Vastness of the Human Mind

Neuroscientists have solely not too long ago begun to grasp the complicated networking of over 100 trillion glowing connections within the human mind. Sugar is extra than simply the vitality to maintain the mind functioning. Sensible Sugars and Unhealthy Sugars influence the mind otherwise.

The vastness of your mind and the firing of its synapse will be likened unto the Milky Means Galaxy and its numerous stars. After I ponder the perform of the mind and evaluate it to the glory of the spiral nebula or the tremendous nova, I marvel on the superior design. The tremendous nova, some 300 gentle years throughout, is sort of a synapse within the thoughts of God. The brilliancy and vastness of your mind is but to be explored.

In 1998, I wrote an article entitled, Good Sugars vs. Unhealthy Sugars, the place I mentioned, “Unhealthy sugars could contribute to coronary heart illness, most cancers, stroke, bronchitis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ADD, ADHD, continual fatigue, and fibromyalgia.” Since that point, analysis has taught us a lot unheeded details about unhealthy sugars. We’ve realized about good sugars, higher sugars, and greatest sugars. I name the most effective sugars, ” Royal Sugars”. I’ve researched some twenty Sensible Sugars which I’ll focus on right here and in future articles.

Immediately, we’ve conclusive knowledge of simply how unhealthy are the unhealthy sugars on your mind and physique taken usually in small quantities over an prolonged time frame. We proceed to slowly poison our our bodies and shorten our life span. Males in thirty-one nations have a better chance to reside to 65 than within the US. Is it our excessive sugar and sweetener consumption? Might it’s our drug and poisonous consumption? Maybe it’s all three.

Seniors are spending more cash annually for prescribed drugs. Right here is the expansion of drug gross sales per Senior from 1992 to 2010: 1992 private drug utilization was $559. In 1994 it grew to $648. By 1996 it was $769. In 1998, $984. Within the 12 months 2000 particular person drug use was $1,205. 2005 reached $1,912. And, in 2010, seniors within the US paid $2,810 per individual for his or her medication.*

Unhealthy sugars and Sensible Sugars impact the mind otherwise. I’ve invested 20 years within the thrilling analysis of the well being advantages of those sugars. Irrefutable proof continues to mount from college research worldwide. The way forward for healthcare and the way forward for medication might be found in glycomics, the science of sugars.

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