the issue is available in. Hearken to Ken Starr’s take. 

KEN STARR: To rely each vote could also be a crime. It might even be a criminal offense beneath federal regulation. If that is not, here is the important thing phrase, unlawful poll. 

AVLON: He is saying the quiet half out loud once more. However the truth is that Republicans have gotten very snug successful with out a majority of votes. Get this, Republicans have misplaced the favored vote in 5 of the final six elections, however gained the presidency in 12 of the final 20 years. Within the Senate, the present Republican majority represents 15 million fewer People than the democratic minority. And that margin is barely anticipated to develop. Within the Home, Republicans have benefited from the rigged system of redistricting, which led Democrats successful extra congressional votes, however fewer home seats in battleground states. Yeah, Republicans have gotten use to minority rule and they rationalize their actions by demonizing Democrats. And that is why you hear individuals like Florida Governor Ron Desantis float the concept of Republican state legislatures overturning the favored vote to hold Donald Trump in energy. Fortunately, Republicans who run battleground state legislatures say they will not do that, however why the hell are we even having this dialog? The thought of overturning the well-liked vote must be repellant to anybody who claims to worth our democracy, however even democracy itself appears suspect to some Republicans. With Utah Senator Mike Lee tweeting earlier than the election, Democracy is not the target, liberty, peace, and prosperity are. This is the factor, Senator. We’re not going to have liberty, peace, and prosperity with out a functioning Consultant Democracy. And I wish to suppose that senator Lee is aware of higher. In any case, he noticed this coming 4 years in the past, saying, I might like some assurances that Trump isn’t going to be an autocrat, that he is not going to be an authoritarian. That is not an unreasonable demand. It is not and that is precisely why Senator Lee and his allegedly constitutional conservative colleagues ought to inform Donald Trump to cease performing like an autocrat and settle for the outcomes of this free and honest election. And that is your actuality examine. Ali? 

ALISYN CAMEROTA: Going again into the archives all the time actually helps these, John. 

AVLON: Perspective, the factor we have least of in our politics. 

CAMEROTA: Thanks very a lot for all of that.

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