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vitraka mudra
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Vitarka mudra is among the hasta mudras carried out within the Buddhist custom to imbibe the teachings of Buddha.

This hand gesture will be seen in lots of Buddha statues with a proper palm subsequent to the guts going through ahead, represents the transmission of Buddha’s teachings.

To achieve Vitarka mudra curl the index finger to the touch its tip with the thumb retaining the remaining fingers prolonged upward. The index finger and thumb are joined to type a circle and the palm is going through ahead away from the physique. It opens one’s thoughts and spirit to achieve spirituality.

Which means and Interpretation

The time period “Vitarka” is known as “reasoning or deliberation” and “mudra” means “seal or closure”. Buddha used to achieve Vitarka mudra whereas discussing or transmitting his knowledge along with his disciples.

The dialogue of the acquired data of Buddha generally even results in the argument and clarification of the concepts, therefore the identity. Because of the discussing or explanatory nature of Vitarka mudra, it’s also generally known as Vyakhana Mudra (mudra of clarification).

In English, it is called the gesture of debate or dialogue mudra.

Symbolic illustration  of Vitarka Mudra:

vitraka mudra represents
Picture Supply: Canva

Vitarka mudra symbolizes a deeper which means that has a common significance.

Union of index finger and thumb
  • The becoming a member of of the thumb and index finger represents the union of the opposites forming a unit. It expresses the fundamental duality of the universe viz. male-female, day-night, and new moon-full moon. That is effectively described as Yin-and-Yang or Siva-and-Sakti.
  • The union of the complementary opposites offers rise to a 3rd aspect that may be a bond or power combining them. It’s represented by the circle shaped by becoming a member of the thumb and forefinger.
Three raised fingers
  • The three raised fingers, center, ring, and little fingers characterize the tripartite nature of the Universe.
  • This omnipresent trinity is effectively defined as, past-present-future; waking-dreaming-sleeping; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; mom, father, and baby.

The Buddhist philosophy of vitarka mudraThe thumb and index finger are joined on the suggestions forming a circle on this mudra. Gautam Buddha after understanding the cycle of start and demise used his knowledge to unfold the true educating or dharma amongst his disciples. Equally, the circle symbolically represents the everlasting circulation of power or data.

Tibetan Buddhism describes Vitarka Mudra as a mystic gesture of Taras and Boddhisattvas. In Tibet, individuals seek advice from it as Prajnalinganabinaya mudra.

To Carry out Vitarka Mudra

  1. Sit comfortably in any meditative posture.
  2. Carry your proper hand ahead nearer to the chest with the palm going through ahead, as in Abhaya Mudra.
  3. Curl the index finger inwards to the touch the tip of the thumb forming an entire circle.
  4. Let the remaining center, ring, and little fingers raised in direction of the sky.

The traditional model of Vitarka mudra actively includes solely the proper hand to curve the forefinger and thumb. The left palm rests on the lap going through upward.

In modern practices, Vitarka mudra is carried out by each arms. The fingers of each the arms are organized in an above-described method in entrance of the chest. The one distinction is the left palm is going through in direction of the physique whereas the proper palm away from it. On this model, the fingers share similarities with the Dharmachakra mudra.

Vitarka Mudra Advantages
1. Encourages knowledge

Vitarka mudra is usually practiced by a mentor or guru who has attained spirituality and enlightenment. As they transmit their knowledge and data amongst their disciples to inculcate the identical ideas.

Because the data spreads from one being to the opposite similar to a candle spreads its mild. Therefore, it’s practiced to advertise knowledge.

2. Develops a way of readability

Because of the transmission and acquisition of knowledge, it brings readability to thoughts and ideas. Therefore improves the analyzing potential to make clever choices.

3. Uplifts Power

This pose can also be useful in sustaining a connection to the exterior world (parts) to soak up power totally. Thus meditating in Vitarka mudra aids in uplifting power.

4. Brings enlightenment

Vitarka mudra transmits the teachings of the enlightened one- Gautam Buddha. Subsequently, together with creating knowledge, data, spirituality, and power, it will definitely results in enlightenment.


Both you’re a Buddhist, Hindu, or a yogi who’s a seeker of fact, Vitarka mudra is a hand gesture so that you can improve your journey. Apart from this, the psychic and psychological advantages that it affords are the wants of as we speak’s busy and agile technology.

All in all, there is no such thing as a different less complicated approach than Vitarka mudra that may lead you to enlightenment which is as straightforward as curling your finger.

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