Visvamitrasana (Sage Visvamitra’s Pose): 6 Advantages

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Visvamitrasana (Sage Visvamitra’s Pose): 6 Advantages

Picture: Canva
Sanskrit Pronunciation Visvamitrasana
That means Sage Visvamitra’s Pose
Pose Sort Sitting aspect bend
Pose Degree Superior
Centered muscle groups Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Biceps and triceps, Core
Different Names Visvamitra’s Pose, Flying Warrior Pose, Compass Arm Steadiness
Visvamitrasana info

Visvamitrasana, named on sage Visvamitra, is a complicated mixture of balancing and twisting poses.

In Visvamitrasana, the legs are stretched aside in a cut-up whereas the torso extending in direction of one lifted leg. It acts as a hip opener, shoulder opener, hamstring stretch, and virtually twists the whole physique. Therefore thought of a superb pose for the musculoskeletal system.

This yogic course has broadly practiced leaping into the finer and improved model of self than ever earlier. By training, this asana one can incorporate a way of stability, rhythm, and circulation of their day-to-day physique actions. Nevertheless, dedication towards this pose energizes the whole persona of an individual and lets him/her really feel extra alive.

Visvamitrasana That means

Visvamitrasana is the pose named after a king-turned-sage Visvamitra. The which means of Vishwamitra is; Visva means ‘the world’, Mitra means ‘a good friend’. Sage Visvamitra is thought for his yogic energy of compassion in direction of all of the individuals he used to satisfy. This pose offers a gap to the center i.e. compassion heart in our physique, so Visvamitrasana is devoted to sage Vishwamitra.

This asana not simply gives energy and vigor, which makes use of the prana to nourish the life but in addition helps in establishing a stability inside. So, the practitioner is ready to tune in with their environment and react in a pleasant method to maintain humanity alive for the ages.

Every thing turns into doable from the within and Visvamitrasana because the identify suggests grants the flexibility to the interior self of being an open ocean of happiness. So the individuals round can see the infiniteness of potentialities that every certainly one of us has. By combining these potentialities one can arrange a horizon of immense imaginative and prescient that nourishes the ecology of the delicate interior self.

Story of Sage Vishwamitra

Sage Visvamitra is among the seven clever sons who born from the thoughts of Brahma (The God of creation in Hinduism). In the future, king Kaushik (earlier identify of Vishwamitra) noticed a cow named Nandini who’s possessed by the Maharishi Vashishta and has a boon to grant the whole lot to the one who requested. Vishwamitra wished to own the cow. He requested Vasishtha to permit him to take the cow with him, to which Vasishtha denied and stated this belonged to devas (god), to not him. To which, King Kaushik grew to become offended and attacked Vasishtha. Nevertheless, he was defeated by the vasishtha’s energy of penance.

Unexpectedly Vamadev (preserving a facet of the God Shiva) appeared and saved Kaushik from Vasishtha. To the shock of Vasishtha, Kaushik requested vamadev how he’s such a strong. Vamadev replied it’s all as a consequence of Vasishtha’s Brahmashakti. Kaushika then needed to grow to be like Vasistha. Doing penance guided by Vamdeva, King Kaushika grew to become Vishwamitra.

Visvamitrasana Observe Information

By following the steps given under one can observe this pose safely.

Contraindications of Visvamitrasana

Within the following situations, Visvamitrasana shouldn’t be practiced;

  • Practitioners with hamstring Syndrome ought to keep away from training Visvamitrasana. This may pressurize the nerve which may be pinched between the hamstring muscle groups and pelvic bone. It might be painful if ignored.
  • Pregnant girls ought to chorus from training Visvamitrasana. The extraordinary stretching of the stomach may squeeze the abdomen which might not be applicable in such a state of affairs.
  • Practitioners with accidents to the shoulder, elbow, wrist, ankle, neck, backbone, and knee mustn’t observe till or until the situation turns into regular. Nevertheless, persevering with might additional deliver severe well being points.
  • Those that have undergone surgical procedure on the stomach, waist decrease again, knee, and shoulder ought to keep away from or weigh until restoration. After restoration, one ought to seek the advice of their physician earlier than starting the observe.

Preparatory Poses

Visvamitrasana Steps

Picture: Canva
  • Start by coming into the Adho mukha svanasana and keep right here for just a few breaths. Now, inhale and elevate your proper foot and place it simply beside the best palm outwardly.
  • After that, flat your left foot in a way with toes pointing outward. Now, elevate your proper arm to deliver it in entrance of your foot and permit your proper shoulder beneath your knee.
  • As you agency your left foot on the mat, you’re about to leap into the ultimate pose. Now, by pressuring the periphery flip foot outdoors in a route going through your left physique.
  • Now, elevate your proper thigh upward and let your physique barely drop to the best aspect. From right here, your right-hand holds the body weight whereas your left foot stays flat on the mat.
  • Now, attempt to wrap your left hand across the toes of your proper foot after which, inhale to increase your proper leg in a approach that it’s sole going through within the route you’re going through.
  • Open your chest upward and lengthen your backbone together with a gaze to the ceiling aspect and keep it right here for so long as you’re comfy.
  • Now, slowly launch the attachment of the left hand and proper foot. Bend the best knee and drop your leg to return into the Adho Mukha Svanasana.


One ought to take precautions in visvamitrasana to keep away from any severe damage or muscle groups tearing;

  • Whereas taking the best foot beside the best hand, practitioners ought to make it possible for their proper knee aligns beside the armpit. This ensures the soundness of the pose.
  • Preserve the foot basis sturdy in of the pose once you elevate one hand slowly to deliver it across the entrance of the other foot. There is perhaps the probabilities of falling behind as each legs stretched place.
  • One ought to attempt to maintain the physique in the identical aircraft and keep away from any type of compression of their decrease again by the broadening of the sacrum. Such positioning units up an total stability within the posture.

Novices Suggestions

  • In an try to achieve the best foot by the best hand over the top, freshmen may face issue as a consequence of a stiffened shoulder. So initially in visvamitrasana, simply elevate the hand over the top and stretch it upwards solely utilizing a rope or help.
  • Because of stiffened hamstrings, freshmen could discover it exhausting to carry out this pose in a go. Subsequently, they need to carry out this asana with persistence and keep away from forcing the pose. Nevertheless, one can work on their hamstring to find ease in observe.
  • Practitioners having issue in balancing the posture ought to press the interior thigh of the prolonged leg in opposition to the triceps of the foundational hand. It should grant the mandatory help to posture.

Props and Modifications

Novices could discover it useful to carry out visvamitrasana with some modifications. Use completely different props like a block, strap, and chair to get a greater stability in visvamitrasana;

  • As a result of much less peak of the torso in visvamitrasana there is perhaps some likelihood of leaning to both aspect. So, to keep away from this practitioners can use blocks below their foundational hand to attain peak. It will lower the depth of the aspect stretch and make the pose extra determinable.
  • If the practitioners are unable to achieve the foot from their hand over the top. To succeed in that foot they will bind the strap to their prolonged foot after which maintain it by the hand over the top.
  • If the practitioners discover issue in lifting their prolonged leg up, then they will use a chair and place their leg on it. Afterward, slowly attain to the foot of the prolonged leg and refine their posture.


By altering some physique components placement the practitioner can carry out the next variations of Visvamitrasana.

1. Ardha Visvamitrasana

On this asana, the prolonged leg will not be that careworn as in Visvamitrasana, the place the practitioner goes for the utmost extension. One leg in ardha Visvamitrasana pose is positioned on the ground through knee, making it much less difficult than the bottom pose, whereas the left leg stays stretched within the base pose.

Start by coming into Adho Mukha svanasana after which place your proper leg beside the best hand outwardly. Now, deliver your proper hand in entrance of you by tilting your physique to the left and place your left knee to the ground in a way with the higher thigh going through the route of your proper hand. Now, attain to the best foot by the left hand on lifting each concurrently and keep right here for a while. Then return by dropping the best leg and by lifting again the left knee.

2. Utthita Parsvakonasana (Prolonged Aspect Angle Pose)

Utthita Parsvakonasana (extended side angle pose)
Picture Supply: canva

Within the Visvamitrasana, the best leg stays lifted and prolonged, which is grabbed by the best hand over the top, whereas in Utthita Parsvakonasana the left leg stays straight behind the physique and the best leg is on the 90’ diploma. And the best hand positioned beside the best foot from inside and the torso rolled in upward lengthy with gaze and left hand in the identical route.

Start by going into the warrior pose the place your proper leg is at 90’ levels whereas the left leg is straightened behind the physique and hand raised in namaste mudra. From right here, drop your torso from the best aspect to position the best hand beside the best foot from inside. Now, roll your torso upward to lift your left hand straight into the sky. Shift your gaze within the route of your left hand and keep it right here for a while. Then return by bringing the left hand down and lifting the torso again in warrior pose and, then loosen up.

Therapeutic Advantages

  • The difficult nature of Visvamitrasana presents the opening of the chest, which improves the respiratory capability and aids in respiratory.
  • Hip opening on this pose ensures extra vary of movement, this permits for higher circulation and extra help for the muscle groups of the again.
  • Our tummy and waist stay cinched in Visvamitrasana, so the opening of the waist brings postural alignment and likewise aids within the engagement of the core muscle groups.

Visvamitrasana Advantages

Visvamitrasana is a good stretching pose for hips and leg muscle groups. It offers a mild twist to the higher physique together with the chest and shoulder, on the identical time releases any pressure from the decrease again.

Under are defined some main advantages of Visvamitrasana.

1. Strengthens bones

Because of few factors of attachments of the physique from the ground, the load of the physique distributed accordingly. Because of this, these physique components and their surrounding buildings undergo gravitational pressure, which helps the bones absorption of extra calcium from the blood. Therefore, make them stronger.

2. Promote Respiration

The rolling of the chest upward whereas training Viswamitrasana helps in chest opening, which additionally assists lungs in optimum respiratory. This leads to the advance of lung capability, thus, permits them to ship extra oxygen all through the physique. Subsequently promotes respiration.

3. Enhance Flexibility

This asana is an efficient strategy for the increment within the physique’s actions. The twisting and extension whereas observe stretches muscle groups and permits them to lift their threshold within the sense of flexibility. This units up a brand new boundary with each try of observe.

4. Massages Belly Organs

Twisting and turning to provide a massaging impact over the belly organs, which stimulates the blood circulation within the blood vessels of the belly cavity. Because of this, it nourishes the kidney, pancreas, gallbladder, abdomen, small and huge intestines, and liver, and so forth.

5. Prompts Mooladhara Chakra

Visvamitrasana entails hip-opening which impacts the seat of the Mooladhara chakra or Perineum. Therefore, with applicable alignment and respiratory strategies, one can discover the best way by way of the activation of Root Chakra. This helps the practitioner with vitality, vigor, and development.

6. Helps in Sciatica

Twisting or the easy stretch helps relieve sciatica ache. Subsequently, training Visvamitrasana helps in loosening your gluteal and piriformis muscle groups, which might grow to be infected and press in opposition to the sciatic nerve. Furthermore, it additionally helps in assuaging the decrease ache in common practitioners.


The livid king turns right into a humble sage, Vishwamitra and his asana do not simply teach the world to stay along with a pleasant strategy but in addition, helps in restoring their optimum well-being and wellness.

Because of the superior stage, the practitioner may see it with numerous bodily and psychological challenges. Nevertheless, as soon as they attain the ultimate level within the posture then they notice the true potential of this highly effective asana. So, one ought to observe every day to tunefully with this asana.

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