‘You Cannot Be That Silly!’ Enraged Scarborough Assaults Trump Voters

Pressing web page for Mika Brzezinski! A number of months again, you referred to as a timeout for husband Joe Scarborough, taking him off the air for 2 weeks to presumably let him heal his fragile psyche. Mika, you have to get poor Joe again to his secure place, STAT!

On in the present day’s Morning Joe, a pitifully frazzled Scarborough lashed out at Trump voters. His face contorted in an enraged snarl [see screencap], Scarborough screamed at backers of the president. Saying “you may’t be that silly!”, Joe was livid that individuals proceed to help the president. They have to all be QAnon-conspiracy freaks and Fb mouth-breathers. He was enraged that the president mocked Reuters reporter Jeff Mason for sporting a masks.


JOE SCARBOROUGH: By the way in which, it is, it’s actually outstanding that you’re serious about voting for that man. Actually it’s staggering. 

You get data from Fb that claims that Anthony Fauci’s in some secret cabal that’s going to make billions of {dollars} on a vaccine. That’s only a lie. You possibly can’t be that silly. You say it’s no worse than the flu, it’s — no. Donald Trump himself in February, it’s on tape. So please get off your silly QAnon websites. Get off your silly Fb websites. Flip your head away from no matter TV station’s telling you this is rather like the flu… And they know the man they’re supporting is a liar! They usually know he’s placing Individuals’ well being in danger every single day, Rev. And but they vote for him anyway.

A couple of minutes earlier, Scarborough was raging in opposition to White Home chief of workers Mark Meadows for saying you may’t management the pandemic. Does it seem like it is being managed in Europe proper now? However Scarborough simply took the least charitable interpretation:  

He is prepared to let folks die as a result of that is what Donald Trump desires him to say. Mark Meadows does not care if you reside or die from the pandemic as a result of he simply cares about following the president’s recommendation. He says we won’t management the pandemic. Actually? You possibly can! You — however should you’re a part of a white home operation that sends folks out and has tremendous spreader occasions every single day, and then, Mika, what they did this previous weekend. 

By the way in which, you have a look at all of the occasions that they are shoving folks collectively.  After which they’re mocking Jeff mason for sporting a masks? Really not solely are you not working to comprise the virus, you are really working to actively unfold the virus. 

Joe, here is a professional campaigning tip — you are not going to show Trump voters round by calling them morons.

And backers of the president must be inspired by Scarborough’s meltdown. If the whole lot Joe was listening to from contained in the Biden marketing campaign sounded rosy, he would not be pushed into paroxysms of rage in a [counter-productive] try to tear folks away from President Trump.

Joe Scarborough’s ugly assault on Trump voters was sponsored partially by Ninja Foodi.

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